Sue Swallow, John Hayward, Phine Dahle, Barbara Matcham, Andy Haslehurst, Ally Hayes, Ann Woolnough (in attendance as prospective new committee member)

1. Apologies:

Fiona Barnes, Hilary Jackson, Barbro Fitzjohn

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:


3. Approval of Minutes of Cttee Meeting on 6 March and 17 April 2017

Minutes of meetings on 6 March and 17 April approved

Actions & Matters Arising

13/14 objections received re planning application for 65 Cedar Rd, including traffic dept.

4. Finance Report:

Unchanged since 17 April except funds from Student No Fee for Bin Buddies

5. Membership:

Fee collection to be raised at OGM

6. Correspondence/Reports:

Written response from OARA in support of the motion from the AGM of NORA with regard to liability for Business rates circulated and approved.

7. OGM Arrangements for 9 May:

Main item will be Gale Williams, Waste Disposal and Partnerships Manager, speaking on new bin collection scheme.
Street Party, PPG, boosting the Greening Group and Traffic/Parking to also be included.

COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans
(order of topics to rotate each meeting)

8.1 Community Liaison / Social

a) Big Lunch Street Party: The committee were happy to change the date to 4th June given the uncertainty for Des and John to be able to work to the later date for family reasons.
Discussions centred around activities to appeal to children, eg plant pot decoration, face
painting, vegetable sculpture and the ability to run a garden railway! John gave us suggestion from student rep for micro-volunteering.

b) Police matters: update on drug activity in area and information given

c) PPG report: Phine spoke of how the meetings were progressing and we discussed the best way to be kept informed without breaking confidentiality.

d) Art group report back: Ally spoke of the Art group plans

e) Other/what next: How can we develop SU ideas re micro-volunteering?

8.3 Planning

a) Current issues: We had not been informed of the proposal to erect student flats on the Blockbuster site.
or of the open meeting so were all in the dark. The Council Planning website has nothing on the proposal. The obvious concerns would be traffic, pedestrians and vehicle congestion on top of existing level. Also, why were we not informed?

8.2 Smart Streets

Lodge Road Project: The proposal to try and put together a scheme with Inner Avenue for improvement of Lodge Road needs circulation. Resolved to acquire circulation list and set some dates

Street Cleans update: Barbara still waiting for bin allocation list to be able to apply
numbers, although this might change with the new system of collections.

8.4 Greening

a) Boosting support : . It was suggested that one of the Sunday Street cleans could merge with a greening activity

b) Table Top Sale – 6th May: Heather has arrangements in hand, donations, tables and site.

8.5 History & Heritage

a) Progress report: £300 has been raised so far for their next project to put the Earl Back into Earl’s Rd and a quiz is planned.

8.6 Communications:

Nothing to report

11. AOB:


12. Date of Next Meetings:

Committee Meeting: Tue 6 June (Apols. from AW – on holiday) & Tue 11 July
OGM : Tue 9 May
Next North Southampton Community Forum Date and attendance – need to find out.