• Gordon (Chair)
  • Lynn
  • Andy
  • Rosy
  • Richard
  • Phine
  • T



1. OARA Newsletter

Gordon set the scene by stating that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the OARA newsletter, the logistics of having it printed, and a timeline for its production. Richard, who has been leading on it, then suggested the following agenda:

  • His brief for the tone of the newsletter
  • Paper quality and quantity
  • Timeline for printing
  • Editing contents
  • Title
  • AOB

1.1 The brief

Richard explained that his brief to Kate Leven (the principle author) was to improve the relationship with students and to encourage them to respect the community in which they lived by becoming part of it. He wanted it to be amusing and upbeat. The Committee agreed that he had been successful.

1.2 Paper quality and quantity

Richard has been to two local printing companies and obtained prices for the newsletter to be printed on 150g silk paper as follows:

Colour Copy – £200 per 1,000 excluding VAT
Indigo Press – £153 per 1,000 excluding VAT

Richard commented that we may not have to pay the VAT if we can demonstrate that the newsletter is a leaflet. Andy responded that we only have £550 from the Council and have to provide receipts to prove that we have spent the grant funds on what we said we would. All agreed that it would be good to build a relationship with Indigo Press given that they are geographically located in the OARA area.

Richard was asked to find out how much the next print run quantity would cost.
Action: Richard

1.3 Timescales

Richard reported that both said that print turnaround would take between 3-5 days; the finished newsletter would need to be provided electronically on a memory stick.

1.4 Editing the contents

Richard said that Kate had written the first draft and one of her friends had done the layout. Kate is very busy and requires all of the comments to be delivered in a single package rather than each of us providing them individually.

Kate has sent the first draft and wishes to make a few changes; she also has an article now from Frankie Fry (SUSU). After some discussion, it was agreed that Gordon would collate all of the comments received so far, and that Richard and Lynn would review them and pass them back to Kate. Everyone else to send their final comments to Richard by Friday 7th October.
Action: Gordon, Richard and Lynn / All

1.5 Title

Gordon noted that none of us were particularly keen on the working title, but that was the day before we had seen the first draft. The typeset version was much better than had been anticipated. There was some debate about what it should be called, and after all had expressed their views, we agreed that we would propose OARA News to Kate.
Action: Richard / Gordon

2. Any other business

2.1 Minutes

Gordon asked T to combine the minutes from the last two meetings together.
Action: T

2.2 The Vice Chairman

Richard explained that his life circumstances had changed dramatically in the last three weeks, and given the need to seek new employment opportunities, he announced that he needed to step down from the position of Vice Chairman.

Gordon asked him if he would still like to remain as Vice Chair but not take part in any of the RA’s activities. Richard declined and asked to be taken off the email circulations. All to note.

There was a brief discussion on whether we should announce that we now have space on the Committee. Rosy thought that we should so that we can invite more people to join us and this was agreed.
Action: Gordon to add to the next Agenda

Phine agreed to speak to Sue Swallow to see if she would like to sit on the Committee.
Action: Phine

2.3 Redesigned Meeting Flyer

T presented the redesigned meeting flyer which now incorporates the new logo. All made suggestions for improvement and these will be incorporated.
Action: T