Date: 19:30 on 20 April 2015
Venue: Bevois Town School Community Room
Present: As identified on the AGM Attendance List:

Avenue Road

  • Fiona Barnes
  • Petrina Boddington
  • Gordon Gillies
  • Ally Hayes
  • Des Hayward
  • Richard Hill
  • Rosy Maguire

Alma Road

  • Chris Jackson
  • Olav Schluter
  • Heather Soper
  • Richard Soper
  • Peter Wirgman

Gordon Avenue

  • Liz Bailey
  • Jerry Gillen
  • Dorothy Haslehurst
  • Ruth Kibble
  • James Norton
  • Linda Pritchard
  • Jayanti Shah
  • Barbara Sheppard

Other attendees

  • Cllr Burke
  • Ellie Cawthera, SUSU
  • Cllr Rayment
  • PC Lee Scott, Police

OARA Committee

  • Phine Dahle
  • Barbro Fitzjohn (Membership Secretary)
  • Andy Haslehurst ( Treasurer)
  • John Hayward
  • Hilary Jackson (Acting Secretary)
  • Barbara Matcham
  • Sue Swallow (Acting Chair)


Cllr Barnes-Andrews, Maggie O’Connor, Barry Olson- HMO Warden

1. Welcome and Introductions

Sue Swallow opened the meeting by welcoming all of the attendees, who then introduced themselves.

2. Chair’s Annual Report

The report written by the outgoing Chair (John Hayward) had been circulated at the start of the meeting. The Chair summarised the main points. John drew attention to the volunteer cards on each seat and asked attendees to consider if they could help in any of the areas listed. Cards to be returned to Hilary or John.

The Chair’s report can be viewed here.

3. Treasurer’s Report

This had also been circulated at the start of the meeting. Andy explained that the date on the report was the original AGM date in January but there were no changes. He explained that the increase in donations from non-members was due to donations from one landlord to support the bin buddy scheme. This had been initiated following talks with Cllr Derek Burke, Gordon Gillies  and Dr Jenkinson from  the Student No Fee Agency. Other landlords were now interested in joining in.  It had been a good year and the association was in good financial health.

The Treasurer’s report can be viewed here.

4. Election of Officers and Committee Members

Sue firstly reported that by the end of last year Chris Jackson had informed the  committee that owing to his long working hours he would no longer be able to serve  on the committee.  She thanked him for his contribution to OARA and welcomed his on-going commitment to weekend activities.

She then explained that the delay in holding our AGM was directly related to this agenda item. She reported that OARA  had had a successful year,  building  on important core work as well as introducing new initiatives.

Sadly, however,  the end of the year had also seen disagreement between members of the committee about the running of the committee itself and the overall direction of OARA.  The group held several meetings to try and find a way forward involving all of the committee. Regrettably they were unable to do this, with the result that Gordon, T and Rosy formally resigned from the Committee. John also resigned but had now returned to the committee. This meant we had lost 3 people who were instrumental in the setting up of the Residents’ Association in the first place.   OARA was very sorry to lose them and their input and Sue thanked them for the hard work they have done over the last 4/5 years, adding that OARA would not be here if not for them and other early founding members. All present joined in to show their appreciation.

Crucially four officer roles, Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Minutes Secretary, had become vacant and the committee was down to 7 people.   Some of the Committee, including Sue as Chair, had taken on acting roles in the interim for the lead up to the AGM to ensure the continuation of OARA.   She stressed that this AGM was particularly important, not just for electing officers but for recruiting new members to the committee, and hoped members would join in the discussion as to how we should take OARA forward in the future. Sue then handed over to Hilary, Acting Secretary, for the election of the Chair.

4.1 Election of Chair, Vice Chair and Other Officers

Chair: Sue Swallow (Proposed by Phine Dahle, seconded by Andy Haslehurst)
This was agreed by those present. Sue then resumed the Chair.

Vice Chair: John Hayward  (Proposed by Andy Haslehurst, seconded by  Fiona Barnes)
Dorothy Haslehurst (Proposed by Rosy Maguire.)
Dorothy expressed her thanks but  declined as one member of the family was already an officer.              

Treasurer: Andy Haslehurst (Proposed by Rosy Maguire, seconded by Sue  Swallow)                     

Secretary: Hilary Jackson (Proposed by Sue Swallow, seconded by Jacqui Rayment)   

Membership Secretary: Barbro Fitzjohn (Proposed by Barbara Matcham, seconded by  John Hayward) 

Minutes Secretary: There were no nominations or volunteers. Committee members will alternate minute taking until a permanent Minutes Secretary is  found.

Those meeting  approved the  proposed election of officers.

4.2 Committee Members

Sue asked if other committee members would be willing to stand again and they agreed. The following were therefore elected to the committee:

Phine Dhale,  Barbara Matcham

Sue encouraged other members to come forward and Petrina Boddington indicated she would be interested but would like to know more. She was invited to attend the next committee meeting to find out more about what would be involved. Others were encouraged to go away and think about whether  they would be interested.                  

5. Date for 2016 AGM

Monday 26 January 2016

Sue thanked everyone for attending and explained we would be  moving on to the Ordinary General Meeting, which then followed.