Present: Phine Dahle, Barbro Fitzjohn, Ally Hayes, John Hayward, Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst ( for Traffic Project), Hilary Jackson, Sue Swallow (Chair),

1. Apologies:

Fiona Barnes , Barbara Matcham and Petrina Boddington.

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting

Decorations and bulletin.

3. Approval of Minutes of Cttee Meeting on 7th November 2016:

The minutes were agreed as a true record.

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere:

  • Half barrel has been rescued from Cambridge Rd.

4. Finance Report:

  • Finance report was distributed.
  • Xmas party raffle £75 will be credited to Greening Group.
  • Some of the proceeds of Blue Door Exhibition (£469 net) will pay for picture rail for future exhibitions. It was proposed and agreed that the rest should go towards the Lodge Rd improvement plan, subject to approval by the OGM in January. IARA are keen to work together on this project which could be used as a lever to get a grant. Barbro has located 8 houses that could have trees. Other suggestions were metal planters and hanging baskets.
  • Existing trees that have to be replaced will be paid from General Fund.

5. Membership:

Barbro has a small number of people still to visit.

6. Correspondence:


7. Planning for the AGM/OGM including:

  • There was general discussion on arrangements for the AGM and the focus for the OGM which would follow on immediately afterwards. HJ to check venue has been booked.
  • Agenda: It was agreed we would use the same format as last year for the AGM. Welcome and introductions, followed by a review of the year and elections. The Annual Report will be sent out in advance, with the agenda. An initial notice will go out at the start of January. Each leader to provide a report on their section for Sue/Hilary by 9th Jan then Ally will produce a power point. PPG will come under Community Links. There will also be a report on the traffic / parking project.
  • Committee and officer posts: All current committee members indicated they would be willing to stand again. It was agreed that we needed more people to come forward, whether as committee or general helpers. Project managers, who don’t necessarily have to attend all committee meetings, may be one way forward. This approach was working well for the Parking/Traffic project. Sue, John and Andrew indicated they would be willing to continue in their current officer roles. Sue would be ready to be Chair for one more year but felt she should stand down after that. Hilary would be happy to stand down as Secretary for someone with requisite skills. It would help if someone could take responsibility for providing information for the website. Dorothy would ask a member who she thought may be interested.
  • Content of OGM: It was agreed to focus on Plans for 2017 so that members are fully involved. Leaders to send preliminary ideas to Sue/Hilary by Jan 9th. It was suggested that groups might discuss ideas which interested them most but this could be time consuming and might best be left for another OGM. Quick presentation followed by responses might be better with sheet at end for suggestions to try to get people on board. Agreed to hold an additional short committee meeting for further planning. Date – possibly 16 Jan TBC.

8. Parking project update and next steps:

  • There had been a meeting with Cllr. Stephen B. Andrews who had now referred matters on to Cllr. Jacqui Rayment. Meeting had now been held with J.R. and Richard Olderson, Traffic Officer. Dorothy invited some people who had replied in detail to the parking survey. A number of problems were identified and the idea of a one way system was proposed. Richard will do a feasibility study after Xmas. J.R. thought that there might be access to earmarked funds if Avenue Rd became a ‘shared space’ for people, cyclists and cars. This could possibly also help with accessing funds for resurfacing.
  • Parking – there could be a question and answer communication about extending zone 5. Richard said it was full-time residents who are asked about parking issues. There was reluctance about a ‘20 is plenty’ scheme being imposed as it would be unenforceable.

9. COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

Nothing extra to report due to focus on AGM planning.

10. AOB

  • Decorations and Illuminations. Wed. 21st at 19.00 meet at the planters Alma Rd for a walk around OARA to enjoy and take photos of houses and gardens.
  • Bulletin. John is preparing the next Bulletin with less text but lots of photos of main events.
  • Xmas Party. Thanks to John for good party and Heather for organising successful raffle.
  • OARA mobile phone number – needs more publicly eg Bulletin, notice board, website

11. Date of Next Meetings

  • Committee Meeting: Monday 16th Jan TBC ( Thursday 12th now proposed as alternative)
  • AGM/ OGM : Monday 23rd January 2017
  • 2017 Meetings: Hilary to draw up draft schedule for AGM/OGM


  • Check room booking for AGM – Hilary – ASAP
  • Ally to create PPT – Ally – Before next meeting.
  • Draft meeting dates 2017 – Hilary – Next cttee meeting
  • Send group/ representative reports and ideas for 2017 to Sue/Hilary – Leaders and reps – 9th Jan
  • Collate/prepare Annual Report for sending out with agenda – Sue/Hilary – Week before AGM
  • Speak to interested member re website – Dorothy – Next mtg
  • Publicise mobile phone number (notice board, bulletin, website?) – JH/BF/HJ – ASAP