• Gordon Gillies (Chair)
  • Phine Dahl
  • Rosy Maguire
  • Sue Swallow
  • Barbro Fitzjohn
  • Chris Jackson
  • Lynn Murphy
  • Barbara Matcham (part)
  • T Jacobs


  • Liz Haslam
  • Andy Haslehurst

Gordon opened the meeting by welcoming the Committee Members. The apologies were given.

1. The Action List

Gordon asked the Committee Members to pick up their actions.

2. Membership Scheme

2.1  How to apply

The Membership Scheme was now ready to launch in earnest. The online application form has been fully tested and is working correctly. There is also a new “Join Us” link in the top navigation bar to make it easy for users to find the form. T thanked Greg Hewitt for his patience and skill in making it a reality.

T reported that 56 cards have been sold so far. She commented that the Cambridge Road Street Rep, Carolyn Page, had undertaken to sell 10 cards to her neighbours.
Action: T to follow up with Carolyn

2.2 Promotion of the scheme

Promotion of the scheme was then discussed and it was agreed that there are a number of options:

  • Email the Membership List and invite them to apply online
    Action: Gordon to email the link to the Join Us page
  • Street Reps to follow up by approaching those on the Membership List directly
    Action: Rosy, Phine and Barbro to knock on doors
  • Drop leaflets just after the students arrive
    Action: T to design an appropriate leaflet
  • Arrange for a link to the Join Us page to be added to the University’s Community page
    Action: Gordon to contact the new Vice President for Community Engagement

3. Greening Group

3.1 Signature Trees

Sue updated the meeting with the progress made thus far from a report provided by Judith Payling.

  •  The trees will be planted over the weekend of 17th and 18th November
  • From 15th September, the group will identify potential sites and willing hosts
  • Publicity and an information table will be available at the Open Meeting on 17th September and the OARA Social Event on 21st September, both to take place at the St Barnabas Church Hall.
  • Trees have to be ordered by the beginning of October
  • Those willing to knock on doors should contact Judith on so that she can develop a schedule of volunteers who are prepared to assist

Action: Rosy, Margaret Chiari, Heather Soper, Barbara Matcham and Chris Jackson, who had volunteered to do this at the 10th July Open Meeting

Rosy suggested that local landlords might want to sponsor trees for their properties.
Action: Rosy to contact Saeed Poswall and Alex Freeland (Posh Pads)

3.2 Fundraising events

3.2.1. Social event at St Barnabas Church on 21st September

An evening social event is planned for 21st September. One hundred tickets have been printed and will be available beforehand or on the door. The event will be publicised in the Daily Echo and on Radio Solent. As well as a guest speaker, there will be a table selling cakes, a table to promote the Membership and another to sell surplus garden produce.

Phine suggested that we might want to have a tree so that attendees can see one.
A number of actions were agreed:

Action: Rosy will circulate the Social Event posters to the local businesses
Action: Rosy will add the event to the Events page on the city council’s website
Action: Rosy will produce an A2 size poster of the tree
Action: Chris volunteered to make cakes
Action: Phine will contact Hilliers to enquire about a tree; Chris will borrow a sack truck and will collect it.
Action: Sue will contact Greg Hewitt for details of the Bee Friendly people to invite them
Action: Gordon will email Highfield RA and offer two complimentary tickets
Action: Phine will contact the Transition movement to invite them
Action: Andy will provide a donation box

3.2.2. Other fund raising activities and ideas

A number of other fund raising events or initiatives are also in progress:

  • CDs and DVDs are being collected and turned into cash
  • A Table Top Sale is planned for Saturday 20th October 2012
  • One of the local residents has volunteered to collect scrap metal and obtain the best price for it
  • Ideas for a Christmas party are being developed by Judith Payling
  • Barbara Matcham’s tenant would be happy to give a talk on archaeology in Rome.

Action: Gordon will email Greg and ask him to add the Events to the calendar on the website.

4. Preparation for the next general meeting

4.1 Venue

We hope to use St Barnabas Church Hall but it is possible that we may be charged for it in the future. It was mentioned that there may be a meeting venue at the Southampton Centre for Independent Living in Rose Road.
Action: Rosy to investigate

4.2 Agenda Items

The following is a summary of the various options we discussed for the agenda for the September open meeting.

1. Membership Cards
2. Greening Group and the signature cherry trees progress
3. Crime Report from our new PCSO, Holly Knight
4. Street Cleaning

Action: Gordon to add the above subjects to the next agenda

5. Any Other Business

5.1 Newsletter

Gordon reported that he had approached Kate Leven to see if she would be editor for this year’s newsletter. Due to work pressures, this isn’t possible.

Rosy has enquired at Solent University and a second year journalism student is willing to do this for us. They would do the articles and typesetting. We agreed that it would be a good idea if the newsletter could be accessed through the website to keep our printing costs down.
Action: Rosy to pursue

5.2 Student Pack

T commented that we shouldn’t try to replicate the pack that the University of Southampton produces, but should seek to feed into it. It was commented that the UoS’s student pack was only delivered to first year in-hall students so it would be useful to see what they do for second year students who live in the community.
Action: Gordon to make contact with Community Vice President

5.3 Street cleans

Gordon thanked Barbara Matcham for organising the street cleans. Another schedule needs to be drawn up in time for the 17th September meeting
Action: Barbara to develop another schedule.

6. Dates for 2013 meetings

OARA General Meetings

  • Monday 17th September 2012
  • Tuesday 27th November 2012
  • Tuesday 22nd January 2013 AGM

OARA Committee Meetings

  • Tuesday 6th November 2012
  • Thursday 13th December 2012