Alma Rd:

Barbro Fitzjohn(Membership), Peter Wirgman, Chris Jackson.

Avenue Rd:

Fiona Barnes, Ally Hayes, Des Hayward, John Hayward (Vice Chair), Ann Woolnough (Minutes Sec).

Cambridge Rd:

Colin Aubrey

Cedar Rd:

Emma Hawkins

Gordon Ave:

Phine Dahle, Jerry Gillen, Andy Haslehurst(Treasurer),
Dorothy Haslehurst, Hilary Jackson, (Secretary), Maggie O’Connor, Sue Swallow(Chair).

Spear Rd:

Ed Parsons

Other attendees:

Cllr Barnes-Andrews, Cllr Burke, Phil Collins (Inner Avenue RA), Gill Ghahouni (PPG), Manzoora Ashraf

1. Introduction

The purpose of the OGM was to identify what else OARA can do to create a clean, safe, attractive, healthy and welcoming environment for all residents to enjoy living in and share ie create “Quality Streets”.

The aim was to share ideas and agree priorities for action with respect to traffic, parking, pollution, Lodge Road, litter, bins, overdevelopment, planting more greenery, being creative, digging up history, having fun, feeling well, being a proper community.

The circulated green sheet broadly set out provisional plans for the years ahead and those present were invited to help prioritise through discussion.

Below sets out suggestions and points arising for further consideration. These would be looked at by the committee to help them revise OARA plan and priorities for the year ahead.


Strengthen the committee by finding a Secretary and Treasurer designate to be elected at the AGM in January 2019 – Need to be publicised in the newsletter

Strengthen the committee by identifying someone with planning experience perhaps in an ex officio, co-opted capacity – Need to be publicised in the newsletter

Community and Social

Use the new link with the university to address distress caused to residents by student parties

Support initiatives to set up interest/ hobby groups – Help with publicity, support as part of the overall OARA structure, link to patient participation options, help if applying for agreements of any description

Promote cycling by residents – Organise a re- familiarising cycle round The Common for lapsed cyclists. Publicise new tool facilities on Common opposite church.

Dementia contact group at Mayflower Court – Join/ promote engagement with the new support group at the care home.

Organise a music group to parallel arts initiatives – A summer event?

Exhibition crossovers with Latin Dance Club

Help publicise exercise group at the church, cafe, scrabble afternoons, film club – Use OARA notice board, surgery notice board, OARA newsletter. Avoid a dated directory arising from maintenance difficulties

Revitalise the link with the local police

Nurture continued SU representation at OARA meetings

Support surgery patients away from expectation of a medical solution towards a social prescription – Engage with new surgery manager. Join with self care for life initiative

Getting a surgery fit for purpose – Panel consideration of Blockbuster site


Continue to raise profile of OARA in catchment area especially with the ‘ new generation’ of residents – Leaflet to all in October with party notice to reach as many people as possible. A second leaflet per year?. Consider opportunities of Council’s events website and ‘Discover Southampton’. (Permanent) posters in the library, outlets such as fish and chip shop. A weekend of door knocking in pairs. Continue use of post cards to welcome and thank. Topic with speaker per OGM so people know what they are coming for.

Visit mosque – Meet the women after prayers on a Friday 1.30/1.45pm

Smart Streets

Address litter from late night takeaways – CCTV role, litter bin provision

Continue to promote litter pick to get more helpers – Allow individuals to pick their day of the week? However lose ‘branding’ of activity if not a core group and social element if not a set routine? Need to keep in contact to report serious messes. Start earlier in morning as days lengthen? Have a text group? Formalisation of coffee or pub visit afterwards?

Re educate each wave of students – Publicise Council approach to bins

Influencing student behaviour at changeover – OARA rep as a catalyst to meet student rep soon/ before Easter. Poster campaign on recycling? Liaison with charities? Sorting on campus? Dissemination of bulk collection rules?

Continue via photos to highlight to Council serious messes

Parking issues – Hold a well prepared OGM in March on this issue and Lodge Road Survey.

Potholes/ flooding – Sink hole in Earls Road, flooding at sliproad at Lodge Rd/ Portswood Rd lights. Also at the Gordon Arms.


Continue to raise funds for projects

Repeat craft fair held before Christmas.

Blue Plaque for Thomas Lewis

Repeat some walks( church asked for dedicated walk)

Talks to primary schools

Welcome to locality sign – Identify how Highfield one funded. Need a grant and permission.

Celebrate suffrage centenary and Soton’s role

Publish 5th calendar

Continue to update facebook and website


Publicise trees still available for planting

½ barrels still available for frontages

Pursue planted pot scheme for students

Involvement of greening group in Lodge Road improvement

Maintenance work … weeding, planting and cutting back


Continue to monitor and comment on applications and petition in respect of unauthorised development


All groups need money and/or volunteers.. Speak to local businesses

The chair thanked everyone for coming and contributing their support.

Meeting closed: 9.05pm