Sue Swallow, John Hayward, Andy Haslehurst, Hilary Jackson

NORA letter HMOs and business rates

NORA are organising a campaign to ask the government to impose business rates on HMOS and similar rental properties. At present LAs receive some funding from central government to compensate for student HMOs not being liable for Council Tax. This will cease when LAs lose government funding in the future. Sue has drafted a letter to send to relevant people /bodies e.g. government departments, MPs etc. calling for rates to be introduced. Sue will share with committee before sending (NB – added after the meeting – will need to consider best date for sending given election announcement!)

Planning Application- 65 Cedar Rd (urgent deadline 24 April)

Sue has already circulated details of this to committee and sent in her own response. Currently an HMO licensed for 4. New owner is applying for new HMO license (for 5?) AND also for planning permission for 3 storey extension for 4 flats. Agreed to:

  • Draft response that members can use (SS)
  • Circulate this to members and ask them to respond (HJ)
  • Draft info leaflet (SS) for non HMO residents in Cedar Rd and deliver (JH) making them aware and asking them to respond if they are minded.

Greening Group & Table Top Sale

Suggested date May 6th. Blockbusters and old Headmasters forecourts not available. Proposed we hold it on the pavement near the Waitrose tree. Checked our insurance which seemed to cover this. Sue will contact Heather re possibilities and speaking to W’rose.(SS)

Sue expressed concern that support for the greening group has been dwindling and we need more helpers if it is to keep going. Agreed to raise it at the OGM.

Big Lunch

John will be organising the Big Lunch for Sunday 18th June but possibility he may not be able to be there if second grandchild arrives early. He will set up organising group- help needed please. (HJ to add to email to members) He is already in touch with Andy Kendall – new SU VP Engagement – over uni involvement. Will also investigate alternative sources of live music. Also invite Inner Avenue. (JH)

OGM 9th May

Room booked. Need to book projector. (HJ)
Gale Williams from the Council is main speaker about roll-out of AWC.
Brief items on Common Ground update, boosting Greening Group, Big Lunch, Parking etc.

Next Committee Meeting – 2 May

Need to include Membership (progress with new system) and Lodge Rd.

Meeting closed 12.30