Greening Group

The Greening Group continued their fund-raising efforts with a tabletop sale on the Portswood Church site, opposite Waitrose. There was a steady stream of customers and £135 was raised. The money will go towards greening projects in our area.

The group carried on maintaining existing plots, planters and barrels. A successful plant swap took place at The Planters on the 10th June.

The ‘Bloomin Concrete’ project to improve the lower part of Gordon Ave, is under way. There are a few blooming window boxes and tubs in place.

A current aim is to monitor and try to protect mature trees in the area which can easily be lost overnight when properties are

Bevois Mount History

The History Group held a very successful bazaar at Avenue St Andrew’s Church to raise funds for the mural. Coffee and cakes were served whilst people browsed the goods on sale. The afternoon ended with a Sir Bevis tale from Mike O’Leary, story-teller, and a raffle. We raised over £500 for the mural from the event. Many thanks to all who supported.

The Mural

Preparations for the mural are well under-way. The first stage, preparing the wall, has been completed, as you can see from the pictures.

Slam Daniels, our artist, will be commencing work on the project on July 5th. Please take the opportunity to take a look as the mural progresses. It should take 7 to 10 days to complete.

We’d like to thank all of the businesses and local residents who have supported this project. We are still fund-raising. If you wish to donate, contact:

Street Cleaning

June is always a busy time on the Clean Streets front with so many student households and their possessions on the move. We have been working with the Council and the Students’ Union to alleviate the impact of this on the streets around us. Our actions, on top of our usual twice monthly litter picks, have included:

  • encouraging students to use the SUSU red bags to recycle unwanted items as part of the Shift Your Stuff Campaign- and even storing some items for them until the collection lorry came!
  • alerting the Council to abandoned items and bags left as a result of the annual clear-out, including sending photos of debris strewn down the street after bags had been deliberately cut and rifled through.
  • alerting landlords to the mess left outside their properties and requesting they attend to it. One informed us they were sending inspectors out to check the problem and deal with it.

We have been very grateful for the prompt response from the Council team to information we have provided a well as for their planned, proactive approach at this time of year, with refuse teams clearly instructed to go the extra mile to empty all bins and side waste.

Working together in this way has made a big difference. Please let us know if you have any related issues to report so that we can get them dealt with as soon as possible.

Residents of Alma Road may have noticed that all the bins are now numbered to help to keep them in their right locations.

Thanks goes to the council for supplying the numbers, and to Barbara Matcham and her team for sticking them on!

Big Lunch Street Party

We were very lucky with the weather which threatened to rain us off, but the whole event went very well with a good response from local residents and an exciting programme of music and dance. Food was generously donated by OARA members which this year included a barbecue. We are also very grateful to Avenue St Andrew’s Church for loaning their tables and chairs.

The Students’ Union were very supportive in providing a folk group and Zumba Squad, plus helping with promotion and street games.

Additional live music was provided by Bex, Barny, Maggie and Mike and The Ukofonics.

I think that all who attended had a very enjoyable afternoon. It was the Queen’s birthday, but we celebrated the birthday of one of our favourite residents – Gladys, who was 97 in June.

Police and Community Meeting (PACT)

Local residents attended a meeting convened by the local community policing team. Some of the points raised were as follows:

Burglaries: Most of the local burglaries have targeted student houses because of lack of security and students having desired items. Residents are urged to photograph valuable items and register them with web sites such as Immobilise.

Anti-social behaviour: We were told that less than 10% of street beggars are homeless. Most live in hostels around the city. Beggars come to Southampton because it is so lucrative.

OARA has developed an official letter with Environmental Health and SUSU to be given to students after a noisy party. Contact OARA.

If you have a constant noise problem, contact Environment Health who can monitor the situation, and take action.


Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activities to Crimestoppers (anonymously) or Hampshire police.

In Conclusion

The main message to come out of the meeting was not to be afraid of reporting concerns. As resources are stretched, the police need information in order to target their activities. Please don’t ever feel that you’re wasting police time.

Call Hampshire police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Members Meeting

The OGM in May was a well-attended meeting, with over 30 present. We received a useful report from our three local councillors, heard from Becky Farminer who is our new link in SCC Refuse and Recycling , voted to give formal approval for the History Mural , caught up with Common Ground reports on Greening, Cleaning, Community and Planning and began a debate about the thorny issue of parking (See below). Full details can be found in the minutes on our website


As we all know, parking presents an ongoing problem for many of us who live in the Outer Avenue Area. We all agree that it is often difficult to find a parking space but there is a lot less agreement about how to tackle this problem. The Committee, therefore, proposed that, rather than frequent short airings of frustrations, we should research views and options in more depth with a view to holding an informed and informative special meeting, calling on residents, the Council and those with similar experiences in the process.

Following approval from the meeting, the Committee has begun this project. The first step will be to carry out a wider written consultation with members. This will seek to gather their experiences and identify the exact scope and nature of the problems, prior to any further fact-finding with the Council and then a full members’ meeting sometime in the autumn. We will be in touch with members in due course to start making progress with this.

Alma Road Surgery

A group from OARA met recently with a representative from the Alma Road Surgery. The purpose was to forge closer links with our local medical centre and to discuss possible implications of the closure of their Newtown branch surgery, including parking and appointment times, on our area. An OARA rep will now be attending the Patient Participation Group and we will be able to keep members better informed about future developments.

Contact Details And Dates

October 9th – ‘Meet Your Neighbours’ street party and inauguration of the new history mural

October 27th – PACT Meeting Bevois Town School 7.30

Visit our web-site:

Contact us: or leave a message at: 07501 17692

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