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Hilary Jackson, Phine Dahl, Ann Woolnough, Jacqui Rayment, Becci from Avenue South Residents’ Association

1. Welcome

2. Ratification of New Treasurer

Thanks were extended to Andy Haslehurst who had been with the Association since its establishment and had been responsible for putting the constitution together. He had been quietly super efficient. A card was presented with a gift to follow.

Fiona proposed and Barbro seconded the appointment of Wendy as the new treasurer.

3. AOB to be taken at the end of the meeting

Bevois Mount Events (Ally).

4. Speaker: Katy Adams

Katy explained that it was a long and involved process to enforce requirements with respect to bins on pavements and excess waste. Flytipping is a bit of a grey area.
Sue brought up the issue of students and others moving into properties and finding accumulated waste. Cases should be reported as found.

Dorothy asked about planning for waste facilities in new builds.

Suzanne asked about people who were unable to put out their waste bins. In such circumstances there is ‘assisted collection ’if no one in the household is able to perform this task.

John asked about the liability of landlords. Residents bear the responsibility.

Barbara asked about rats. The responsibility lies with Environmental Health.

Peter asked if Katy was in contact with letting agents (eg Posh Pads) whom he
thought should be instructing new tenants in good practice because emptied bins obstructed the public highway. Katy replied that the Council was doing its best in this respect.

John praised the Community Payback Team.

5. Drugs

Regular drug drops are taking place on the corner of Gordon Avenue towards the Portswood Road which had been reported although no action appeared to have been taken.

Loiuse, the PCSO, will be doing a survey of anti social behaviour in that area. People should ring 101; CCTV coverage in other areas might move the problem into Outer Avenue. Wendy offered to put a message on Nextdoor about how to take action.

6. OARA What’s Next?

OARA is already very active with respect to street cleaning and greening. It has University links which helps it follow up student parties which get out of hand. The Association also works on ‘changeover’ when students move out to reduce its effect and maintains links with Avenue St Andrews Church. Sue monitors planning applications. Communication with local councillors is maintained.

Attendees were asked for suggestions as to further initiatives:

  • A choir for Christmas (Barbro/ Hilary)
  • Lodge Road…more impetus to greening and improvement of air quality. Sue, Fiona,and Suzanne have walked round with Steve Legett, Environmental councillor.
  • More systematic ways of welcoming newcomers
  • More trees and tree preservation
  • Introduction of community compost bins
  • Compacting bins(happening)

7. Minutes of last OGM


8. Bevois Mount History Events

A Talk by Bevois Mount History, Portswood Library Wednesday 16 at 7.30pm
Lost or Not Pubs of Bevois Mount 3pm on 26 October at Horse Trough at Rockstone
Avenue St Andrews Fair, 7 December.