1. Apologies: Phine Dahle, Barbara Matcham, Ruth Kibble.

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting: None

3. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting Dec 8th 2015 and Matters Arising: Minutes agreed. Fiona to continue to pass on FOSOC emails.

4. Approval of Minutes of AGM/OGM on 26 Jan, inc. confirmation of Calendar dates: Minutes agreed and will be posted online. At next AGM Sue will try to save time by only going through key points of report. Membership fee should be a suggested donation – £5. Organisations can be published as official supporters/affiliates but cannot be members. Dates for 2016 will be posted on line but May OGM is still to be finalised. Tue 10th suggested.

5. Membership: Phine, Barbro and Petrina will meet on Feb 10th about member discounts. It was also suggested we could provide OARA logo sign for places that offer discounts.

6. Finance: Andrew introduced a new format for accounts. The new trees on order will take the Greening Group into deficit. The committee supported the use of some general funds to support the Greening Group. Raffle Money £73.70, from Xmas Party, will be allocated to Greening Group.

7. Making the most of our meetings: John suggested appointing a timekeeper to limit agenda items to their allotted times. Fiona used the timer on her i pad to indicate ‘time’s up’ for the rest of the meeting and it seemed to be helpful.

8. Correspondence: Chester Studentification petition had been sent to us because of our NORA membership. Asks for a more strategic approach to increasing student numbers. Committee can support or not according to individual opinion.

9. COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

9.1 Community Liaison

a) Anti Social Behaviour: John presented the draft joint letter from SUSU, Police and OARA,
supported by Environmental Health, to be delivered to households who have caused party/loud
noise nuisance. The letter was approved and it was agreed John would coordinate issuing of such
letters. Information on the support available, but not the letter itself, to be posted on the website (HJ). The first letter to be delivered to household in Alma who had had loud party at the
weekend(JH). John would appreciate help with editing the advice to residents on how to deal with noise nuisance.

b) Links with Posh Pads: Alex Freeman from Posh Pads had showed Sue, John and Andrew over one of their properties which had been restored with the retention of many original features. Would like links with OARA but warned that attempts to increase number of occupants in properties will not be condoned. He was impressed with the Common Ground Leaflet and hopefully there is enough ‘common ground’ for a productive relationship.

c)Report from Meeting with Councillors: Written summary circulated by Hilary. We had been put in touch with several Council officers as a result and meetings were planned, starting on Friday 13th with John Horton from Street Cleansing.

9.2 Communication

a)Press/Comms lead role: Hilary and Sue to arrange a meeting with Ruth before next committee meeting to discuss the role.

b) Landlord/Agents Letter: in progress.

c) Members’ Bulletin/Newsletter: a bi-monthly newsletter was agreed. The use of a basic mobile phone with an answering message was suggested for members who do not have access to the internet. Fiona to arrange.

d) Common Ground Newsletter: Hilary will update Common Ground newsletter and money will be raised for reprint. AH said there were also funds in the OARA account to support this.

9.3 History and Heritage

a) Community Mural: Two of the three panels have been designed but the middle panel is still in need of tweaking. Ideas will be considered at History Meeting at Blue Door on Wed 10th Feb.

b) Art Exhibition: Barbro and Rosie are organising an art exhibition at Blue Door on 23/24 April. There will also be a silent auction of art work to raise money for mural. They expect a lot of interest from local artists and will be putting details online in about a week.

9.4 Greening

a) Bloomin ‘ Concrete, Bloomin’ Marvellous: The focus will be on improving/greening the fronts below the cut in Gordon Avenue. Window boxes for flat sills may be considered.

b)Tree Planting and protection: New trees are on order and planting will take place on 21st February. The 50th tree is now on order and a special planting event will be organised. There are 5 listed trees in the area. More information is needed on how protection for trees can be acquired. Fiona will follow this up.

9.5 Smart Streets:

a) Meeting with Bryony from SUSU to organise student litter pick. Meet with students at Waitrose on 25th Feb at 2.30.

b) Councillors trying to arrange new equipment. Barbara to follow up.

c) Street blitzes. Agreed to try alternating these with regular picks. Houses in designated streets will be leafleted. The pilot will be Spear Rd and a notice will go up in the Polish shop. Barbro to find details for Ben, new volunteer from Spear Rd.

d) Jason is moving to another role in the Council. John suggested a leaving gift. Hilary to organise

e) Pot holes. The one outside Squirrels has been filled in. There should be a blitz of calls to Action Line.

9.6 Planning: Sue reported on the meeting she and 3 others had had with Sam Fox, the new Planning Officer. Overall it was a positive meeting. Southampton Local Plan is being drafted and will be sent out for consultation later this year. Sam Fox sees this as providing the framework for people like ourselves to use in making clear our views re planning proposals/decisions and when considering how to assess planning applications in our area.

10. AOB

11. Date of Next Meeting: Monday 21st March at 7 for 7.15 start at John’s house.


  • Send FoSOC emails – needs clarification – FB
  • Follow up places offering discounts to OARA cardholders – BF,PB,PD
  • Finalise date for May OGM – HJ
  • Deliver first “noisy party” letter – JH and HJ – ASAP
  • Redraft members’ advice on noise/nuisance (help welcome please) – JH
  • Post advice on website when ready – HJ
  • Meet with Ruth re Press/Comms role – SS/HJ – By next mtg
  • Draft letter to agents/landlords – HJ – By next mtg
  • Prepare next bulletin/newsletter – JH – End Feb
  • Draft updated Common Ground leaflet – need to agree timing – HJ – ?
  • Purchase OARA pay as you go phone – FB – By next mtg
  • Organise gift for Jason – HJ
  • Obtain extra litter picking equipment – BM
  • Organise 50th tree planting event – SS