1. Present: Fiona Barnes, Petrina Boddington, Barbro Fitzjohn, , John Hayward, Hilary Jackson, Sue Swallow

2. Apologies: Phine Dahle, Ally Hayes, Andy Haslehurst

3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The minutes were accepted as a true record.

All actions completed except following up member who may be willing to help with website. Noted that mobile phone number needed to go on website and notice board. (07501 176922)

4. AGM Arrangements

The committee went thought the AGM checklist to ensure all arrangements were in hand.

Petrina informed the committee that reluctantly she did not feel she could stand again due to work and family commitments but would still be very ready to help out with activities. The committee were very sorry but understood the situation and thanked Petrina for all she had done.

Fiona had offered to take on the Facebook administrator role and this would be included in the new Committee list after the AGM. It was agreed to organise thank you for Ruth.

The committee noted the end of year accounts which had been circulated and which would be made available to members at the meeting. Barbro would contact Andy to find out why Blue Door Art events income was not listed separately.

5. OGM Planning for the Year Ahead

Following discussion around format for the OGM it was agreed to:

  • Publicise the meeting more widely with posters around the area. John to design posters.
  • Change the room layout so that groups can sit around tables (same format for AGM)
  • Focus on the actions we can take to make things even better rather than dwell on the issues which already all know exist
  • Give a brief presentation on the screen of the problems/bugbears
  • Then encourage attendees to sit at the group table which is of most interest to them.
  • Groups: Greening, Smart Streets, Community/Social (can this include the Art project and wellbeing or does it need separate group?), Communications, Traffic Project (do we need one for Planning?)
  • Relevant committee member or project leader to lead discussion in each group – encouraging member’s to i) endorse the ideas already put and/or ii) put forward own ideas
  • Hilary will prepare a sheet for each group’s table – with ideas to date and space for more – and is happy to introduce the session
  • Each group to feed back and chance for others to contribute
  • Seek approval from those present for these plans to be adopted for 2017

6. Proposed Meeting dates for 2017

Hilary had drawn up draft dates but needed to check with Andy whether three or four OGMs were being proposed. She will prepare dates in time for AGM/ first committee meeting as needed.

7. AOB

Barbro asked for support with collection of membership fees. This is currently done by a personal visit but this is time consuming. A discussion followed about the other possibilities for collection of membership. Agreed to review at the next committee meeting and also mention at the AGM/OGM


  • Put mobile phone number on website and noticeboard – HJ/JH – ASAP
  • Follow up member re website – DH – Next mtg
  • Check with Andy re Blue Door listing in accounts – BF – 17th Jan
  • Prepare draft dates for 2017 – HJ – By AGM
  • Organise thankyou to Ruth for Facebook – ?
  • Review membership fee payment system – on agenda – BF/cttee – Next mtg