Present:- Sue Swallow (Chair), Hilary Jackson, Barbro Fitzjohn, John Hayward, Fiona Barnes, Barbara Matcham, Phine Dahle and Ally Hayes (Ahy). Ally was welcomed as a potential new committee member and the committee noted that all committee nominations would need to be ratified at the AGM.

1. Apologies: Andrew Haslehurst (AH), Petrina Boddington.

2. Appointment of Minutes Taker: Ahy agreed to take minutes.

3. Notice of any urgent business to be discussed at end of meeting: None.

4. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting of November 9th: Minutes were agreed as a true record. No matters arising that were not dealt with elsewhere on the agenda.

5. Membership

a. PD and BF have continued visits and collected a further £73.00 in membership fees. A proposal was made that the membership fee could increase to £5.00 per annum. Agreed to refer this to the AGM for discussion.

b. PD has contacted Gil Dekel with further proposals/ ideas for initiating Westwood Rd A.

6. Finance Report

a. The finance report was scrutinised and approved .
b. AH reported that the Bevois Mount History Group (BMH) had met with Jay Ashanti, who is supporting the production of the 2016 calendars. Profits are due to be shared once costs are met.

7. Correspondence

a. A local resident had emailed asking that Earl’s Rd should be labelled on the map on the website. Matt the Webmaster has updated the map accordingly.
b. FB is to forward emails from FOSOC (Old Cemetery) to BF.

8. Planning for AGM

  • The agenda for the AGM was approved, based on last year’s format
  • The Chair would produce the Annual report summary of what has been achieved this year, with sub-group leaders providing their sections , to be sent to Sue by 11 January at the latest. AHy offered to produce powerpoint
  • AH would produce the Financial Report for approval
  • Committee nominations – all current members and AHy indicated they would be willing to stand again. Profiles to be updated and HJ would send reminder. Invitation for new nominations would be sent with notice of the AGM nominations. More volunteers were needed to join in with each area of activity- to be encouraged at the meeting. This included setting up a more formal Planning Group to support SS.
  • Officer nominations. The current officers indicated they would be willing to stand again for election.
  • The proposed meeting and event dates for 2016 were discussed and amended as shown in separate document, which would be presented to the AGM for agreement. Dates for greening and table top sales to be arranged.
  • HJ to send notice of AGM by 4th January – giving three weeks’ notice.

9. Planning for OGM

The following suggestions were made:

  • Talk from Planning Officer. HJ to contact again to see if he is free.
  • Presentation of key proposals for the coming year from the Common Ground sub-groups for discussion/approval by members: Greening Group, Community Liaison, Clean Streets, Communication and BMH, including presentation by artist re proposed community mural. HJ will to put together draft agenda and circulate for committee approval

10. COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

10.1 Planning

a) 111 Alma Rd: the landlord had made an appeal to the Secretary of State.
b) Kingsley House/64 Alma Rd: SS gave an update. A meeting had been held, including with the new owners and a further one was planned.
c) Other: Permission had been granted for the new Bookshop Alehouse and for the large student block on Portswood Road. There were concerns about the latter, including the lack of parking and further increase in student density. Permission had not been given for the proposal to provide access through Cambridge Road to new development at 114 Westwood Road. This was welcomed.

10.2 Community Liaison

a) Anti-social behaviour (noise etc): There was discussion re the increased incidence of disturbance caused by student parties which was agreed to be worse this year. JH presented a draft Guide to Noise Disturbance which was discussed. This will be updated and posted on website. The issue could be included in priorities for discussion at AGM/OGM.
b) Christmas- preparations were in place for the party on 13th December. HJ to issue personal invitations to our councillors to Xmas Party.
c) Request from Avenue St Andrews- Avenue St Andrews project management group would like a rep. from OARA. JH volunteered and this was accepted.
d) NSRA and Westwood Rd update: PD had attended North Southampton RA meeting
e) Meeting with Councillors: HJ proposed that we ask our councillors to meet with the committee to discuss issues for the year ahead. This was agreed. HJ to invite.

10.3 History & Heritage

Mural -All plans and ideas for history mural have been handed to Slam Daniels (professional street artist). He will come up with practical proposals for further discussion after Xmas.
BMH will hold an informal AGM, probably at Blue Door, for people who want to get more closely involved and to plan projects for 2016. Date to be arranged.

10.4 Smart Streets – nothing new to report

10.5 Greening – several sessions had taken place to tidy existing beds etc and plant bulbs. SS was seeking offers for more trees.

10.6 Communication – nothing new to report, but HJ did intend to take in leaflet to new off-license on corner of Gordon/Portswood.

11. AOB: None

12. Date of next meeting: AGM on Tuesday 26 January. Other 2016 dates to be confirmed.


Refer proposal re membership fee to AGM. HJ. Tue 26 Jan
Forward FoSoC emails to BF, FB
Sub groups to submit reports to SS for Annual Report, JH, HJ, BF, SS, Mon 11 Jan
Chair and Treasurer to produce reports for AGM. SS, AH. Mon 18 Jan
Produce powerpoint to support Annual Report, AHy. By the AGM
Circulate committee profiles for updating. HJ. 4 January
Invite councillors to Christmas Party and for January meeting with cttee. HJ. 10 Dec
Invite Planning Officer to AGM. HJ. Before Christmas
Revise and circulate Guide to Anti Social Disturbance. JH. Before AGM
Take OARA leaflet to new off license. HJ. Before AGM