• Gordon (Chair)
  • Rosy
  • Phine
  • Sue Swallow
  • T


  • Lynn
  • Andy

Gordon welcomed Sue to the meeting as the Planning Officer

1. Working relationships with businesses:

Need to add the businesses in Portswood High Street
Action: Rosy to carry this forward with Phine’s assistance

2. Mapping of the area:

The gaps in the data have been addressed by Rosy
Action: Gordon to update spreadsheet with Rosy’s input

9. Road / pavement improvements:

We agreed to put it on the agenda for the next general meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to the agenda for 6th December meeting

13. Southern Water funding:

Action: Gordon to contact Southern Water for funding for water butts and water savers in cisterns

24. Overview of street reps role:

Complete. However, we still don’t have enough reps. Gordon agreed to approach residents in the streets where there are none currently.
Action: Gordon

32. Landlord liaison:

It was agreed that this was too big a task for a single person to take on. Gordon commented that we already have three on board.
Action: Gordon; T will assist

Lynn’s idea of a Charter for Landlords (action 59), which could set out what we, as residents, expect of them and their tenants was discussed briefly. The actions from the previous minutes, though, have not been completed
Action: Committee members to prepare ideas of what could be included in such a charter to prompt debate at the wider meeting.

36. Notice boards in people’s gardens:

Action: Action carried forward for Lynn

42. Car parking:

Gordon has written to the council and asked them to carry out a feasibility report into the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme.
Action: Gordon to pick up with Chris Lyons for Dec 6th meeting (see below)

43. Buddy a Student:

Action: Lynn and T to develop some ideas so that they can be presented to the wider meeting.

47. Student responsibilities for rubbish:

Action: Gordon will pick this up from Barbara Matcham and speak to Frankie Fry

48. Notify number of HMOs to Head of Planning:

Action: We will pick this up with Chris Lyons at the 6th December meeting

49. Extension of parking scheme

Action: We will pick this up with Chris Lyons at the 6th December meeting.

51. Staff contact at Southampton University

Action: Gordon to follow up with Frankie Fry

52. Southampton University funding opportunities:

Action: Andy to locate last year’s bid for the address

53. Student skill for projects:

Action: Gordon to pick up with Frankie Fry

55. Closure of Endle Street waste recycling facility:

Action: Gordon to follow up with Councillor Barnes-Andrews

56. Erratic refuse collections:

Gordon wrote to Cllr Smith on 5th October but has not yet received a response

57. Newsletter distribution:

It was agreed that we would try to deliver the newsletter to all properties in the OARA area by 14th November as follows:

  • Alma and Rigby – Rosy and T
  • Livingstone – already done by Phine
  • Avenue Road – Helen Muscat
  • CD Mews and Rose Road – Richard and Petrina
  • Cedar Road & Gdns – Brenda Breden and Margaret Chiari
  • Gordon Avenue – Andy and Dorothy

We also agreed that we would leave copies of the Newsletter in pubs, the doctors’ surgery, takeaways, supermarkets and anywhere where people wait.
Action: Rosy and Phine

60. Parking Scheme questions:

T has produced them but they require review
Action: Gordon and T

61. More Committee members:

Gordon invited Sue to sit on the Committee and she agreed to this, with the proviso that the next OARA meeting should accept this.
Action: Gordon to add to the Agenda for the next meeting; also to include T as Membership and Minutes Secretary.

There was further discussion on the need for more Committee Members. The actions were agreed as follows:
Rosy to talk to Steve and Rose in Alma Road
Action: Gordon to contact the people in Alma Road

62. Payment of monies owed:

Money is still owed for greening items
Action: Andy to pay Sue, Maggie and Phine

63. Equipment for future street cleaning:

Gordon has produced a list of what we need to buy for our street cleaning programme. Through work contacts, he has negotiated a discount. We agreed that we would but the following items:

Item Qty Unit Price Cost
Litter pickers 12 7.82 93.84
Litter hoops 12 3.75 45.00
Brooms 4 10.26 41.04
Snow shovels 6 7.90 47.40
Delivery 1 15.00 15.00
Total 242.28

Note that these prices are before VAT. We already have a stock of sacks. We agreed that we would have two stores of equipment; Rosy and T volunteered their shed as did Gordon.

64. Redesign of the meeting flyer:

This has been done

2. Projects Update

2.1 Planning issues

Sue reported that she had been made aware by Peter Wirgman of three planning applications that had been submitted to demolish existing properties from 28-32 Alma Road and then build 2.5 storey dwellings in their stead. Two had been refused, but one, for the redevelopment of 28 Alma Road, was approved with conditions. The Committee was concerned that Sue had not been made aware of the planning applications through the Council, as had been agreed previously with Chris Lyons.
Action: Gordon to follow up with Chris Lyons.

Sue also reported that more than 32 landlords’ “To Let” signs have been erected in Gordon Avenue. She had been made aware that this is not actually legal. It was agreed that Sue would write to our three Councillors for their action:
Action: Sue

2.2 Greening group

Sue reported that the Greening Group had been exploring ways of raising money for a bench and planter. They had discussed the possibility of holding a table-top sale in the car park of the Alma Road Surgery and the doctors had agreed. In return, the Group will plant bulbs in their front yard. We agreed that we would hold the sale between 11 and 3pm on Sunday 11th December. Plants and other small items would be needed for sale.
Action: Gordon to email the membership to ask for these.
Action: Sue to pick this up with Judith and Heather.

2.3 Relationship with businesses

Rosy asked what the scope of the relationship with businesses was intended to be. Gordon responded that we should inform them of our presence and see if any discounts could be provided for goods or services. We would also encourage the membership to support local businesses. We could ask them if they would want to advertise on the next Newsletter.

We should concentrate on the businesses on the perimeters of the OARA area ie: Portswood Road and Lodge Road.
Action: Rosy and Phine

3. Any other business

3.1 Publication of Committee minutes

T stated that the minutes of the Committee meetings should be published on the website so that the wider membership can see how we conduct our affairs. This was agreed.
Action: Gordon to arrange for this to happen with the webmaster

3.2 Maintenance of the Action List

Gordon asked T to maintain the Action List as part of the minute taking process.
Action: Gordon to send T the Action List

4. Dates of next meetings

4.1 Next Committee meetings

Tuesday 20th December at Phine’s house to be combined with drinks, nibbles and partners after the meeting

4.2 Next general OARA meetings

  • Tuesday 6th December at 7:30 at Cedar Road School
  • Tuesday 24th January 2012 AGM at 7:30 at Cedar Road School