As identified on the attendance list as follows:

Alma Road:

Barbro Fitzjohn (Membership),Chris Jackson, , Barbara Matcham, Peter Wirgman.

Avenue Road:

Liz Haslam, Ally Hayes, Des Hayward, John Hayward (Vice Chair), Harald Raykowski, Ann Woolnough (Minutes Sec).

Cambridge Road:

Earl’s Road:

Miles Brown, Suzanne Wright

Gordon Avenue:

Shu’aib Afzal, Phine Dahle, Andy Haslehurst(Treasurer), Dorothy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst, Hilary Jackson (Secretary), Richard Oakford, Linda Pritchard, Maggie O’Connor, Sue Swallow (Chair).

Lodge Road:

Rachel Simpson (Blue Door)

Spear Road:


Phil Collins, Wendy Stokes

Other attendees:

Cllr Jacqui Rayment, John Walsh (Uni of Southampton), Sarah Hall (Avenue St Andrews)


Sue Swallow opened the meeting by welcoming all the attendees, who then introduced themselves.


Fiona Barnes, Tricia and Miles Cosio Bigotes, Jean Jackson.


The minutes were approved.


Officers spoke briefly on each section of the Annual Report, which had been circulated before the meeting, and invited comments and questions. A slide show illustrated each section of the report, with photos from events during the year.

The Membership Secretary confirmed that the membership email list was now shorter, following changes to Data Protection legislation. Paid up membership was in the fifties but there were still significant numbers of associates receiving email communications. Those wishing to opt out of emails needed to make this known to the Membership Secretary. ‘Subscriptions’ were now being taken once a year in June. Payment by bank transfer was possible but the identity of the sender needed to be clearly shown.

Blue Door had again hosted events to showcase local artists’ work with visitors taking home good quality and unique work.

Local residents are encouraged to use the 101 number to report any police related concerns to inform police priorities for action. Complaints about parties being held by University of Southampton students can be emailed to the University Community Relations Department ( It was recommended that we also inform the Council’s Environmental Department simultaneously. OARA street parties, early contact with students taking up residence, engagement with one of the largest landlords and post-event OARA letters are also part of the strategy.

OARA postcards continue to be a good aid for publicising OARA, The Membership Secretary’s colourful map of the area will be used as a new recruitment tool, with more people being required to implement ideas.

In addition to organised litter picks, OARA is now also encouraging residents to take on a patch near their home to do at their convenience, with OARA supplying equipment. People interested should give their details to Barbara Matcham. In response to concerns re overloaded/contaminated bins, Cllr. Rayment reported that in order to prosecute successfully the Council needs very robust evidence but was having some success with ‘final’ warning letters. John Walsh reported that the University community liaison team can also write to students warning them of the fines they may attract and may be contacted by residents about ‘University’ student houses.

A survey has recently been carried out about a parking permit scheme. Cllr Rayment reported that the OARA representatives will shortly be invited to a meeting with the Council to discuss next steps. One member expressed concern that the breadth of the survey did not explore all the ambitions of some local residents. In response to concern re damage done by contractors, Cllr Rayment responded that the Council required very good proof before pursuing developers about damage to roads and pavements.

Cllr Rayment reported that the outcome of grant applications for the Lodge Road Improvement Project was looking hopeful. Bevois Mount History reported that the first ‘welcome to Bevois Mount‘ sign was expected to go up next month at the Stag Gates Garage on an existing pole. Archive packs of the last three calendars are now available for £5.00. Current year’s calendars are now £3.00. It was hoped to repeat the guided walks of Lost (or not) pubs of Bevois Mount this summer. Rev Sarah Hall reported that Avenue St Andrews Church has archives from the First World War to share on 30 March. Meanwhile help was required on sorting the archive and tracing missing books detailing soldiers passing through on the way to embarkation. Work was progressing with the school.

The Greening Group hopes to contribute to Lodge Road improvement to reduce pollution. Reading suggested that planting shrubs etc has the potential to reduce temperatures by 2-3 degrees in a city. The City Council is in the process of producing a Green City Charter in collaboration with the Oceanography Centre for launching in potentially in mid March but certainly before Easter. The Group hoped to do more barrels.

There had been noticeably fewer full planning applications than previous years as a result of government policy and lets were proving harder to achieve. There was an appeal outstanding on the Blockbuster site which had raised questions about the number of purpose-built student flats that were desirable in the area. One member had experienced problems with one a landlord’s workmen parking across his drive without consent. He was asked to forward details so that OARA could assist.


The Treasurer presented the report for the period ended 31 December 2018 that had also been circulated at the start of the meeting. The bin buddy scheme with a landlord continues. OARA has successfully bid for a SCC Community Chest Grant of £2,500, with as yet unspent monies being reflected in the accounts. Other activity is self funding and certainly, year on year, OARA holds sufficient reserves to allow it to make bids for grants which require some matched funding.

The accounts had been inspected and an approved copy will be placed on the website. OARA now has a capital item, a projector, which was being used at the AGM. The meeting agreed to formally approve the accounts.


The Chair handed over to the Secretary for the election of the Chair.

The current Chair wished to step down after four years in the role. There was generally a need for fresh blood and ideas and more volunteers and anyone interested in joining the committee was welcome to shadow a meeting.

Chair: Ally Hayes proposed John Hayward as Chair, seconded by Barbara Matcham. John was duly appointed.

Phine Dahle thanked Sue for all the hard work she had done as Chair. This was warmly endorsed by all present.

Vice Chair: Sue Swallow was willing to be Vice-Chair. Sue was nominated by Phine Dahle and seconded by Andy Haslehurst. There were no other nominations. Sue was duly appointed.

John then took the chair.

Other Officers:

Treasurer: The current Treasurer, Andy Haslehurst, was prepared to continue for a period but was moving out of the area mid- year. He was available to help a shadow treasurer for six months therefore. (Proposer Barbro Fitzjohn, seconder Maggie O’Connor). Wendy Stokes has subsequently offered to become Shadow Treasurer.

The following were proposed, seconded and agreed:

Secretary: Hilary Jackson (Proposer Sue Swallow, seconder Richard Oakford)

Membership Secretary: Barbro Fitzjohn (Proposer Des Hayward, seconder Barbara Matcham)

Minutes Secretary: Ann Woolnough (Proposer Sue Swallow, seconder Barbara Matcham)

Committee Members
The following were re-elected as committee members: Fiona Barnes, Phine Dahle, Ally Hayes
Barbara Matcham

The Chair stressed again that others would be welcome.


There will be OGMs in May and October, the precise dates to be selected in the light of Councillor availability. The 2020 AGM will be held on the fourth Monday in January 2020. The dates will be finalised at the next committee meeting.

If particular issues arise a special meeting will be called. Speakers were usually a welcome addition to our members’ meetings.
The Chair thanked everyone for attending and closed the AGM at 8.40pm.

The AGM was followed by an OGM with groups discussing the general theme of ‘More Joined Up Thinking’ under the headings of ‘Health, Wellbeing and Greening’,’ Community, Social and Recruitment’, ‘Traffic and Parking’ and ‘Clean Streets’. It was important that all residents expressed their ideas and had the opportunity to input to the future work plan. The ideas will be incorporated into the OARA Activities Plan for 2019.

The meeting closed at 9pm