1. Attending and Apologies:

OARA: Sue Swallow, John Hayward, Phine Dahle, Barbro Fitzjohn, Ally Hayes, Barbara Matcham. Hilary Jackson, Fiona Barnes
IARA: Roger Felton, Phil Collins, Wendy Stokes., Cath , Linda


Andrew Haslehurst, Ann Woolnough.

SS welcomed representatives of IARA who were joining us for the meeting, particularly to discuss a possible project to move Lodge Rd but also any other are areas for collaboration.

2.Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:


3. OARA/IARA Collaboration, including possible Lodge Road Project

Before the main discussion Linda asked what is planned for the site of The Christian Scientist Church in the Avenue which has been sold. No-one aware but situation will be monitored.

There was then a discussion about Lodge Rd and what might be done to improve it. The following points came up in discussion:
although we all agreed something needed to be done we did not have the capacity to take this on by ourselves so we should try to act as a catalyst. Lodge Road is in a pretty shameful state. It is on the boundary of both OARA and IARA so we should use our joint membership and spheres of influence to improve it. Possible public meeting to kick start things? Councillors would be supportive. Population is quite transient so landlords and businesses should be involved. There have been unsightly developments and pollution is also a problem. The Bent Brief is being left to fall down. Survey of worst problems? Polish Supermarket is a bad offender for litter. Hedges have been suggested as a good way of trapping pollution at a low level. A local group are measuring pollution – Fiona to contact. Roger suggested that the council could improve condition of pavements The AWC bin ‘mop up’ that Jacqui Rayment promised, is happening but might need to contact Barry for particular problems.
Phine suggested leaflet, knock on doors – find out what is the worst problem and are you prepared to be involved? Ally offered to produce questionnaire before end of July. IARA to survey one side of the street, OARA the other. Pool results and invite councillors to meeting.
Bevois Mount History proposed three vignettes or mini murals: Stag Gates on The Travelodge, Bevois Mount House on the Gym and The Bevois Tavern on the chip shop. Permission would have to be granted by the owners of these buildings. The time to fund raise and the necessary weather conditions for painting mean it would be unlikely to be started before next year. Barbara has been collecting up bits of scrap metal which she sold to scrap dealer for £19. She has given proceeds to Andy. She would like him to pass it onto the history group (thank you). If everybody can collect, she can make money for other groups.
The need for a pelican crossing, rather than a zebra crossing, was raised.

4. Approval of Minutes of Cttee Meeting on June 6th 2017:


Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere:


5. Finance Report

AH was away but had prepared a report which was tabled.

6. Membership:

Barbro has 117 email addresses. In June/July 100 + have paid. Things have slowed, people responded better to door knocking. Phine suggested that email request might be softer. Hilary suggested street reps. One date for renewal? 21st of June was suggested and agreed. Hilary asked how IARA coped with this and Roger explained they were “ cashless” as they are a smaller group, with more narrowly focussed activities and, therefore, the need has not arisen.

7. Correspondence/Reports:


8. COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

(order of topics to rotate each meeting)

8.1 History & Heritage

Mural continues apace. The group is continuing to fund raise but now less than £200 away from target. They had been interviewed by Solent TV (that morning) and something will appear in the Echo (hopefully with no adverse consequences!) The calendar is nearly finished and is expected to be available in August. A Guide Dog street party, organised by Chris Lucas, should take place on Sept 2nd and will include official launch of the mural. BMH will be taking part in Southampton Heritage Weekend September 9/10th. Details to follow. There will be at least one guided walk Aug/Sept. Craft Fair 11/12th November – for local artists, artisans, calendar sales and history display.

8.2 Communications

a) Recruitment: Hilary will put together introductory post card with Barbro, easy to give out at events and help raise our profile. Suggested it be multi-purpose, with version with blank reverse for messages. Will aim to produce another on Common Ground newsletter, (to be put through letterboxes in October).

b) Leaflets/postcards: See above.

c) Nextdoor (online local social network): Hilary contacted one of the “Leads” in Inner Avenue to enquire about being renamed Inner & Outer Avenue or Bevois Mount as current Inner Avenue identity is misleading, given geographical area includes Outer too. Awaiting reply.

d) Landlords: we still need to seek more contact to bring more landlords on board.

8.3 Smart Streets

Refuse and fly tipping issues:

A very bad year for rubbish left by students: black bags have been ripped open and contents spread around the street. Also bad fly-tipping. Landlords should take responsibility for rubbish: when HMO licences are renewed next year, something should be included about this. We should have a notice warning people that fly-tipping carries a heavy fine.

Councl had asked us to give feeeback on any positive aspects of AWC and any support we had received. Hilary to reply.

Overflowing bins – reports to Barry and Becky.

Hilary is willing to compile a list of problems as feedback for council.

IARA would like to work with OARA on these problems next year. The SU scheme called Shift Your Stuff worked well last year but was not so effective this year. The message didn’t seem to get around. John to meet with SUSU about this. We could look at getting CCTV at the planters which would protect Bitter Virtue and the mural and deter fly tippers. Barbara’s husband might be able to help. Break from litter picking in August.

8.4 Community Liaison / Social

Concern re drug activity

Concerns raised re increased drug related activity in our area. PACT meeting had discussed the problem. There have been some arrests If you see anything phone 101. Include note in next mini- bulletin.

Student Liaison and Prep for new term.

Meeting with SUSU to raise issue of taking more responsibility but also to discuss October street party.

PPG report

Now members of national organisation. About 12 people involved in group. Small PPG meet more frequently – about 8 people. Notice boards need sorting. Surgery has 9000 patients. Phine is going to meet with David Shields Chair of Southampton Health and Wellbeing Board.
Agreed that Phine should invite him to speak to the October OGM. Invite IARA too.

8.5 Planning

a) Current issues – Concern re excavation/building activity in some HMO backgardens – which comes under “permitted development” and therefore allowed. Situation to be monitored.
8 Lodge Rd has an application in – Sue will follow up.
Bent Brief – Sue asked Roger to keep us posted as in IARA area.
39 Portswood has application in to revert to C3 not HMO use. A good sign?
Blockbusters Site- no application yet. Since posted on 16July, closing date 4 August. 64 unit, 5 storey student accommodation and two retail units.
65 Cedar- mature blossom and magnolia trees have been cut down, in prep for conversion?

Parking project update and next steps: agreed we needed to continue with this, including addressing traffic, parking issues in Avenue Rd

8.6 Greening

a) Update: Tubs and window boxes were doing well but Sue reported the group is struggling a bit for help. Agreed to try linking one session to 3rd Sunday Street Clean. HJ to include in email. Sue to send Greening dates to Fiona to put on Facebook.

Possible project to improve GP Surgery grounds – and involve some patients? Wellbeing group?

11. AOB.


12. Date of Next Meetings:

Committee Meeting: Sep 11th TBC


1. Draft initial questionnaire re Lodge Rd – AH – End July
2. Inform JR and Councillors of proposals – JR – End July
3. Consult members re Street reps – HJ – September
4. Draft new OARA postcard – HJ/BF – September
5. Feedback to Council re AWC introduction and student clearout – HJ – End July
6. Meet with SUSU – JH – September
7. Investigate installing CCTV at the Mural – FB/BM – ASAP
8. Chase up Nextdoor re name change – HJ
9. Include drugs activity info in mini bulletin – HJ – Next time
10. Invite Dave Shields to OGM – PD – Nxt meeting
11. Monitor planning items above – SS – ongoing
12. Send Greening dates to FB for Facebook – SS – ASAP