1. Attending and Apologies:

Attending: Sue Swallow(Chair), Fiona Barnes, Phine Dahle, Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst, Ally Hayes, John Hayward, Hilary Jackson, Barbara Matcham and Ann Woolnough

Apologies: Barbro Fitzjohn

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:

Development plan for The Common

Lidl proposals, Land Rover/ Jaguar site

3. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 12 February 2018

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere

The minutes of the 12 February were approved subject to the following amendment: Minute 10.3 ‘An application could be made for a RHS neighbourhoods grant’ it being wrongly recorded that an application had been made.

The signed accounts and updated constitution had been loaded onto the website.

JH had a date to meet the student rep.

HJ will proceed to issue a consolidated 2018 calendar incorporating the Chairman’s comments. Greening dates were subject to change.

4. Finance Report

The Treasurer tabled the latest position statement and advised that there had been no significant activity since the previous one. The grant application for a projector had been refused with the process not being considered totally understandable although the lessons learnt included the need for a signed copy of the constitution to be submitted with the application and a focus on target audience/numbers of beneficiaries and inclusivity. AH now had access to a screen and stand. OARA needed to purchase a projector from its funds and pursue provision of a drop down screen at the school in recompense for the help in kind received. The committee felt that the Council should have an internal recharge system for paying for green garden waste bins for community group use. The Treasurer will reimburse the Chair on this occasion.

5. Follow up to special meeting on 5 March

Usually initiatives reflected pressure on parking from commuters/ local workers. The situation was unusual because the large numbers of HMOs/ population density was the driving force. The outcome was to formally ask the Council to conduct an official survey.

Lodge Road improvements needed a fully representative action group to be established to provide leadership. Latest pollution readings at Stag Gates and the Lime Bar crossing showed breaches of limits. Friends of the Earth available to help organisations respond to their statistics.

6. Licensing Scheme for HMOs

Committee discussed its response to the consultation covering a wide range of issues from refuse storage to density, from front wall retention and greening to infrastructure all under the umbrella of supporting a new scheme.

7. Other COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

(order of topics to rotate each meeting)

7.1 Community Liaison/Social

a) Phine Dahle reported on the challenges facing the PPG.

b) October Books scheme continued to recruit members at £5.00. Having raised interim target of £150,000 through supporters purchasing loanstock the aim was to find another £180,000 to complete the purchase of NatWest Bank

C) Mosque visit arranged for 2.30pm on 6 April. Attendees agreed.

d) The Remember Rosy Art Event was progressing well. Planting roses for Rosy against a wall in Clifford Dibben Mews was supported ahead of planting more trees.

7.2 History and Heritage

a) Blue Plaques. The first BMH blue plaque has gone up on 66 Alma Road, home of Tommy Lewis for the last years of his life. It is hoped to follow this with plaques for Eric Meadus and the MacFaddens.

b) Suffragette presentations have been made to Sholing Guides, Bevois Town School and Avenue St Andrews. The presenters will be at Cobbett Library on 7 April.

c) To meet the cost of a Welcome to Bevois Mount sign Jacqui Rayment had sign-posted to Community Chest Grants.

d) Visit to Local Art Store. A visit can be arranged for 20 June at a cost of £7.00 per head (if 10 attending). Money required in advance.

7.3 Planning

a) Gordon Avenue. The Committee discussed the scale of HMO occupation.

b) Lidl. The committee discussed a pre-emptive submission to the proposal focused on traffic flow, pollution, over provision and appearance.

7.4 Smart Streets

a) Street Sparkle. A request has been made to the Cleansing Department to sweep in the holidays.

b) Bin issues. Representations needed to be made to the Cleansing Department to ensure the reactive lorry responded to overloaded bins which were a feature of overcrowded Outer Avenue. A review was required to ensure the appropriateness of services to areas like ours with term time demands. Three hours had just been spent street cleaning by residents.

c) Early planning for student clear out endorsed.

7.5 Greening

The number of participants was disappointing. Summer planting could provide the stimulus to re-engage with people. Tabletop sale planned for 14 April with plant swop at the end of May. (now deferred until May)

7.6 Communications


8. Any Other Business

An early view version of a forthcoming draft strategic plan for The Common has been published by the Southampton Common’s Forum for consultation.

9. Date of Next Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting will be on Monday 30 April at 7.15pm


1. Meet student rep as arranged. JH Imminent
2. Issue consolidated calendar HJ March
3. Arrange for signing by officers of hard copies of the constitution post inclusion of Lodge Road AH May
4. Pursue purchase of projector and drop down screen HJ/AH April
5. Petition Council/local Cllr about community green bin charging SS March
6. Produce notes for special meeting 5 March HJ March
7. Acquire a formal appointment for a 4 member delegation to discuss the traffic survey with the Council. DH March/April
8. Write to Council’s Community Liaison Officer (copied to Councillors) asking for help in establishing/ constituting a Lodge Road Action Group. SS March/April
9. Draft OARA’s response to the HMO consultation HJ/JH March/April
10. Circulate next phase details of October Books scheme to OARA members and add to mailing list. HJ March/April
11. Female members attend mosque visit All April
12. Progress planting roses for Rosy SS March
13. Explore Community Chest Grant for Bevois Mount sign. AH April
14. Sign up to Local Art Store visit All Ap-June
15. Make Lidl submission SS March
16. Make representations to Cleansing Department HJ March
17. Work on a plan with ‘Barry’ to cover academic year turnout involving SCC officers and members. HJ/JH
18. Explore junior neighbourhood wardens as way to enlarge greening capacity SS April
19. Prepare a draft response to The Common’s paper. AW March/April