Alma Rd:

  • Barbro Fitzjohn
  • Chris Jackson
  • Tim Knapp
  • Barbara Matcham
  • Pat Oliver (Avenue St Andrews Church)
  • Heather Soper
  • Richard Soper
  • Peter Wirgman

Avenue Rd:

  • Fiona Barnes
  • Petrina Boddington
  • Liz Haslam
  • Ally Hayes
  • Des Hayward
  • John Hayward
  • Rosy Maguire
  • Harald Raykouski

Cambridge Rd:

  • Mary Hockey
  • Tony Michado

Clifford Dibben Mews:

  • Patrica Costo-Bigores
  • Miles Edwards

Gordon Ave:

  • Phine Dahle
  • Jerry Gillan
  • Andrew Haslehurst
  • Dorothy Haslehurst
  • Hilary Jackson
  • Ruth Kibble
  • Linda Pritchard

Lodge Rd:

  • Rachel Simpson

Rigby Rd:

  • Jon Harris
  • Charlotte Sunley

In attendance:

  • Cllr. Barnes Andrews
  • PCSO Carrie Samson
  • Emma Price (SUSU)

1. Welcome and Introductions

Sue Swallow welcomed those attending the meeting, who all introduced themselves (see Attendance list).

2. Apologies

  • Hannah Gilbert (SUSU – on Freshers’ Week duties)
  • PCSO Michaela Newbold
  • Cllr. Jacqui Rayment (Council meeting)
  • Dean Spencer

3. Police report (Taken early in the  agenda in case called out on duty)

PCSO Carrie Samson presented a police report on behalf of PCSO Michaela Newman. She reported that current priorities in our area are burglaries and anti-social behaviour and reminded residents to be vigilant about home security. There is a specific Op Studious patrol in student areas.

JH requested that the crime reports we receive should identify if a burglary is at a student household.

Action: Carrie agreed to request this

Concerns were raised re increased drinking on street corners and on benches in centre of Portswood. There was a discussion about what was acceptable and/or intimidating. The police use their discretion on each occasion. There was also concern about student late night/party noise. The 101 line can be called in cases of nuisance, noise or disturbance or we can call Michaela with specific questions.

The next PACT Meeting is on 26 November. Members were asked to let OARA know if they have any concerns they would like us to share with the police.

Speaker: Application for new micropub in old book shop 

Jon Harris, a local resident, presented a proposal to open a community-based micro-pub, to be called “The Bookshop Ale House” (similar to the Butcher’s Hook at Bitterne Triangle) in the former Peter Rhodes Bookshop on Portswood Road. The proposal was generally well-received after questions were answered about opening hours, the type of service being offered and preserving the character of the building. Residents were invited to view and respond to the planning application on the council website.

4. Community Mural at the Planters

JH and the History Group shared preliminary ideas for a community mural on the wall of The Bitter Virtue near the planters. The mural would depict key local events, people and landmarks and provide a welcoming and interactive gateway to the area. A local artist with experience of large scale works would be willing to help.

PD and DH inquired if residents, including those living close to proposed site,  will be involved  and JH reassured them there would be proper consultation and involvement. There was discussion including about protection from graffiti, durability and how the funds needed for this project (possibly £3000) would be raised. Suggestions included paint companies, Awards for All and the Ordnance Survey as well as community arts grants.

5. How can we protect our local heritage and our trees?

Fiona Barnes reported on recent communications with the local Conservation Officer who felt that there  may have already been too many changes for us to become a designated conservation area. Fiona reminded us of the extent of the historical connections in our area, both architectural and social.  She and the History Group will continue to explore what can be done to protect that heritage, including the mature trees on our patch. She asked members to let OARA know if they are aware of any significant trees which they think need protecting.

6. Parking issues

SS explained we had been asked to raise the issue of parking problems, following a member’s recent distressing experience when trying to park near home. There was a consensus that parking remains an issue.  Views were expressed both for and against a residents’ parking scheme :  pressure on parking in certain  roads; white vans; pavement parking; cost of permits; residents’ parking only applying in daytime, not evenings/weekends; parking for our  own visitors if a scheme were in place; the  number of student  cars causing  a problem in term time. The Committee agreed to discuss the issue further at its next meeting and report back.

7. Kingsley House – update and issues

SS gave an update about Kingsley House hostel in Alma Road. This has recently reopened and is offering short term accommodation, for example to contractors. OARA has met with the new owners and our Councillors and will continue to monitor the situation.

Concern was raised that an incident of soliciting had since been observed near the planters. The Police have been informed.

8. Minutes of the last OGM on July 6th & matters arising

4. The Pact meeting had been well attended and a report will be available on the website.

7.2. We were still waiting for news of the new noticeboard. SBA agreed to follow up

Notices of OGMs and other meetings/events would be posted on the new board.

7.5. JG reported that he had attended a meeting with Sam Fox the new Planning Officer. He was pleased with his positive and practical response and felt  that he was mindful of residents’ concerns. He was looking into reinstating quarterly liaison meetings with residents’ groups which would be welcome. JG also reported that HRA had won a significant   court case against a large local landlord, as a result of which a previous planning approval had been overturned.

SS reported that development of post-grad student housing seemed to have started on the rest of the Sainsbury’s site even though it had been understood that some affordable housing was to be included as part of the original proposal but this had not been tied in by the Council.

9. Committee and Common Ground Reports

The Committee presented a written report on the work of the Common Ground sub-groups: Greening, Planning, Community Liaison, Smart Streets, Communication and Bevois Mount History. A copy of the report would be circulated to members and put on the website.

10. AOB

There was no other business.

11. Date of next meeting

AGM Tuesday 26 January 2016

The meeting  closed at 9.10.