Alma Road:

Barbro Fitzjohn(Membership), Peter Wirgman, Chris Jackson.

Avenue Road:

Fiona Barnes, Ally Hayes, Des Hayward, John Hayward (Vice Chair), Ann Woolnough (Minutes Sec).

Cambridge Road:

Colin Aubrey

Gordon Avenue:

Phine Dahle, Jerry Gillen, Andy Haslehurst(Treasurer), Dorothy Haslehurst, Hilary Jackson, (Secretary), Maggie O’Connor, Sue Swallow(Chair).

Spear Road:

Ed Parsons

Other attendees:

Cllr Barnes-Andrews, Cllr Burke, Phil Collins (Inner Avenue RA), Gill Ghahouni (PPG), Manzoora Ashraf


Sue Swallow opened the meeting by welcoming all the attendees, who then individually introduced themselves.


Cllr Rayment, Jon Ellis, Richard Harris(Avenue St Andrews Church), Barbara Matcham.


The report had been emailed to members prior to the AGM and also circulated at the start of the meeting. The Chair introduced the report and summarised the main points, highlighting what had been achieved, that the membership renewal date is June 2018 and the amount of planning activity in 2017. (A copy is available here).


The Treasurer presented the report for the period ended 31 December 2017 that had also been circulated at the start of the meeting. He mentioned in particular fund raising for the Earl’s Road themed mural and the availability of sufficient reserves to make bids for grants requiring match funding. The accounts had been inspected and an approved copy would be placed on the website. The meeting agreed to accept the accounts. (A copy is available here).


The Chair introduced the item by saying that although existing committee members were prepared to continue there were in fact constitutionally two vacancies and it would be good for other residents to join the committee. Members of the committee were happy to talk to anyone interested and to offer taster sessions.

The Chair handed over to the Secretary for the election of the Chair.

Chair and Vice Chair

Sue Swallow proposed by Maggie O’Connor and seconded by Andy Haslehurst as Chair. Sue indicated that she was willing to stand and was duly appointed.

Sue then resumed the chair.

John Hayward was willing to continue as Vice-Chair. He was nominated by Phine Dahle and seconded by Ally Hayes. John was duly appointed.

Other Officers

The following were proposed, seconded and agreed:

  • Treasurer: Andy Hazelhurst (proposer John Hayward, seconder Barbro Fitzjohn). Andy indicated that this will be his last year and was willing to bring any likely successor up to speed.
  • Secretary: Hilary Jackson (proposer Phine Dahle, seconder Sue Swallow). Hilary indicated that she will stand down next year and in the meantime was happy to train up a successor.
  • Minutes Secretary: Ann Woolnough (proposer Sue Swallow, seconder Maggie ’Connor).
  • Membership Secretary: Barbro Fitzjohn (proposer Fiona Barnes, seconder Maggie O’Connor).

Committee Members

The following were re-elected as committee members:

  • Fiona Barnes
  • Phine Dahle
  • Ally Hayes
  • Barbara Matcham

The Chair stressed again that others would be welcome.

6. Dates of OGMs, other events and 2019 AGM

There will be an OGM on 5 March 2018 to discuss traffic, parking and pollution and environmental issues to be attended by Councillor Chris Hammond and an officer with responsibility for parking/traffic. There will be other OGMs on 14 May and 22 October 2018. Dates for parties, etc were currently being plotted onto the calendar.

The Chair thanked everyone for attending and closed the AGM at 7.55pm. The AGM was followed by an OGM to discuss ‘Quality Streets’ and priorities for 2018.