Present: Sue Swallow, John Hayward, Andy Haslehurst, Hilary Jackson, Ally Hayes, Fiona Barnes. In attendance : Dorothy Haslehurst

1. Apologies:

Barbro Fitzjohn, Phine Dahle, Ann Woolnough.

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:

Nextdoor – local online network

3. Approval of Minutes of Cttee Meeting on May 2nd 2017.


No Matters Arising not covered elsewhere

4. Finance Report:

Andy distributed latest accounts. There have been donations to Greening Group from local residents grateful for help with their planting. HJ to deliver thank you card. GGroup also had donations for plants at street party. Money has been received from new membership and from Table Top sale.

5. Membership:

An extra ten people signed up at the party.

6. Correspondence/Reports:

There have been responses about business rates from Local Government Association and Dept for Communities. Common Forum now has FB page and website.

7. How are we doing? Recruitment? Spreading the word?

Hilary raised question of how we can reach/recruit more people, and shared Highfield Residents’ Association newsletter which she had found in Doctors’ Surgery. We need a new a new newsletter for autumn which could include a membership application form. Photos of street party could be put in noticeboard along with info about joining.

COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans
(order of topics to rotate each meeting)

8.1 Smart Streets

AWC launch and bin sticking: A message was sent to members to help out and most streets have now got stickers. Barbara has got a bag of numbers from the Council but no time to go out and put them on bins at present – will arrange when time available.

Lodge Road Project: Our role should be that of a catalyst. We need to get councillors and businesses on board. A public meeting could lead to a Lodge Road Action Group. Hedges would help to combat traffic pollution. Hilary to contact Jacqui and email Roger at IARA.

Students: Party time and Shift Your Stuff: Andy from Uni is going to find out about Shift Your Stuff but students are already leaving. Hilary to contact Gale, Becky and Barry. Barbara will pop into SU.

Street Cleans update: Between 6 and 14 people are still turning up for street cleans.

8.2 Community Liaison / Social

a) Big Lunch Street Party – feedback : Very successful. Greater diversity of people and more children. Trains were very popular. John and Hilary had presented an assembly at the school. Jenga, pot decoration and face painting also successful. Thanks to Mike and Maggie and to Zumba girls who danced for more than an hour. Many thanks to John.

b) Police matters:. Meeting at Blue Door. Crime figures in area remain about the same. Please report incidents to 101. You can register your property and improve your chances of getting it back @ IMMOBILISE.
John raised possibility of setting up Neighbourhood Watch. Agreed to find out more.

c) PPG report: Small meeting to be held at Phine’s house on June 7th.

8.3 Planning

a) Current issues:

Query re building works at Channon Court.
Document store in Earl’s Rd – plans for flats – quite attractive but parking could be an issue. Blockbusters – student flats? Will art deco design be retained? Keep an eye out for any application.

b) Parking project update and next steps: Invitation issued at OGM for interested people to meet to discuss the way forward. Choice of dates was issued. Are people interested in a one way system in Avenue Rd.? Might facilitate more parking spaces. Meeting at 122, Gordon Avenue on Wed 14th June at 7.30.

8.4 Greening

a) Boosting support: Hasn’t really happened in spite of walk around the area. Blitz on tubs – they are looking really good.

b) Table Top Sale – 6th May – report : Raised £224. Most successful ever.

8.5 History & Heritage

a) Progress report – How is the Earl doing?: Fundraising is ongoing. There will be a fundraising quiz at the Guide Dog on Monday 19th June at 7pm. Hilary offered a raffle prize. Painting will start end of June/ beginning of July but we still need more finance!

8.6 Communications

a) Phone: now being kept by Barbro.

b) Leaflets/postcards: Agenda item for next meeting.

11. AOB:

John told us about Nextdoor (previously Streetlife) a new social network that is already active in the Inner Avenue. If you want more info just google Nextdoor. John will contact Alex Dalton to see if we can join Inner Avenue or set up separate neighbourhood organisation.

12. Date of Next Meetings:

Committee Meeting: Tue 11 July
Other diary dates: BMH Art and Craft Fair Nov. 11th and 12th.
Art Event Dec 2nd and 3rd
Xmas Party Dec 10th


1. Contact Jacqui and Roger @ IARA about Lodge Rd. – Hilary – Nxt mtg
2.Contact Becky, Gale and Barry about Shift Your Stuff. – Hilary – asap
3. Find out more about Inner Avenue Nextdoor. – John – asap
4. Complete bin sticking and numbering – Barbara/Hilary – July
5. Consider new leaflets/postcards – Hilary/Barbro – For nxt mtg
6. Find out about Neighbourhood Watch – John – For nxt mtg