Present: Fiona Barnes, Petrina Boddington, Phine Dahle, Andy Haslehurst, John Hayward, Hilary Jackson, Barbara Matcham, Sue Swallow (Chair)

1. Appointment of Minutes Taker:

HJ agreed to take the minutes

2. Apologies:

Barbro Fitzjohn

3. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting

4. Notes of Committee Meeting June 15th & matters arising

The Minutes were agreed as a true record

The PACT meeting had gone well. HJ to put notes of the meeting on the website

New Student reps are Hannah Gilbert ( VP Engagement) and Emma Pruce, SUSU Officer.

Hilary had investigated notice board options. Agreed new one can be purchased (£120 approx)

5. Membership

Barbara and Phine will be visiting members to collect subs.

PhIne and Petrina will be visiting businesses to update membership card discount offers

6. Finance

Andy presented the most recent financial report. The Committee approved expenditure on legal fees(if required), new display stand and additional items for street cleaning. Confirmed that the money received from Waitrose will go towards Greening Team work.


We had been invited to North Southampton Community Group but unable to attend as same date as our meeting. We will try to send rep in future.
Dr Gil Deker, Westwood Road resident, had contacted us re setting up a Social/Creative Arts group in the area. Phine will attend first meeting.

8. Preparation for OGM

It was agreed to:

  • Move the meeting to Monday 19th October so that more committee can attend
  • Include item on proposal for Community Mural ( see History report below)
  • Invite Heritage Officer to speak re Conservation Areas. Fiona to invite.
  • Thank you to Fiona for the information she presented in relation to this.
  • Invite Planning Officer to a future meeting .

Group leaders to submit written reports beforehand

Hilary to send notice of date change to members and prepare draft agenda

9. COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans


Kingsley House, advice

Sue reported on recent developments related to Kingsley House, following its sale to new owner and concerns re future use, including an application for continuation of use as a hostel. A group of OARA reps had met with the owners and with Council Planning Officers to find out more and voice our concerns. Following email consultation with the Committee Sue had contacted Kings Legal Practice in Birmingham, recommended by HRA, for provisional advice. Some affected residents and OARA members had offered to pay part of any costs incurred and it had been agreed that OARA would contribute up to £500 if needed. Next steps would depend on advice received.

Cambridge Road

Sue reported that a planning application had been lodged to demolish a house in Cambridge Road to provide car park access to a proposed new block of flats in Westwood Road. OARA objected to this for a number of reasons including traffic issues, impact on small cul-de-sac, crossing a cycle path in a quiet road-blocked road, and precedent. All other Westwood Road flats have access from Westwood Road itself.

Hilary to circulate members with details if still time before the deadline and ask Barbro to construct members only list.

The Southampton Plan

Noted that this was the strategic plan related to whole city, currently open to consultation.


Street cleaning continuing. Next date September 20th. Try for big turnout ready for students. The next term of Bin Buddy support was due . No others were interested at present .

AH to invoice JJ.

Meeting with Jason: Hilary to contact Jason to arrange meeting

Leaflet re flytipping/rubbish – we will continue follow up with Jason and Barry.- and also raise issue of broken glass left as a result of bottle collection


Preparation for new student year

John reported that preparations for the Street Welcome Party on 4th October were well in hand and students will be playing bigger part in the organisation this year. Offers of soup -making and help on the day will be very welcome.

Hilary and John will liaise re relevant leaflets.

John suggested we have OARA tee-shirts.

Barbara and Petrina offered to take this on and look into cost and design.



New website up and running and has received a lot of positive feedback.

Hilary to organise thank you to our webmaster as well as pass on any feedback.

New Common Ground Newsletter

It was agreed to prepare new Common Ground newsletter for distribution to all houses in October. Aiming to report on what has been achieve and capture “neighbourliness”. Local resident has agreed to assist with design . Committee agreed funding of approximately £200 for printing costs. Hilary and John will liaise and contributions from others very welcome.


Sue reported that work is going ahead on new plot in Clifford Dibben Mews. Agreed to allocate around £100 from Waitrose funding for timber/materials.

Bulbs had been ordered for various plots/planters/tubs for planting for Spring displays.

The Tree Project will continue.


Community Mural. John suggested that we consider creating a community mural on wall of Bitter Virtue, to reflect the area’s history and provide welcome. Petrina offered design experience to help with this. The suggestion received an enthusiastic response and will be discussed further at the OGM.

The Bevois Mount Calendar is well under way with a print run of 1000. Agreed that some copies can be given free to local organisations e.g. care homes and supportive businesses.

Fiona and Ali had had fundraising postcards printed showing history of the area.

10. AOB

The Table Top Sale , to raise more funds, will take place on Saturday 17th October.

11. Dates of Next Meetings

OGM: Moved to Monday 19th October
Committee: Mon 9 November ( Venue to be advised)