• Gordon Gillies (Chair)
  • Andy Haslehurst
  • Sue Swallow
  • Phine Dahl
  • Liz Haslam
  • T Jacobs


  • Chris Jackson
  • Lynn Murphy
  • Rosy Maguire
  • Barbro Fitzjohn
  • Barbara Matcham

1. Introduction

Gordon opened the meeting by welcoming the Committee Members. The apologies were given.

2. Venue for committee meetings

The members decided that they would prefer to hold future Committee meetings in members’ homes as so far, not all members have ever attended.

3. Planning Issues

3.1 Response to 8m permitted development

Sue reported that she had a copy of the NORA response to the government’s proposal to permit up to 8m of development to an existing property without planning permission. It is very detailed and not all of the points are relevant to our area.

Sue explained that our response needs to be returned by 5pm on 24th December. The response has to come from the Chair of the Residents’ Association; we are not allowed to respond as individuals. The response form can be found online.

Action: Gordon to consider the response on behalf of the RA.

3.2 Proliferation of landlords’ To Let signs

Phine commented that the To Let signs in Livingstone Road were far too many and were affecting the general perception of the area. Phine offered to count the number of signs in Livingstone Road and Gordon Avenue.

Action: Phine

It was agreed that Sue and Phine would attend the next Planning meeting on 18th January at 9:30AM.

Action: Sue and Phine to attend

Liz commented that there also seemed to be a vast array of landlords signs in Rigby Road. Liz said that she would take photographs of them and send them to T.

Action: Liz

4. Membership Cards

T reported that 75 Membership cards have been issued to date. Rosy and Barbro are planning to approach residents directly to promote the cards.

5. Greening Group

  • The 25 signature trees were distributed on Saturday 8th December and were planted over the weekend.
  • Sue that there is one spare tree remaining. T responded that Richard Hill had found a home for it.
    Action: T to send to send Richard’s contact details to Sue
  • Sue reported that two trees will be planted in the newly acquired planters in Avenue Road.
  • It was asked whether we could put the tree locations on a map in the same way that we have done for OARA discounts.
    Action: T to pursue with Matt Conrad.

6. Lottery Funding

There is an opportunity to bid for lottery funding as we meet the criteria for bidding. The Ropewalk Community in St Mary’s may be able to give us an idea of what we could do for the Livingstone Road corner.

Action: Phine and Sue to visit the Ropewalk to find out.
Action: Andy to coordinate the bid with Judith Payling

7. Christmas

7.1 Local gardens

The competition for the best Christmas gardens will be judged on 18th December.

7.2 Christmas party

Sue briefly went through the planned activities for the Christmas party. T and Gordon tendered their apologies.

8. Preparation for the AGM

Gordon reminded the meeting that positions on the committee need to be filled again. He was aware of at least one Committee member who will be standing down in January, and was also considering his own position.

T commented that from April onwards, she will have a lot more time to support the Chairman. She agreed to act as a signatory if no-one stepped forward for the position of Secretary. Sue agreed to stand as Planning Liaison Officer, and Andy as Treasurer.

Gordon asked everyone to ask their friends and contacts whether they would like to stand for a Committee position.

Action: All

9. Dates for the 2013 meetings

We agreed the following dates for next year’s meetings:

OARA General Meetings

  • Tuesday 22nd January 2013 AGM
  • Monday 15th April 2013
  • Tuesday 25th June 2013
  • Monday 14th October 2013
  • Tuesday 21st January 2014 AGM

OARA Committee Meetings

  • Tuesday 12th February 2013
  • Monday 13th May 2013
  • Monday 15th July 2013
  • Tuesday 5th November 2013
  • Monday 16th December 2013

Action: T to send the dates to Matt for addition to the OARA calendar