• Sue Swallow (Chair)
  • John Hayward
  • Phine Dahle
  • Andy Haslehurst
  • Barbro Fitzjohn
  • Hilary Jackson
  • Petrina Boddington joined as an Observer

1. Appointment of Minutes Taker

Barbro agreed to take the minutes.

2. Welcome

Sue welcomed Petrina who was attending as an observer, interested in joining the committee.

3. Apologies

Barbara Matcham retrospectively

4. Notice of any urgent other business

NORA ( National Association of Residents’’ Associations), requested by Sue.
Cycle training requested by Phine.

5. Notes of Committee Meeting held on 7 April and matters arising

  1. Public Liability Insurance now in place to cover all street events for one year arranged by John.
  2. Bin numbers on their way for Alma Rd bins and two more streets. Action: Jason/Hilary
  3. St George Party, where red and white plants were distributed into the community declared a success, and could be repeated next year. Action: Barbro/ Andy

6. Notes from AGM and OGM held on 20 April and matters arising

  1. No feedback yet regarding PACT meeting. John will liaise with police and inform on what concerns OARA .
  2. Still need to send future meeting dates to PC Scott. Action: Hilary
  3. Hannah Gordon is the new SUSU rep taking over from Ellie.
  4. Agreed to send Thank You cards to Ellie from SUSU and Tina from Kingsley House. Action: Barbro
  5. Noted we agreed to set up joint meeting re Lettings Boards. Action: Hilary

7. Membership

There are now 172 members of whom 80 are paid up and 12 are ready for renewals. E-mail reminders will be sent followed by door knocking plus a membership drive at the street party. Action: Barbro and Phine

Local business to be revisited to find out what discount they can give to OARA members . Action: Petrina, Phine and Hilary

8. Finance

Finance is up to date and in accordance with the constitution. Any expenditure up to £100 may be authorised/endorsed by the Committee; more than that should be approved by an OGM. Action: Andy

9. Future Structure

OARA under the Common Ground umbrella is to have several working groups with at least one committee member in each as its leader. The leaders are to report back to the Committee. OARA members are encouraged to take part in any group and there is to be fluidity in the group structure so members can part-take in various groups. Committee members can also take initiatives they feel will benefit the community outside the structure with the consent of the committee. The groups and leaders are:

  • Greening Group – Sue
  • Smart Streets – Barbara
  • History – John
  • Communication- Hilary
  • Planning – Sue
  • Community Liaison – John

It was agreed to circulate a simple action plan template for each group to complete, to feed into the overall OARA plan. Action: Hilary

10. Common Ground: Updates and Proposals`

10.1 Greening

  1. Eight new cherry trees have been planted and an article has been published in the Echo about the Jubilee Cherry trees and the St George’s plant event.
  2. The area by Clifford Dibben Mews is now in the process of being taken over by OARA and a 3-year care agreement is being set up.
  3. New labels are needed for the cherry trees, including 76 Gordon Ave.
  4. Plant swap arranged at the planters Gordon/ Alma, 15/06 at 17.00-18.00
  5. Table top sale planned for autumn at Portswood Church forecourt.
  6. Initiative Greening Grey Britain was mentioned but no further action taken

Actions: Greening group.

10.2 Clean/Smart Streets

  1. First and third Sundays’ litter pick continue. Spear Road is in a better state now that the Lodge Road Shop has enclosed its bin area with a high fence. The shredded paper waste spilling from the print works in Cambridge Road has irritated several residents and a discussion came about at the last street cleaning. Is it time to approach the print work about this?
  2. Jason to deliver bin numbers.
  3. Suggestion of removing bins to property without frontage, but noted that pickup of clear plastic bags proven rather patchy in Livingstone Road.
  4. Barry to continue removing large objects and dealing with major clear ups.
  5. Notice board provided by the Council shortly to be placed in the planters. Barbro to hold the key and give it to Andy when away.
  6. Agreed to seek a further meeting with key Council staff on cleaning issues

Action: Barbara/Hilary

10.3 Community Liaison

  1. Street party all going well with new initiatives and games this year and Halloween party planned for October, perhaps in combination with a meet your neighbour theme.
  2. Preparation for new Student Year needs to be on next committee agenda

10.4 Communication

  1. As an outcome from AGM’s Common Ground group activity, Ruth Kibble is developing a Facebook page. Meeting due to discuss use.
  2. John is to continue with bulletin which has proved to be a quick and effective.
  3. Phine is to contact local mosque.
  4. Barbro is to change e-mail address on membership mail to exclude personal contact.
  5. Hilary suggested broadening the means of communications, to be discussed by the Communications groups. Barbro is to make generic OARA greetings cards

Action: Hilary, John, Phine, Barbro

10.5 History

  1. Sessions due on researching the history of your house and a cemetery walk on 12 July.
  2. The History Calendar will be ready much earlier this year.

10.6 Planning

  1. Planning permission sought at 8 Lodge Road. The Scrutiny Panel to re- think the Article 4 HMO rules and their recommendation scheduled to be published in August. The suggestion is the 40 meter rule is replaced by % density of HMOs. Now any application goes straight to panel.
  2. Kingsley House is to close on 20/05 and Phine and Gordon are primarily involved in the following up on the new developments.

Action: Phine

11. Protocols

There was a discussion about the protocols we need to operate smoothly. Noted that the Constitution already covers most situations. In addition:

  1. Visitors to go first at meetings.
  2. Committee to copy in rest of committee to relevant emails for information or consultation
  3. New subject heading to be given to each new email trail.

12. AoB

  1. Phine suggested inviting her friend Elena who is a trained cycle instructor to come and give a short talk at the next general meeting on the 6/07/15. This was approved by the committee.Action : Phine
  2. Sue’s suggestion that OARA becomes member or NORA ( National Organisation of Residents’ Associations) was approved. The membership fee is £25.00Action: Sue
  3. Petrina accepted the invitation to become a committee member at the end of the meeting. To be approved at the next OGM.

13. Date of next meeting

Next committee meeting is scheduled on 15/06 at Andy’s at 19.00