• Phine Dahle
  • John Hayward
  • Hilary Jackson
  • Barbro Fitzjohn
  • Sue Swallow
  • Andy Haslehurst

1. Apologies:

Barbara Matcham

2. This was a supplementary meeting, and there were 7 items on the agenda – they were taken out of order as Barbro had to leave early.

  1. Item 5 – St George’s Day Event.  Barbro shared the poster for this, which highlighted the support of SVS and SCC using their logos.  The Committee approved the subsidy by OARA of compost in order to use the full grant for the flowers.
  2. Item 1 – The Committee agreed a final version of Sue’s introduction to the election of officers at the AGM
  3. Item 2 – Hilary has agreed to take minutes for the AGM and OGM on 20 April.
  4. Item 3 – OGM agenda.  The Committee agreed that the opening item should be an opportunity for the Police team to explain their new organisation and introduce themselves to members (10 mins).  The rest of the meeting would be devoted to use the concept posters developed in January to seek opinions on how OARA might wish to proceed in 2015 (50 mins).
  5. Item 5 – Table Top Sale by Greening Group to take place on Sunday morning outside Headmasters; unfortunately timing given on posters meant that it was going to clash with street clean.  [update: takings £107.01]
  6. Item 6 – Liaison with Holmhurst volunteers for street cleaning – Action: Sue and Hilary [update: 2 volunteers from Holmhurst helped with yesterday’s clean]
  7. Item 7 – Public liability insurance.  The Committee felt John had done good work on getting the quote for an annual policy.  Subject to clarification of  the ‘premises’ on the proposal, the Committee asked John to proceed with taking up the quotation.  Action: John

Meeting finished at 6:30