Alma Road:

Chris Jackson, Barbara Matcham, Heather Soper

Avenue Road:

Fiona Barnes, Ally Hayes (Minutes Sec), Des Hayward, John Hayward (Vice Chair), Liz Haslan, Harald Raykowski, Ann Woolnough

Earls Road:

Suzanne Wright

Livingstone Rd:


Gordon Avenue:

M Ashraf, Elizabeth Bailey, Phine Dahle, Barbro Fitzjohn (Membership), Jerry Gillen, Andy Haslehurst (Treasurer), Dorothy Haslehurst, Hilary Jackson (Secretary), Maggie O’Connor, Sue Swallow (Chair)

Other attendees:

Cllr Barnes-Andrews, Cllr Rayment, Joan McGauih, Susanne Dawson (Ave St Andrews), Viv and Richard Harris (Ave St. Andrews), Phil Collins Inner Ave RA, Clara Sandys Winn Rd, Dan Varley SU Students’ Union, PCSO Becki Johnson, PCSO Jake Critchley, Wendy Stokes Inner Ave RA, Manzoora


Sue Swallow opened the meeting by welcoming all of the attendees, who then introduced themselves.


Petrina Boddington, Cllr Burke, Mary Hockey, Tim Knapp, Rosie McGuire, Pat Oliver, Jay Shah


The report had been emailed to members prior to the AGM and also circulated at the start of the meeting. The Chair introduced the report and summarised the main points, which were backed up by a slide show related to events throughout the year. Additional information was provided by the Committee member or project leader for each section. The report and slide show will be posted on the website.


Andy presented the report which had also been circulated at the start of the meeting. He reported that the accounts had now been audited. It had been a good year and the association was in good financial health. The Greening Group and History Group finances are kept in separate pots from the main OARA funds.


Sue handed over to Hilary Jackson, Secretary, for the election of the Chair.

Chair and Vice Chair

Phine Dahle proposed Sue Swallow as Chair and Fiona Barnes seconded. Sue indicated that she would be willing to stand. This was agreed by those present. Sue then resumed the Chair. Sue Swallow proposed John Hayward as Vice Chair and Andy Haslehurst seconded.

Other Officers

The following were proposed and agreed:

  • Treasurer: Andy Haslehurst (Proposer Barbro Fitzjohn, seconder John Hayward)
  • Secretary: Hilary Jackson (Proposer Sue Swallow, seconder Phine Dahle)
    Membership Secretary: Barbro Fitzjohn (Proposer Maggie O’Connor, seconder Dorothy
  • Minutes Secretary: Ally Hayes (Proposer Fiona Barnes, seconder Phine Dahle)

Committee Members

Sue asked if other committee members would be willing to stand again and they agreed. The following were therefore elected to the committee:

  • Phine Dahle
  • Barbara Matcham
  • Fiona Barnes

There are 3 potential vacancies on the committee. Sue encouraged others to come forward and made a special plea for someone with planning experience.

It was noted that Petrina Boddington had decided to not stand again for the Committee due to work and family commitments, and Ruth Kibble, who had set up and maintained our Facebook page, had now moved out of the area. Both were thanked for the work they had done. Fiona Barnes would be taking over responsibility for the Facebook.

6. Amendment to the Constitution

One constitutional issue had to be put to the meeting and that was to raise the amount of expenditure that could be authorised by the committee (rather than having to be agreed by an OGM) from £100 to £250. This had to be agreed by at least two thirds of those eligible to
vote and was duly passed.

7. Dates For Meetings

The next AGM will be on 22nd January 2018. OGMs will take place in May and October. Special meetings can be called over and above these if deemed necessary.

Sue thanked everyone for attending and explained we would be moving on to the Ordinary General Meeting, which then followed.

Ordinary General Meeting

Sharing ideas and priorities for the year ahead.

Proposed priorities for the year ahead were set out in the OARA Plans 2017 which had been emailed prior to the meeting. Hilary explained that whilst it was understood that there were many issues which got residents down we hoped to focus in this part of the meeting not on the problems but on solutions – or at least what we could do to try and carry on making things better. She shared on screen a list of the problems which are frequently raised – which were recognised by those present. Everyone was then invited to join one of 6 groups – Greening, Smart Streets, Community, History, Communications and Traffic/Planning – to look at ideas already put forward and to contribute any new ones. There were lively discussions and each group then fed back – including with some really positive new ideas e.g. an OARA post card for new residents and a Police Drop-In. The revised plans were approved by those present. The amended plans will be posted on the website and circulated to members.

The meeting closed at 9.15