These plans were adopted at the AGM on 26 January 2016. Some are ongoing or carried over from last year. Those marked * are new proposals.


  • Carry on maintaining existing plots, planters and barrels and holding plant swaps
  • *Launch Bloomin’ Concrete Project to improve the lower part of Gordon Ave, given it is a gateway to the area and a route to the Common
  • Recruit new helpers for gardening sessions
  • Find new plots and sponsors for cherry trees
  • *Monitor and try to protect mature trees in the area
  • Hold Table Top sales at new Saturday venue to raise funds for new planting.


  • *Build up a group who can pool their talents to develop new resources and contacts
  • *Decide on best ways to communicate with members and the wider community e.g. newsletters, bulletins, Common Ground Newsletter and including residents whose first language is not English
  • *Increase press and social media coverage
  • *Make use of new notice board due to be installed by the Council
  • Update general OARA leaflet and produce Welcome to Outer Avenue pack for new residents.
  • Distribute student leaflet again for start of new year


  • Continue  current social events e.g. Big Lunch, Street Welcome and Christmas Parties
  • *Provide moral and practical support for those residents suffering from anti-social behaviour and noise , by developing our own guidelines and strategies and working with other agencies to tackle this problem.
  • *Find ways to build links with neighbours whose first language is not English.
  • Meet and work with 2015/6 student officers
  • Develop links with more landlords, including possible garden schemes
  • Keep in regular contact with local police team re safety etc, including through PACT meetings
  • *Increase the involvement of the local business community, including sponsorships and fundraising


  • Continue regular street cleans and Bin Buddy Scheme (except in August) and encourage more to join in
  • *Introduce “Street Blitzes” – with programme of targeted deep cleans on one of our Sundays
  • Encourage people and businesses to adopt a street or stretch of street near their home or premises
  • Extend bin numbering project to Alma Road and at least one other
  • Continue meetings and liaison with Council officers re overall service and continue campaign to get bins put back off pavements and bins removed from houses with no suitable frontage
  • *Support specific events such as the SUSU “Shift your Stuff” campaign, Student Volunteer Week Litter Pick and “Clean for the Queen”
  • Continue to work with others ( Council, SUSU, other RAs) to regulate/reduce lettings boards
  • *Monitor and report properties/frontages in poor state and walls at risk of removal


  • Continue with Bevois Mount History Facebook Page
  • Continue researching and adding to Bevois Mount History Website
  • *Produce 2017 full colour Bevois Mount History Calendar- if costs allow
  • *Develop a Community Mural
  • *Link with a local artists’ event as “living history” recording their work
  • Get togethers to encourage others to join and suggest ideas for research


  • Continue to monitor and respond to house sales and planning applications
  • *Respond to the forthcoming Local Plan Consultation