• Gordon (Chair)
  • Lynn
  • Andy
  • Phine
  • T


  • Rosy
  • Richard

1. Action List

1. Working relationships with businesses:

Need to add the businesses in Portswood High Street
Action: Rosy to carry this forward with Phine’s assistance

2. Mapping of the area:

The gaps in the data are now being addressed by Rosy. It would be useful to have the full information in readiness for the next OARA general meeting on 18th October.

The police would also like the data as they have produced a calendar that promotes crime awareness and prevention and would like to know the addresses to deliver it to
Action: Rosy to complete with assistance from Phine

9. Road / pavement improvements:

We agreed to put it on the agenda for the next general meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to the agenda.

13. Southern Water funding:

Action on hold

OARA Logo:

The logo has been agreed. We now need letterhead and flyer versions
Action: T and Gordon to correspond with Matt Conrad

24. Overview of street reps role:

Gordon has used Lynn’s initial thoughts and produced an outline of the Street Reps role. However, we still don’t have enough reps. Gordon agreed to approach residents in the streets where there are none currently.
Action: Gordon

25. Peter Wirgman and planning issues:

Peter Wirgman has met with Richard and Sue Swallow, but we don’t know the outcome of the meeting.
Action: Richard to report back to Gordon.

29. Review of wheelie bin leaflet:

It was agreed that the leaflet is still up to date as it stands.

32. Landlord liaison:

It was agreed that this was too big a task for a single person to take on. Gordon agreed to capture some ideas as a starting point so that we could divide up the tasks of what is likely to be a large and complex project.
Action: Gordon; T will assist

Lynn’s idea of a Charter for Landlords, which could set out what we, as residents, expect of them and their tenants was discussed briefly. The actions from the previous minutes ‘though, have not been completed
Action: Committee members to prepare ideas of what could be included in such a charter to prompt debate at the wider meeting.

36. Notice boards in people’s gardens:

Action: Action carried forward for Lynn

42. Car parking:

Gordon has written to the council and asked them to carry out a feasibility report into the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme.

43. Newsletter:

See details in minutes from 4th October.
The number of copies was raised and Andy was tasked with finding out from the community grant bid how much we are allowed to spend on reprographics.
Action: Andy

44. Buddy a Student:

Kate has written an article in the newsletter about the Buddy a Student idea but the practicalities of what this might entail need to be developed. We may need to develop a Buddy Register to identify who is available in the area.
Action: Lynn and T to develop some ideas so that they can be presented to the wider meeting.

47. Student responsibilities for rubbish:

Action: Gordon will pick this up from Barbara Matcham

48. Notify number of HMOs to Head of Planning:

Action: carried forward for Gordon to write to Paul Nichols

49. Extension of parking scheme

Action: Gordon to follow up with Chris Lyons.

50. Invite a planning officer to the next meeting:

To discuss how permission for new HMOs is granted. While they are present, it would be good to ask them questions about the parking scheme. To enable them to prepare, T will produce about six questions which they can be sent in advance
Action: T

51. Contact at Southampton University

Action: Gordon to follow up with Frankie Fry

52. Southampton University funding opportunities:

Action: Andy to locate last year’s bid for the address

53. Student skill for projects:

Action: Gordon to find out what these are

54. PCSO Scott’s Twitter feed:

This is included in the minutes of the 19th September general meeting

55. Closure of Endle Street waste recycling facility:

Action: Gordon to follow up with Councillor Barnes-Andrews

56. Erratic refuse collections:

Action: Gordon to write again to Cllr Smith

57. Newsletter articles from SUSU and the police:

Action: Gordon to chase Frankie Fry and Lee Scott

58. Funding streams:

The action is for Peter Wirgman

2. Committee Membership

Paula’s resignation from the Committee has resulted in the Minutes Secretary role being vacant. Gordon commented that looking after the membership list and producing the minutes are two sides of the same coin. He therefore proposed that the roles be combined into one, and that T is put forward in the role as an interim measure until the AGM in January 2012.
Action: Gordon to add to the Agenda

Andy commented that he was happy to develop the financial aspects of bids but would like help from others on the marketing / project side. It was agreed that a fund raiser is needed on the Committee

3. Financial Update

The grant letter has now been signed and sent to the council for the allocation of the grant.

Andy has given a cheque to Sue Swallow for the compost but noted that Maggie O’Connor still needs to be paid for the Big Lunch insurance shortfall
Action: Andy to follow up with Sue

The Greening Group would like to buy some daffodils for the planters, and it was agreed that we should try a wholesaler rather than a gardening centre or take Jaz Rai up on his offer to provide flowers for the planters (preferred)

Gordon commented that we need to buy litter pickers, shovels, brooms, hoops and bags for future community clean-ups rather than relying on the council. Gordon agreed to obtain prices. We would like the same litter picker model that the council uses.
Action: Gordon

4. Preparation for next open meeting

There was a brief discussion on what should be included on the agenda for the next meeting on 18th October, or whenever we can secure the attendance of Chris Lyons from the Council

  • Planning
  • Parking issues in Gordon Avenue and Alma Road
  • Road and pavement improvements
  • Update on current projects

Action: T to produce the flyer and incorporate the new logo if she can
Action: Rosy and Andy to do the copying

5. Dates of next meetings

5.1 Next Committee meetings

  • Tuesday 8th November at Gordon’s house
  • Tuesday 20th December at Phine’s house to be combined with drinks, nibbles and partners after the meeting

5.2 Next general OARA meetings

  • Tuesday 18th October at 7:30 at Cedar Road School – tbc
  • Tuesday 6th December at 7:30 at Cedar Road School
  • Tuesday 24th January 2012 AGM at 7:30 at Cedar Road School