• Gordon (Chair)
  • Rosy
  • Phine
  • Lynn
  • Andy
  • T


  • Sue

1. Working relationships with businesses

Rosy and Phine plan to target businesses in Portswood on 12th January 12
Action: Rosy to carry this forward with Phine’s assistance

2. Mapping of the area:

The gaps in the data have been addressed by Rosy. She has also captured details of the landlords’ “To Let” boards.
Action: Gordon to update spreadsheet with Rosy’s input

9. Road / pavement improvements:

We agreed to put it on the agenda for the next general meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to the agenda for 24th January meeting

13. Southern Water funding:

Gordon has approached Southern Water and we have been offered a Water Wise presentation.
Action: Gordon to add to a future agenda

24. Overview of street reps role:

Gordon agreed to approach residents in the streets where there are none currently.
Action: Gordon

32. Landlord liaison:

It was agreed that this was too big a task for a single person to take on. .
Action: carried forward for Gordon and T

36. Notice boards in people’s gardens:

Originally, this idea was intended to replace leaflets, but we agreed that this was still an important method of communication; action deleted
Action: T to remove from Action List

44. Buddy a Student:

Action: Lynn and T to develop some ideas so that they can be presented to the wider meeting.

47. Student responsibilities for rubbish:

Action: Gordon will pick this up from Barbara Matcham and speak to Frankie Fry

49. Extension of parking scheme

Action: Complete, but Gordon will contact the Councillors

51. Staff contact at Southampton University

Action: Gordon to follow up with Frankie Fry

52. Southampton University funding opportunities:

Action: Andy to produce another funding bid based on last year’s bid. It was agreed that we’d target greening issues

53. Student skill for projects:

Phine discussed the possibility of using Ground Force / Works, a partially government funded organisation and agreed to follow this up
Action: Gordon to pick up with Frankie Fry; Phine to contact Ground Force / Works

55. Closure of Endle Street waste recycling facility:


59. Charter for Landlords

Action: Lynn to lead on this

61. More Committee members:

Complete, but Rosy agreed to talk to Liz Haslam
Action: Rosy to talk to Liz Haslam

62. Payment of monies owed:


65. Landlords “to Let” signage:

Sue has written to the Councillors. Chris Lyons was going to find out what the rules were.
Action: Gordon to remind Chris Lyons

70. Council’s definition of Portswood:

Chris Lyons was going to find out what is included in the council’s definition of Portswood.
Action: Gordon to remind Chris Lyons

71. Planning questions:


72. Parking scheme questions:


73. Treemendous Scheme:

Gordon has sent the web address to Sue. Complete

74. Litter picker sets:

Gordon has made up four sets and they are held by Gordon, Barbara Matcham and T. Andy volunteered to hold the fourth set. We agreed that we would advertise these on the website; details to be given will be name, road, and mobile number to minimise the risk of identity theft.
Action: Gordon to give a set to Andy; Gordon to arrange the contact details for the website

75. Bin strike follow-up

Action: Gordon to follow up with the councillors

76. SUSU Community Strategy

Frankie has sent this; Gordon to check that he has circulated it.
Action: Gordon

77. Contact for UOS rep:

Action deleted – duplicate of 51.

78. Newsletter:

Action completed

79. Portswood Link:

Action completed

2. AGM Preparation

2.1 Financial Report

Andy has already produced the Financial Report but won’t be able to complete it until a full year has elapsed on 31st December 11. He agreed to write a couple of brief paragraphs to say where the money had come from and how we had spent it. It would need to be signed off by a financial colleague. We agreed that Gordon and Lynn should review it prior to this.

Action: Andy to add the paragraphs, circulate to Gordon and Lynn, and get the report signed off
Action: Gordon and Lynn to review.

2.2 Chairman’s Report

We briefly discussed whether we needed to do one of these. It was felt that it should be no more than a side of A4, and cover the topics of the membership, our four projects and what we want to achieve, and a celebration of our achievements
Action: Gordon and T.

3. Response to HMO Consultation Document

This document has not yet been produced by the council. We want to challenge the 40m threshold, and the potential for HMO “creep”. Andy commented that as many of us as possible need to respond to the consultation document, rather than OARA providing a single response on behalf of the residents.

We agreed that we would send the document to the members. We agreed that Committee members would produce a template response that residents could then adapt as they saw fit.
Action: Committee members

4. Skills Boutique

We ran out of time. Carried forward to the next meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to the next Committee agenda

5. Advertising in the newsletter

We ran out of time. Carried forward to the next meeting.
Action: Gordon to add to the next Committee agenda

6. Any other business

6.1 Committee members page

Our personal profiles need to be reviewed as some are now out of date..
Action: All to review and request any changes to their profiles.
Action: Gordon to ask the webmaster to remove Richard and Paula, add Sue and any other changes

6.2 Kingsley House

It was agreed that Kingsley House would be added as a standing agenda item to the Committee meetings.
Action: Gordon to add to the next Committee agenda
Action: Lynn to update the Kingsley House actions and circulate

7. Dates of next meetings

7.1 Next Committee meeting

We need to agree the schedule of meetings for next year.
Action: to be decided at the next Committee meeting, yet to be arranged

7.2 Next general OARA meeting

Tuesday 24th January 2012 AGM at 7:30 at Cedar Road School