This coming year we aim to continue the work we have been doing for several years under the headings below. These all aim to foster the idea of working together to improve the Common Ground we share. We will also consider, prioritise and apply for grants to carry out proposed projects. New suggestions for this year are shown in green.


  • Maintain / develop links with community partners such as students’ union, places of worship and the school. This could involve more opportunities for student volunteer activities.
  • Liaise with police on issues of concern on our patch. Investigate setting up regular police drop-in sessions for OARA residents, IARA residents and students.
  • Carry on with social events such as Big Lunch, Meet Your Neighbours and the Christmas party.
  • Try to build links with our diverse local communities. This could involve making our social events more multi-cultural and more attractive to parents and children.
  • Continue to develop art and cultural events such as Blue Door Art Exhibitions.
  • Continue links with Alma Road Surgery to help promote the well-being of local residents.
  • Investigate setting up a local information bank which could include names of local tradespeople, lists of local events and activities such as what is on offer at Avenue St Andrew’s and other venues.
  • Keep the notice-board interesting and informative, changing the displays regularly.
  • Build up links with more landlords and lettings agencies including SU’s letting agency


  • Find more locals with the skills/enthusiasm to help with writing, design and production of leaflets, publicity etc.
  • Produce another Common Ground newsletter delivered to all households and continue regular bulletins.
  • Complete our Welcome to Outer Avenue pack for people moving in.
  • Produce a new general What is OARA leaflet and an OARA postcard for new neighbours.
  • Apply for grant to install Welcome to Bevois Mount signs.
  • Make sure website and Facebook are kept up to date.


  • Continue litter picks and implement our Street Blitz ideas – with relevant leaflets, including thankyous, to go through doors.
  • Set up Street Rep system and recruit more helpers, including students.
  • Extend bin audits and bin numbering to more roads.
  • Try and get the Council to carry out more timely cleaning, including leaf removal, and install No Litter signs
  • Dog mess: take up council offer of No Fouling signs and pilot yellow spray to highlight the problem!
  • Work on some landlords to take more care over state of their gardens/frontages and give them ideas about how
  • Contact businesses to get them to take responsibility in the vicinity of their businesses.
  • Consider a project to improve Lodge Rd in liaison with IARA and Council. Investigate TESCO community grant.
  • Respond to Council’s bin collection proposals & link up with other groups re joint approach with Council to bin/ litter issues.
  • Improve traffic/parking by following up 2016 survey.


  • Raise funds for and execute a 2nd mural, ‘Putting the Earl back into Earls Road’, using similar costing and funding model as for first Mural.
  • Look into restoring two Lucy boxes.
  • Organise a guided ‘Walk up the Avenue’ from Asylum Green to the Cowherds.
  • Put on ‘Art on the Mount’ exhibition of original art and prints by artists who lived in Bevois Mount in times gone. by, supplemented by some contemporary art portraying the area.
  • Investigate the possibilities of producing a book/booklet – ‘Memories of Bevois Town School’.
  • 2018 Calendar – hopefully even better than the 2017 one!
  • Continue to research and update our Facebook Page.


  • Maintain existing projects, including tree planting, Plant Swap and Gordon Avenue Bloomin’ Concrete project
  • Develop community area at junction of Alma/Gordon by the planters and Mural.
  • Hold two more Table Top Sales to raise funds for greening.
  • Help with new planting at St Barnabas Church., including trees
  • Develop suggestion to lend out planted plant pots to students for 1 year.


  • Continue to monitor and to respond to planning applications and issues.