• Gordon Gillies (Chair)
  • Phine Dahl
  • Lynn Murphy
  • Andy Haslehurst
  • Sue Swallow
  • Barbro Fitzjohn
  • Barbara Matcham
  • Greg Hewitt
  • T Jacobs


  • Rosy Maguire
  • Liz Haslam
  • Chris Jackson

Gordon opened the meeting by welcoming the Committee Members. The apologies were given.

1. Action List

1. Working relationships with businesses

Rosy has developed a spreadsheet that records the discounts that have been agreed with local businesses in Portswood; these range from 10-50% off goods or services. In return the businesses would like free advertising on the back of the newsletter.
Action: Rosy to continue with Phine’s assistance

2. Mapping of the area

The gaps in the data have been addressed by Rosy.
Action:Gordon to send the current mapping spreadsheet to the new Committee members;

9. Road / pavement improvements:

Action: Greg to find the link for Fix My Street and send it to Gordon.

13. Southern Water funding / Water Wise presentation:

Southern Water have agreed to give a Water Wise presentation to the next general meeting.
Action: Gordon to follow up with Chris to identify subject areas for the presentation;
Action: Gordon to send to Southern Water prior to their attendance

24. Overview of street reps role:

Gordon has updated the overview
Action: Gordon to send to Committee members for their comments

32. Landlord liaison:

Action carried forward for Gordon and T to develop a proposal in time for the next Committee meeting. This needs to embrace the Landlord’s Charter (action 59) and tree planting.
Action: carried forward for Gordon and T

At this point, Ross Borman from Place Book joined the meeting.
Post meeting note: as there was insufficient time to discuss the remainder of the Action List, T has updated it with what she knows.

44. Buddy a Student:

Lynn and T have met and produced some ideas. These now need to be shared with the Committee
Action: Lynn and T to share their ideas at the next Committee meeting.

47. Student responsibilities for rubbish:

It was agreed that Gordon will hand this action back to Barbara Matcham for her to take forward with Frankie Fry
Action: Barbara to speak to Frankie Fry

49. Extension of parking scheme

It was noted that enthusiasm and support for a new Parking Scheme in Gordon Avenue and Alma Road appeared to have waned. We would confirm this at the next OARA meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to a future agenda

51. Staff contact at Southampton University

A brief discussion took place on the best type of staff contact. It was suggested that the Admissions, Accommodation or Student Welfare offices might provide a suitable candidate
Action: Gordon to follow up with Frankie Fry

53. Student skill for projects:

Actions carried forward from previous meeting
Action: Gordon to pick up with Frankie Fry;
Action: Phine to contact Ground Force / Works

65. Landlords “to Let” signage:

Sue has written to the Councillors. Chris Lyons was going to find out what the rules were under Action 69, which is to be combined with this one.
Action: Sue to continue to follow up with Chris Lyons

86. Member profiles:

This has been done for the members prior to the AGM in January, but we will need to add a short profile and a photograph for the new members.
Action: complete

89. Kingsley House actions:

Lynn to update the Kingsley House actions and circulate to the Committee.
Action: complete

92. Membership Cards:

New card has been designed and produced.
Action: complete

94. HMO boundary clarification:

This concerns what happens with an HMO application that crosses a 20% and 10% threshold area.
Action: Gordon to follow up with Jerry Gillen and Peter Wirgman

98. Street Clean:

Action: Barbara to organise another Street Clean
Action: Complete

100. Skills boutique:

Action: Gordon to respond to Greg’s suggestions

101. Advertising in the newsletter:

Action: Gordon to add to the next Committee Agenda

102. Street party and Big Lunch:

Action: Being taken forward by Greg Hewitt

103. HMO Planning Application rules:

Action: Sue to find out from Chris Lyons whether landlords had to have to had tenants in place before 23 March to avoid having to apply for planning permission.

104. Façade preservation:

Action: carried forward for Margaret Chiari and Fiona Barnes

105. Planning report template:

Action: Gordon to follow up with Jerry Gillen

106. Plant Co-operative grant application:

Action: Greg to forward his Plant Co-operative application to Gordon. Action complete. We were not successful!

107. Greening report

Action: Phine to send the latest Greening Report to Gordon. Action complete. On Web site.

108. New community chest bid:

Action: Andy to lead on this

109. Council street cleaning co-ordination

Action: Barbara to contact the council to see if the council’s street cleaning can be co-ordinated with the students’ absence

110. Printing of membership cards

Action: complete

111. Membership Distribution process design

Action complete.

2. Place Book/Step Across

Gordon welcomed Ross Borman to the meeting. He had been invited by Lynn. Ross explained that he was Chairman of a social enterprise called Step Across which delivers services to the community. One of their projects is Place Book which is a website that can be used by local resident associations to map their area. Place Book uses Google Maps.

So far, they have mapped community centres and resident associations for the council. Some organisations use Place book to map their projects eg: SCC and the NHS. We could use it to map our HMOs.

Gordon asked whether we could use the information on our HMO spreadsheet. Ross responded that we could if we had the postcodes. Also, the tool doesn’t delineate individual properties but we could use satellite views to identify particular types of property.

Other uses discussed were:

  • Our discount businesses
  • Our street cleans
  • Our proposed tree planting

The maps would be hosted on Place Book but we could have an embedded link to it from our website. Any changes made to our maps would be reflected in the Place Book maps. Ross then left the meeting.

We agreed that we would map our discount businesses first of all. Greg agreed to take this forward with Rosy and Phine.
Action: Greg with Rosy and Phine

3. Updates on the four projects

3.1 The Big Lunch

Greg reported that the date for the Big Lunch is 3rd June 13:00 to 16:00. He has submitted all of the necessary forms to the council. He has contacted all of the houses around the proposed site to inform them. The posters have been created and put up, but have blown away in the inclement weather. Greg needs help in setting up and taking down but has had no responses so far.

The first Big Lunch planning meeting will take place in Alma Road on 2nd May; they propose to discuss bunting.

Greg has had two quotes for insurance from Graham Sykes Insurance Services – £49 for 150 people or £110 for 300 people. Gordon advised the lower of the quotes as we’re unlikely to get such large numbers.

Greg reported that we are also able to make our own road signs to lead people to the Lunch. A short discussion followed on how we could prevent people parking by the planters the night before. Greg has also been in contact with Kingsley House to see how they might be able to help.

Last year, Maggie O’Connor borrowed the games from Swaythling Community Centre. Barbara may have a table contact – 12 are needed.
Action: Barbara to follow up on the tables; Greg to liaise with Maggie O’Connor

Greg reported that a band called the Southampton Junk Band will be playing using instruments made from junk.

Gordon asked whether Greg had enough people helping. Greg responded that he wasn’t sure but would know after the meeting on 2nd May. Other offers of help were then given by the committee members.

Gordon emphasised that the area must be left spotless after the event.

3.2 Landlords

Gordon suggested that we should write to all of the local estate agents and ask them not to sell their properties to landlords.
Action:  Gordon

4. Membership Cards

T reported that she had designed three possible processes for distributing our new Membership Cards:

  • Money collected at the time of application
  • Money collected at the time of card delivery
  • Application through the website

We decided that we would go for the first two approaches to being with. T agreed to design an Application Form that would list the discount businesses at the bottom. She would like to pilot the form and the process before we set out in earnest to distribute and asked Phine and Rosy to assist.

Action: T to design the Application Form and refine the process.
Action: Rosy and Phine to test both

5. Any other business

Barbro asked if we could all sit in a circle at the next General meeting, and this was agreed.

Barbara was asked to develop a schedule of Street Cleans to provide litter pickers will sufficient notice. This could be added to the website.

Action: Barbara to produce a schedule of Street Cleans.

6. Dates for 2013 meetings

OARA General Meetings

  • Wednesday 23rd May 12
  • Tuesday 10th July 12
  • Monday 17th September 12
  • Tuesday 27th November 12
  • Tuesday 22nd January 13 AGM

OARA Committee Meetings

  • Tuesday 19th June 12
  • Monday 3rd September 12
  • Tuesday 6th November 12
  • Thursday 13th December 12