• Hilary Jackson (Acting Chair)
  • Barbro Fitzjohn (Host)
  • Gordon Gillies
  • Andy Haslehurst
  • Rosy Maguire
  • John Hayward
  • Barbara Matcham (Minutes)
  • Sue Swallow
  • Phine Dahle



1. Introduction

Hilary opened the meeting by welcoming the attendees. Hilary asked us to acknowledge all the work T has done over the past four years, following her resignation as Secretary.
Action: Rosy and Sue to liaise re showing our appreciation. Barbro to produce hand-made cards.

2. “Clean Streets” Matters

2.1 Bins and Leaflets

Appeal to be sent out to get as many volunteers as possible to put bins in and leaflet properties as well as usual litter pick if possible Sunday 15 March 2015.
Action: Hilary to send email to entire membership.

3. Community

3.1 Landlord Liaison

Gordon has been in contact with Julian Jenkinson regarding extending scheme. Hoping to bring Poswell’s and Posh Pads on board. We need to be selective so we do not overstretch ourselves.
Action: Hilary and Barbara

3.2 Common Ground

Hilary offered to draft a letter to estate and letting agents and any other landlords, explaining the Common Ground project and enclosing the newsletter. The purpose would be to raise our profile with them and try and get them bit more on board. The committee agreed and Hilary said she would draw up a draft/drafts and circulate to committee for their feedback before proceeding further.
Action: Hilary

3.3 St. George’s Day Grant

It was agreed to apply for the above grant, and use it for a Red and White planting theme to encourage children, the elderly and students to work together in the community. The day needs to take place between 18 and 26 April 2015. The Students Union (University of Southampton) have also approached OARA so this could possibly be a joint activity. The grant application deadline is 27 February 2015.
Action: Andrew and Barbro to deal with grant application.
Action: Hilary to contact Ellie at the University.


4.1 Tree Planting

Sue reported that she had not had a response from her emails and letters to landlords. Rosy brought a new contact telephone no for the left hand front garden of Cambridge Court. ( Since the meeting she has spoken to that person who seems to be in favour). Three other landlords support us which means with 2 replacements we have 5 possibly 6 trees to order and plant. She also reminded us that Hilliers do not accept orders after end of Feb so felt we need to order early next week and see if we can buy larger size for Cambridge Court.
Action: Sue

5. Planning Matters

5.1 111 Alma Road No 14/02115/FUL

Attention was drawn to the above planning application The deadline for responses was the 12 February 2015.Ward councillors had been contacted to query how the owner could apply given that he was under an enforcement order to return the house to family use. There had been no reply to date.

6. OARA Governance

6.1 Annual General Meeting

Monday 20 April 2015. Advertise the date at least 21 days before the meeting.

6.2 Committee Meeting

Next committee meeting at Sue’s on 2 March 2015 @ 7.30pm