• Gordon Gillies (Chair)
  • Phine Dahl
  • Lynn Murphy
  • Andy Haslehurst,
  • Liz Haslam
  • Barbro Fitzjohn
  • Chris Jackson
  • Barbara Matcham
  • T Jacobs


  • Sue Swallow
  • Rosy Maguire

Gordon opened the meeting by welcoming the new Committee Members. The apologies were given

1. Action List

1. Working relationships with businesses

Currently negotiating discounts with Portswood businesses for OARA residents which will be available upon the production of a Membership Card. In return the businesses would like free advertising on the back of the newsletter.
Action: Rosy to continue with Phine’s assistance

2. Mapping of the area:

The gaps in the data have been addressed by Rosy. She has also captured details of the landlords’ “To Let” boards.
Action:Gordon to update spreadsheet with Rosy’s input

Lynn mentioned that the 3rd Age Centre in Cranbury Terrace has a new manager who is keen to promote a mapping tool. We may wish to use it to physically map the HMOs in our area.
Action:Gordon to send the current mapping spreadsheet to the new Committee members;
Action:Lynn to invite the 3rd Age Centre Manager to the next Committee meeting

9. Road / pavement improvements:

We agreed to put it on the agenda for the next general meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to the agenda for 20th March meeting

13. Southern Water funding / Water Wise presentation:

Southern Water have agreed to give a Water Wise presentation to the next general meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to a future agenda

Chris mentioned that it was good idea to keep an eye on the new water meters as they can indicate that there is a problem with the supply eg: a leak. After some discussion, Chris agreed to identify some subject areas that we would like Southern Water to address in their Water Wise presentation
Action: Chris to identify subject areas;
Action: Gordon to send to Southern Water prior to their attendance

24. Overview of street reps role:

Gordon agreed to approach residents in the streets where there are none currently, and to send the Street Rep role to the
Action: Gordon

32. Landlord liaison:

Action carried forward for Gordon and T to develop a proposal in time for the next Committee meeting. This needs to embrace the Landlord’s Charter (action 59) and tree planting.
Action: carried forward for Gordon and T

44. Buddy a Student:

Action: Lynn and T to develop some ideas so that they can be presented to the wider meeting. Gordon stressed that this was a supportive role, rather than a policing one.

47. Student responsibilities for rubbish:

It was agreed that Gordon will hand this action back to Barbara Matcham for her to take forward with Frankie Fry.
Action: Barbara to speak to Frankie Fry

49. Extension of parking scheme

It was noted that enthusiasm and support for a new Parking Scheme in Gordon Avenue and Alma Road appeared to have waned. We would confirm this at the next OARA meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to a future agenda

51. Staff contact at Southampton University

A brief discussion took place on the best type of staff contact. It was suggested that the Admissions, Accommodation or Student Welfare offices might provide a suitable candidate
Action: Gordon to follow up with Frankie Fry

52. Southampton University funding opportunities:

Andy reported that there were no more funding opportunities for this financial year. Action closed.

53. Student skill for projects:

Actions carried forward from previous meeting
Action: Gordon to pick up with Frankie Fry;
Action: Phine to contact Ground Force / Works

59. Charter for Landlords

It was agreed that this action should be combined with action 32. The Charter would address what we as residents would like Landlords to do with their houses. Action closed.

65. Landlords “to Let” signage:

Sue has written to the Councillors. Chris Lyons was going to find out what the rules were under Action 69, which is to be combined with this one..
Action: Gordon to follow up with Chris Lyons

75. Litter picker sets:

Gordon has made up four sets and they are held by Gordon, Barbara Matcham and T. .
Action: Gordon to give a set to Andy;
Action: Gordon to arrange for the contact details to be added to the website

76. SUSU Community Strategy

Frankie has sent this
Action: Gordon to check that he has circulated it and to arrange for it to be added to the website.

80. Action complete

81. Action complete

82. Action complete

83. Action complete

84. Action complete

85. Action complete

86. Member profiles:

This has been done for the members prior to the AGM in January, but we will need to add a short profile and a photograph for the new members.
Action: Barbro, Barbara, Liz and Chris to provide a profile to Gordon
Action: Rosy to bring a camera to the next Committee meeting

87. Action complete

88.Kingsley House:

Lynn updated the meeting with the latest on Kingsley House. A meeting has been scheduled for 23rd February 12 to discuss the current issues and the appropriateness or otherwise of the hostel being situated where it is. More senior people from SCC and Kingsley House attend regular meetings to discuss how the current issues can be addressed. We have an open invitation to an 11:00 meeting every Monday morning.

88. Kingsley House actions:

Lynn to update the Kingsley House actions and circulate to the Committee.
Action: Lynn

90. Meeting schedules:

Now complete – see below

91. Action complete

92. Membership Cards:

Action: Rosy to speak to Matt about designing the membership card
Action: T and Andy to decide how it should be administered

93. Action complete

94. HMO boundary clarification:

This concerns what happens with an HMO application that crosses a 20% and 10% threshold area.
Action: Gordon to follow up with Jerry Gillen and Peter Wirgman

95. Action complete

96. Action complete

97. Action complete

98. Street Clean:

Action: Barbara to organise another Street Clean

99. Action combined with action 90. Action complete.

2. Updates on the four projects

We had already discussed briefly three of the four projects whilst reviewing the Action List. There was an update for the Greening Project.

2.1 Greening Group

The Greening Group are considering the planters again and would still like to pursue the option of a bench on the junction of Livingstone Road and Gordon Avenue. They are planning another plant swap and table top sale.

They are considering which might be the best type to tree to buy for planting in people’s front gardens.

They were also considering having an Open Garden Day, where residents gardens could be open to other residents on the production of a Membership card.

Greg Hewitt from the Transitioning Group is keen to attend the next Greening Group meeting.

3. Skills boutique

Some debate followed on whether a “Skills Boutique” as identified in the newsletter was a good initiative. We felt that it could be resource hungry and would need a champion to promote it. It could embrace ideas such as a skills swap, a request to invite local tradesmen to quote for jobs, or making available a resource such as a garden shredder. Greg Hewitt has put several ideas on how this might work.
Action: Gordon to respond to Greg’s suggestions.

4. Advertising in the newsletter

We ran out of time. Carried forward to the next meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to the next Committee agenda

5. Street party and the big lunch

This year’s Big Lunch is scheduled for Sunday 3rd June as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. We felt a lot of people might not be available because of the Bank Holiday and considered changing the date of the Street Party. As Maggie O’Connor is on extended leave at present, it was suggested that Lynn and Phine picked this up with Judith Payling and Sue Swallow.
Action: Lynn and Phine to take this forward and find a suitable date.

6. Dates for 2013 meetings

We agreed the following meeting schedule:

OARA General Meetings

  • Tuesday 20th March 12
  • Wednesday 23rd May 12
  • Tuesday 10th July 12
  • Monday 17th September 12
  • Tuesday 27th November 12
  • Tuesday 22nd January 13 AGM

OARA Committee Meetings

  • Wednesday 25th April 12
  • Tuesday 19th June 12
  • Monday 3rd September 12
  • Tuesday 6th November 12
  • Thursday 13th December 12