Meeting Summary

Chair: PCSO 15741 Michaella Taylor


PCSO 15741 Taylor
PC 25597 Scott
PCSO 15136 Johnson


Introduction of attendees and apologies.

MT started discussing the current community priorities. MT informed residents of the current statistics and comparison of last year which has declined.

MT discussed Operation Studious and showed residents the footprints we distribute to houses which we see as vulnerable.

MT stated that we cannot be specific when we give out witness appeals as to what type of property has been targeted however can state that most properties targeted are usually student properties due to often being insecure / valuables due to number of residents.

MT then went on to discuss Drug priority. MT states that two successful warrants in the area has been conducted however still requesting more intelligence.

MT discussed ways of reporting drug related intelligence by being anonymous to crime stoppers or 101. Action – report more intelligence.

BO states that after conducting a street clean up in NORTHAM / UNION RD there were 10 or so needles found. Action – notify local NPT to be made aware.

MT discussed the current statistics and issues in relation to begging and street drinking. PSPO (public spaces protection order) is still in discussion at SCC. SBA did not have any update.

MT states that less that 10 % of beggars are considered homeless – they are housed in hostels around the city. MT invited a member of SCRATCH charity to attend however they were unable to do so.

MT discussed student noise and if it is still a problem. SS states that John Hayward (OARA chair) has spoken with Southampton Solent Uni Student Union and a standard letter has been drafted for send to after a noisy party. SS states that they have started to send letters to residents and it appears to be working. RF asked if he could have a copy. Action – MT to send letter to RF.

Residents believe that there should be more students from the area to attend PACT Meetings. Action – MT to make contact with Uni to invite students.

DB stated where he lives and states that he has an issue with JUNK – London Rd – He states that he has problems with students and night time economy in general. Action – LS to contact DB to discuss issue further. Also, invite licensing officer to attend next meeting.

RJ discussed the current local issue cycling on the footpath. PCSO Baxter has been conducting patrols during 0830-0930 and no one has been seen. Residents still believe that this is an issues. Action- To remain a local issue, officers to still conduct patrols, contact local bus company to see if there can be a no cycling sign put up on the bus stops on The Avenue.

MT went on to discuss speeding/community speedwatch. MT states that she has contacted relevant departments within The Police to find out more information. Roads Policing Unit has been contacted and RF states that he does see officers with speed guns on Middle Street.

MT states that The Avenue and Lodge Rd are not suitable for community speedwatch however smaller roads will be.

MT states that is order for community speedwatch to go ahead it needs to be funded. It costs £2200 + hi vis jackets. The police and crime commissioner is willing to give £1000 towards each speedwatch set-up. There will also need to be a minimum of 6 volunteers. Action – funding to be discussed at next meeting.

Next meeting will be Thursday 9th June 2016 @ 1930pm at Bevois Town Primary School.