Alma Road:

  • Chris Jackson
  • Barbara Matcham(C)
  • Dave Rounce
  • Richard Soper
  • Peter Wirgman

Avenue Road:

  • John Hayward (Vice–Chair)

Gordon Avenue:

  • Phine Dahle(C)
  • Andy Haslehurst (Treasurer)
  • Dorothy Haslehurst
  • Hilary Jackson (Secretary)
  • James Norton
  • Sue Swallow (Chair)


  • Cllr. Stephen Barnes-Andrews
  • Eleanor van der Hoest (Speaker)

1. Welcome and Introductions

Sue welcomed residents to the meeting and each introduced themselves.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr.Derek Burke, Jason Evans, Barbro Fitzjohn, Gerry Gillen, Ruth Kibble, Barry Olson, Cllr.Jacqui Rayment, , PC Lee Scott.

Our new Facebook page – (Item 7.3 moved forward on the agenda)

James demonstrated our new Facebook page and suggested ways we could use it to raise our profile and promote activities. Suggestions included: encouraging our current members to “like” it; promoting it to new student intake; encouraging businesses to join in; checking what other RAs are doing; getting OARA tshirts to help promote us more widely. Thanks were given to James, and Ruth who set up the page, for helping us move on with this Action:HJ

3. “Safe Cycling” presentation

Eleanor van der Hoest gave a presentation on the benefits of cycling along with advice about safety and training. More details can be found at or

4. Minutes of the last OGM on April 20th & matters arising

The minutes were agreed as a true record.

The PACT Meeting is now taking place on 30 July at 7.30 at Bevois Town Primary. PC Scott has asked John to circulate a questionnaire to members beforehand. John reminded us that now that the new area included Bevois Valley as well as us it was important to raise issues specific to our patch. Action:JH

Lettings Boards Meeting: Hilary was waiting to hear back from Jacqui about this. It is still planned to hold a joint meeting with Council, SUSU, HMO wardens before the next round of lettings. Action:HJ

5. Ratification of new committee members

Fiona Barnes and Petrina Boddington were approved as new committee members.

6. Membership report

Barbro was not able to attend as she was unwell. Andy, Treasurer, reported however that Barbro had collected another £152 in membership fees. It was also felt that the membership stall at the Street Party had been a success.

7. Common Ground Reports and Plans

Hilary referred people to the Reports and Working Plans documents which were circulated at the meeting. ( Attached with these minutes.) These summed up the activities of each group since the last OGM and plans for activities in the year ahead. Other discussion took place as shown below:

7.1 Greening

Phine suggested applying for funding to the National Lottery “Awards for All “fund, an idea that had been suggested at recent North Southampton Community Forum.

Setting regular “greening group days, like the cleaning group, was thought to be a good idea to help increase participation.

The Garden Buddy scheme was also thought a good idea if we can persuade landlords “what’s in it for them”. Action: SS and greening group

7.2 Community Liaison

John reported he was meeting students to discuss Street Welcome Party ( now set for Sunday 4 October) and Halloween lantern event.

He was awaiting news of the new noticeboard at the planters. Cllr Barnes- Andrews agreed to follow up. Action: Cllr.SBA

Cllr Andrews reported that the Council had another challenging year ahead, with government cuts disproportionately affecting cities like Southampton. The budget has been reduced by £70m in the last three years, with another £60m due to be lost over the next three years, amounting to nearly half the total budget. This means that they have to make more cuts and that without groups like OARA they would be in even more difficulty.

Andy reported that £277 had been received from Julian Jenkinson from Student No Fee as the next instalment for the Bin Buddy Scheme. We need to meet with Poswells and Posh Pads to confirm they are coming on board. Action: JH &HJ

7.3 Communications

HJ reported there had been two articles with photos in the paper, one of the St. George’s Plant Giveaway and one of the Big Lunch Street Party.

We also had publicity from being adopted as a Waitrose charity for June. We were due to receive £277 from this.

7.4 Smart Streets

PW raised the continuing problem of bins on the pavement, including some overseas students being unaware of what they should do . DH referred to a Portsmouth university pre-sessional language scheme. It was agreed to find out if Southampton run such a scheme and if so to provide them with recycling/bin resources which could be used to help language and awareness. Action: DH &SS

PW asked if any households have been fined for bin matters? Find out. Action: HJ

7.5 Planning

The meeting supported a proposal by RS for a meeting to discuss planning policy and issues, to include Councillors, new Planning Officer, HMO Licensing officer and us. No liaison meetings had been held recently and one was needed. Action: Cllr SBA

SS reported that she had visited the presentation by Orchard Homes, who were proposing building student accommodation on the rest of the Sainsbury’s site. There was some concern that the original Sainsbury’s deal had included affordable housing. Whilst the possibility of more students moving into purpose built accommodation was generally welcomed there was concern as to what would happen to any HMOs vacated in the process and of the possible long term impact of the government’s proposals for the right to buy housing association property. We need to consider what we would like to see e.g. to attract families and young professionals and to discuss this with the Council and planning department with regard to future policy.

7.6 History

JH reported that the “Research Your Own House” history session had been a success.

8. Future OGMs? What would members like to see?

There was support for meetings with speakers on issues of interest.

9. AOB

PW raised the issue of continuing lack of action with regard to partial parking over driveways. JH suggested that this be raised at the PACT meeting.

10. Dates for 2015 meetings

Committee: Monday 22 September

OGM: Tuesday 6 October