Alma Rd:

Chris Jackson, Tim Knapp, Barbara Matcham, Heather Soper, Richard Soper

Avenue Rd:

Fiona Barnes, Petrina Boddington, Gordon Gillies, Ally Hayes, Des Hayward, John Hayward, Rosy Maguire

Cambridge Rd:

Tony Michado,

Earl’s Road:

Miles Brown

Gordon Ave:

Phine Dahle, Jerry Gillen, Andrew Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst, Hilary Jackson, Maggie O’Connor

Lodge Rd:

Rachel Simpson,

Rigby Rd:

Charlotte Sunley,

In attendance:

Cllr. Barnes Andrews, Cllr, Derek Burke, Cllr. Jacqui Rayment, Becky Farminer SCC, Dean Lewis SCC

1. Welcome & Introductions (Signing in /Offers of help)

Sue welcomed everybody. Those present introduced themselves (see attendance list). Hilary explained the idea of building up a list of helpers to help share the workload and circulated a sign-up sheet, asking people to indicate areas they would be willing to help with from time to time

2. Apologies:

Barbro Fitzjohn.

3. Minutes of last OGM on 26 January 2016:


4. Notice of any other business to be taken at end of the meeting.

Aroma Café licence application.

5. City Councillors’ Report and Q&A

– Sue welcomed Becky Farminer from SCC. Becky joined the Refuse and Recycling team in September and has now taken over some aspects of Jason Evans’ work whilst he is seconded to another role in the Council. Becky also introduced Dean who will be helping with shifting/driving. Becky has been working with the university on the ‘shift your stuff campaign’. Sorting stuff and upcycling for charities takes place on Sat 11th June, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July from 10-6 each day and volunteers are welcome. (You can register at She will also liaise with Solent University. She will liaise with Barbara on bin audit. Stickers will eventually be available for Avenue Rd. The rubbish at 70 Gordon Avenue has been cleared. Please report mis-use of bins to Becky by email or to Action Line. There is a SCC recycle app. Particular problems with house on corner of Alma and Earl’s – Council aware and are dealing with this. -Jacqui Rayment addressed the meeting on behalf of the councillors, who also provided a written report. They try to support us on planning issues. With regard to HMO licensing, they are beginning to see small results. There have been two prosecutions of land lords. Four million is spent on the roads p.a. There has been a temporary fix of the problem at Blockbusters and 13 potholes in Avenue Rd have been patched up. Southampton’s share of government hand-out for repairs was £80,000- totally inadequate.

Cleaner cities- working towards cleaner air e.g. green walling. Plug in ship to shore will help air quality.

The notice board is up!

HCC household waste recycling sites may close. This could have knock on effects for local sites.

The issue of cycling on the Common was raised and this resulted in a lengthy discussion of pros and cons.

Cllr Burke commented on the efficacy of the bin buddy scheme.

6. The History Mural – final presentation and consultation

John gave a summary of the development of the mural and the fundraising that will make it a reality. He stressed that the money had been raised independently of OARA funds although he thanked Barbro and Rosy for their support of the fund via their very successful art exhibition. Some questions were asked e.g. could the mural be defaced? – No, it will be protected by anti – graffiti paint. Rosy asked if any further changes could be made e.g. the border around the middle section. It was suggested that once the main mural is painted the question of whether it would be better with or without a border could be considered. There were some queries about whether the project had been properly ratified by OARA. Fiona raised the point that it had been presented at two OGMs, an AGM and several committee meetings. However, it was decided to put it to a formal vote and this was passed almost unanimously.

7. Ongoing Parking Issues – where next?

Discussion of proposal to hold a special meeting.

As parking is a perennial problem, with no easy solution, the Committee proposed that there should be a special meeting to properly hear the facts and air all the issues and concerns. It was agreed that people need to know the options and therefore some analysis has to be done. The parking permit zone could be increased but we know views are divided on this. Difficulties of ascertaining the opinion of residents is exacerbated by the transient nature of the population. The committee will do some preliminary work and propose a meeting to which Richard, the Parking Man will be invited.

Impact of increased surgery numbers?

There was a discussion about the closing of the Newtown Surgery and concerns re the impact it will have on the Alma Rd. Surgery, including increased numbers and a commensurate increase in parking problems. The committee will discuss this and seek a meeting with the staff at the Surgery.

8. Future Plans & Speakers

The meeting was asked if there is there anything else members think we should be doing or speakers they would like to invite? There was particular support for a speaker(s) linked to planning and HMO Licensing, possibly Sam Fox and Sam Ings, and some interest in finding out more about Smart Meters. Members were also keen that we should be represented at other Residents’ Forums and develop links with them.

9. Common Ground Progress Report

The Common Ground Progress report had been circulated by email prior to the meeting and extra paper copies made available at the meeting. (It will also be available on the website along with these minutes)

10. Forthcoming Dates:

Greening Group Table Top Sale: Saturday 14th May 11.00- 1.00
Plant Swap: Friday 10th June, 5.00pm
Big Lunch Street Party: Sunday 12th June
Next Committee Meeting: Monday 20th June
SUSU Shift Your Stuff: Sat 11th June, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July from 10-6 each day Next OGM: Monday 17th October

11. AOB

Jerry Gillen raised the issue of a late license application which he thought was for the Aroma Café. It was established this was for the new bar to be opened in the former Dentist’s practice near Trago’s. It was understood opening hours would be no later than other nearby premises.

Meeting closed at 9.10