1. Attending and Apologies

Attending: Sue Swallow(Chair), Fiona Barnes, Phine Dahle, Barbro Fitzjohn, Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst, Ally Hayes, John Hayward, Hilary Jackson, Barbara Matcham and Ann Woolnough
Apologies: None

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting

3. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 28 March 2018

The minutes of the 28 March were approved

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere… see new action table

4. Finance Report

The Treasurer tabled the latest position statement. The insurance policy renewal has gone through. Invoiced for bin buddy funding. The cost of one ‘Welcome to Bevois Valley’ sign installed is £2663.93, above the grant level maximum of £2500.00. The location at the Stag Gate Lights has been agreed with the landowner but research re necessity for planning permission ongoing. A projector has been bought for £251.99 which is above the delegated level of £250.00 so OGM approval required on recommendation of the committee. The Remembering Rosy Art Exhibition collected £646.00 plus other non money gifts. OARA will fund the £100.00 spent on refreshments. The proceeds can be sent to the nominated charity less the cost of the two roses bought.

5. GDPR: General Data Protection Regulations

HJ had contacted the helpline to ascertain the implications for OARA. Members needed to positively consent to OARA continuing to contact them.

6. Membership: June Renewal Date and Recruitment.

It was agreed that all committee members would work in pairs on Monday 2 July to visit all properties in the area collecting data consent in process.

7. Follow up to Special Meeting on March 5th and OGM May 14th

The following were identified as agenda items: parking /traffic management scheme feedback, Lodge Road Environmental Issues, Greening successes and volunteer recruitment, History Group achievements, HMO consultation.

8. Response to SCC HMO Consultation

The current licensing scheme expires in June. It is important for both OARA and individuals to respond to the Council Consultation and tell the Council about the benefits experienced to date both by students/ tenants and owner occupiers and to make suggestions as to how a new scheme might be enhanced. HJ and JH had drafted an OARA response to be sent by 22 May deadline.

9. Other COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

(order of topics to rotate each meeting)

9.1 Community Liaison/Social

Permission for the road closure for the Big Lunch had been obtained. Help was need with planning and organisation. Greening and membership stalls to be included.

Re the student clear out OARA is happy to deliver leaflets, arrange safe keeping of filled bags on drives, etc.

Avenue St Andrews Church needed to illustrate in its Lottery Application for refurbishment of its tower external relationships. The Committee was happy to confirm a mutually supportive relationship.

PD is convening a meeting at her house on 23 May to consider proactive steps by the practice to improve local health and provision. JH requires photographs and other material for the Spring Bulletin.

History and Heritage

The group was continuing with suffragette events at libraries. There is a talk at 7.15pm on 30 May at Portswood Library on Frederick Lee Vidal. There are now2/3 blue plaques in place.

9.3 Planning

The Committee considered its response to current planning applications.

9.4 Smart Streets

HJ has thanked the Council for its recent action which was very effective.

9.6 Greening

There will be a table top sale on 5 May. 11am-1pm. There will not be an autumn one in preference for participation in the Christmas sale at Avenue St Andrews. There will be a plant swop at the planters c5.30pm on 1 June. Summer planting will be arranged for after 14 May.

9.7 Communications

Mandy’s sale is on 9 May and she would welcome some cake donations.

10. Any Other Business


11 Date of Next Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting will be on Monday 11 June at 7.15pm chaired by JH at JH’s, as SS is on holiday.


1. Incorporate SS amendments to consolidated calendar and issue – HJ – May
2. OGM to approve amended constitution – HJ – May
3. Chase school purchase of drop down screen.(Projector bought) – HJ – May
4. Petition Council/local Cllr about community green bin charging – SS – May
5. Circulate notes of special meeting of 5 March with hyperlinks – HJ – May
6. DH, SS, HJ, FB to meet Council(Geoff Hobbs) on 7 May to discuss the traffic survey with the Council. – DH – May
7. Review documentation received re establishing/ constituting a Lodge Road Action – SS – May
8. Circulate next phase details of October Books scheme to OARA members and add to mailing list. – HJ – May
9. Following visit engage with mosque re greening and surgery issues – SS /PD – May
10. Plant third rose donated by Mandy in memory of Rosy – SS – May
11. Advance notification of Local Art Store visit on 20 June – AH – June
12. Street sparkle a success; secure repeat next Uni hols. – HJ – June/July
13. Explore junior neighbourhood wardens as way to enlarge greening capacity – SS – May
14. Prepare a draft response to The Common’s paper. – AW – May
15. Clear planning permission question for Welcome sign and agree funding source for excess cost – AH/AH – May
16. Obtain OGM approval for projector expenditure – HJ – May
17. Insure, security mark and list as an asset the projector – AH/AH – May
18. Disburse the Remembering Rosy event proceeds – AH/BF/SS – May
19. Produce consent form and share with BF to enable two approaches by 25/5 followed by visits. – HJ/BF – 25 May
20. Find reusable badges for recruitment drive. Create a leaflet? All/BF May
21 OMG agenda – HJ – May
22. Sound out people for Lodge Road group membership – FB – 14 May
23. Meet London Sustainability Exchange – FB – May
24. Track Clean Air Zone developments – FB – Ongoing
25. Ascertain student role and access to funds – JH – May
26. Circulate OARA’s HMO consultation response and put a link in – HJ – May
27. Liaise with Council/students re student clear out – HJ/JH
28. Write letter of support re tower Lottery application to Avenue St Andrews. I don’t recall this. John can you remind me as you are in touch with the Church? Thanks – HJ – May