• Phine Dahle
  • Gordon Gillies (Chair)
  • Liz Haslam
  • Andy Haslehurst
  • John Hayward
  • Chris Jackson
  • T Jacobs (Minutes)
  • Rosy Maguire
  • Barbara Matcham
  • Sue Swallow (Host)


  • Barbro Fitzjohn

1. Introduction

Gordon opened the meeting by welcoming the Committee Members. The apologies were given.

2. Outcomes from the last general meeting

Gordon invited Phine to give a brief appraisal of how the Review session at the last Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) went. Phine responded that there had been very positive responses from the attendees and these had been captured into a number of actions. T agreed and commented that these were captured in the minutes of the AGM/OGM

3. Street Cleaning Schedule

3.1 Regular Schedule

Barbara has suggested that we hold a regular street cleaning schedule to ensure that we stay on top of the litter. This was agreed as follows:

Frequency: The first and third Sunday of each month (one exception)
Start and finish: 11:00 to 12:30
Meet at:The planters between Alma Road and Gordon Avenue

T agreed to have the dates published on the Events Calendar on the website and add a small item about the schedule on the front page.

Action: T

3.2 Hi Visibility Waistcoats

We all agreed that having hi-visibility waistcoats for street cleaning was a good idea from a personal safety perspective as well as a way of promoting our activities. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that the back should appear thus:


Andy confirmed that we have sufficient funds to pay for the waistcoats and could bear an expenditure of up to £100 if members contributed towards their own.

Action: Gordon to obtain prices for 12, 18 and 24 hi-vis waistcoats in Large and X-Large sizes.

4. Unfilled Committee Positions

4.1 Secretary

At the AGM, Lynn Murphy had stood down as Secretary. No-one had stepped forward to fill the role so T had volunteered to combine the role with her current duties. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that T would fulfil the role of Secretary and that this proposal would be ratified at the next OGM on 15th April 13.

Action: T to add to next Agenda

4.2 Vice-Chair

This position has been unfilled for over a year and no-one has volunteered. It was only really needed when Gordon was unable to attend a meeting. Phine and John agreed to consider this.

Action: Phine and John

5. Committee Responsibilities

Gordon commented that it would be useful if Committee members could take responsibility for areas of our work about which they felt passionate or have an appropriate skill set. We agreed the following:

  • Planning and Greening – Sue Swallow
  • Street Cleaning – Barbara Matcham
  • Newsletter – Rosy Maguire
  • Police Liaison – John Hayward
    Action: Gordon to contact PC Stephen Blandford to reinvigorate this
  • Letting Boards – Liz Haslam
  • Recycling – Chris Jackson

This would not preclude Committee members from helping out in other areas!

6. Newsetter

Rosy introduced the draft version of the newsletter that has been developed by the journalism students. The meeting felt that a good job had been done but there are a number of corrections that need to be made:

Action: Rosy to check that she has the HMO words from Gordon
Action: Rosy to request a change of background colour for the title.

Post meeting note: T will send Rosy the OARA logo and title
Action: T to provide a list of events for the next three months and the Events link
Action: T to provide a sample of the discounts and the link to the discount page
Action: Phine to request a discount from Sprinkles, the new ice cream parlour

7. Planning Sub-group

At the AGM, it had been agreed that we would form a Planning Sub-Group to help Sue with planning applications. Sue responded that she had been working with Fiona Barnes, Margaret Chiari and Peter Wirgman. Others who are interested are Jerry Gillen and Dorothy Haslehurst.

Gordon asked Sue to arrange a regular meeting to ensure that planning applications can be considered more formally.

Action: Sue to arrange the meetings

Gordon invited Sue to join him at the 37th AGM of the Highfield Residents Association on Wednesday 18th April 13.
Action: Gordon and Sue

8. Membership Card Take-up

T stated that one of the outcomes from the AGM / OGM was to increase the take-up of Membership Cards. She reported that we already had several “outside” members as well as residents. It was noted that it is difficult to sell the cards to students as they already receive discounts on their Union cards.

We do however have many residents who do not yet have cards.

Action: Rosy, Barbro and Phine to approach residents directly with details supplied by T.

9. SUSU Liaison Meeting

Gordon and Rosy informed the meeting of the Southampton University Students’ Union (SUSU) meeting in early February. Of note:

  • The Vice-President for Community Engagement (who has replaced Frankie Fry) doesn’t want to attend any community meetings much to the chagrin of the RA attendees.
  • The SUSU, like us, hates the landlords’ To Let signs as they are totally unnecessary, wasteful of natural resources, and advertise to criminals student houses.
  • They are happy to work with the Residents’ Associations (RAs) to get To Let signs banned altogether and it is proposed that a letter is composed to the council; it will be signed by the RAs, SUSU and the University of Southampton.
  • Gordon would like to organise a petition, paper-based or electronic. T offered to see whether this is something that could be hosted on our website.
    Action: T
  • Liz has taken photographs of the landlords’ To Let signs. Gordon asked for a copy.
  • Action: Liz to send to Gordon

10. Venues for Committee Meetings

We have previously agreed that we would like to hold Committee meetings in members’ houses. We agreed a schedule which T will circulate under separate cover. An additional Committee meeting has been arranged for 16th September 13.

Action: T

11. Meet the Mayor

The Mayor has invited the Committee to his parlour. Gordon to offer 12th March, 14th March and 19th March.
Action: Gordon

12. Dates for 2013 Meetings

OARA General Meetings

  • Tuesday 22nd January 13 AGM
  • Monday 15th April 13
  • Tuesday 25th June 13
  • Monday 14th October 13
  • Tuesday 21st January 14 AGM

OARA Committee Meetings

  • Tuesday 12th February 13
  • Monday 13th May 13
  • Monday 15th July 13
  • Monday 16th September 13 NEW
  • Tuesday 5th November 13
  • Monday 16th December 13