• Phine Dahle
  • John Hayward
  • Hilary Jackson
  • Barbara Matcham
  • Sue Swallow
  • Andy Haslehurst

1. Apologies:

Barbro Fitzjohn

2. Matters arising not dealt with elsewhere:

Actions progress: the special litterpick had been judged a success with 17 pickers despite the weather; ‘Bin Buddy’ scheme discussed by John with J. Jenkinson who had agreed to extend it for the rest of the current academic year and to make an additional £100 available to OARA towards the cost of adhesive numbers for bins. Andy reported that Dr Jenkinson had paid the invoice for these items.

3. Reports update:

  • Membership: Phine reported that she and Barbro had had a successful membership renewal drive and had collected £75
  • Greening: Sue reported that we are still awaiting cash from Posh Pads for the tree it had agreed to pay for. (Since received.) Several favourable comments had been received from non-members, some of which might lead to new members. The next Greening Group table top sale will be on 19 April
  • Cleaning: Barbara reported that the whole area was looking much better at the moment, although Spear Road was currently the worst for litter. Dr Jenkinson’s £100 and the Council’s offer of the same for more adhesive numbers to cover Alma and Avenue Road in the next blitz, although possibly only for green-top bins as the Council were removing many of the blue-top bins because of incorrect use. Next litter pick on 19 April Action: Hilary to contact Jason re numbers
  • Planning: Sue expressed concern at the proposal for alterations to 114 Gordon Ave and had copied Committee members in to her letter of objection
  • History: John reported that the history group had had a preparatory cemetery walk with the Friends of Southampton Cemetery.  The history group is planning a cemetery walk in July.  They are also planning to join The Friends of Southampton Cemetery at a cost of £15 for group membership.

4. Community:

  • St George’s Day event.  Barbro’s application for a £100 grant from the City Council has been successful, and a ‘St George’ red-and-white flowered theme plant swap event will be held at the Alma Road planters on 26th April.  Sue pointed out the need for some of the grant to be used for compost as well as flowers.  Action:  Barbro
  • SUSU liaison meeting re the end of year accommodation changeover.  This was reported as a very spirited meeting.  SUSU plans include the distribution of special refuse sacks to students in local accommodation to help them to get rid of stuff at the change-over.  Large items will also be collected.  The items will be collected and sorted, some being offered to new students coming in at a ‘Utensale’ .
  • Landlord liaison.  Dr Jenkinson was pleased with the Bin-Buddy scheme and has not only been persuading Posh Pads and Poswall to join in with the bin scheme, but also is considering the possibility of extending to a garden scheme which could include use of contractors. There was some concern about OARA avoiding becoming an employer.
  • Big Lunch 2015.  The date for this year’s Big Lunch will be 7 June.  Application will be made for road closure and public liability insurance, although it has been suggested that this latter should be a year-round policy to cover all of OARA’s activities rather than just one-off for the street parties.  Action: John 

5. Kingsley House

It was reported that Kingsley House will shortly  be closed in its present use, due mainly to withdrawal of funding by Southampton City Council.  The site is on the market for £950k

6. AGM and OGM planning

There was a long discussion about the sequence of the agenda for the AGM and the OGM which follows it.  The AGM agenda has been agreed and a flier has been produced by Maggie for distribution next week. An email reminder will be sent out before the AGM. Action: Hilary .The Committee decided that due to time constraints, an additional meeting to finalise the OGM agenda will be necessary.  Action: All

7. AOB

There was discussion about whether and how OARA should respond to requests (one such has been received) from families wishing to move into the area.  It was accepted that this was a healthy sign, but it was agreed that OARA was not in the business of acting as an estate agent and should not use its mailing list for such purposes.  There was discussion of a post to the OARA email via the website concerning traffic noise problems, but the return email address had not been valid.   There was some discussion of how OARA should engage in various social media for publicity;  this may become part of an OGM agenda item.

8. Date and time of next meeting

5:15pm on Thursday 16 April

Meeting finished at 9.30.