1.Attending and Apologies

Attending: John Hayward(Chair), Fiona Barnes, Barbro Fitzjohn, Ally Hayes, Hilary Jackson, Barbara Matcham, Wendy Stokes, Sue Swallow, Ann Woolnough

Apologies: Phine Dahle and Suzanne Wright.

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:

Mailing out October Books events, Eleanor, SUSU re election, design for another planter

3. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 16 September 2019:

HJ will re-lobby for a Street Sparkle over Christmas. Listed actions taken forward.

4. Finance Report

The change of signatories was still in progress. A few payments had gone through. Membership monies were being held for deposit. The production of accounts for the end of December was likely to be delayed. The Bevois Mount History Group account was subject to change.

5. Membership

2 new recruits had been achieved through the website but fees had not been requested.

6. OGM Follow Up

The speaker from the Council had been very patient recognising that staff cuts meant that staff were taking on new responsibilities and finding their way. There was disappointment with the Police response to drug dealing reports. There is a 101 website for reports which serves to build up intelligence of activity. Louise will be doing a survey of anti social behaviour. Southampton University makes a payment to the Police; the specification for use of the money was unknown. Barbro had welcomed new and renewing members. She suggested that next year each committee member could take responsibility for properties 100m either side of their residences. Barbro sought a volunteer to maintain the membership list. Wendy had placed a message on Next Door re membership.

7. Preparation for AGM

  • Speaker. Suggestions: John Walsh (students, his role, latest happenings), Colin(landlords and quality of accommodation), Preservation teams(eg roundabout greening at Millbrook),Chris Collins (the HMO Licensing System), new Interim Head of Planning?
  • Venue to be booked
  • Projector required for Highlights of OARA Year photo presentation illustrating main points in Chair’s Report( notices are posted saying photos being taken at events). All to give photographs to AH/WS
  • Initial notice of AGM to be sent out at beginning of January.3 weeks’ notice required. Agenda as previously.
  • Annual report: All contributions by 7 January ideally to include at end plans for 2020. Photographs to mirror. Copy of previous Treasurer’s Report to be sent to Wendy. Andy tabled and posted on website retrospectively… p1 table of figures, p2 table of notes.
  • Committee meeting 13 January final check, finalise paperwork for end of week.
  • Committee Profiles. All to stand again. Update
  • Refreshments?

8. Parking and Lodge Road

SS had emailed Geoff Hobbs. OARA needs to know what happening elsewhere in Portswood. There seems to be movement in Council thinking re the approach to ‘softening ‘ areas with references to Active Traffic Zones involving calming streets, reducing rat running and improving appearance through the use of planters with local communities involved .A meeting had been suggested for 6 December at the Civic Centre. HJ (possibly), Richard, Fiona to attend.
Suggested GH be invited to AGM.

Steve Leggett has walked Lodge Road and found a place for a planter on a space where a telephone box used to stand.

Ask on 6 December about match funding for a composter.

Changes were happening at the car dealers in Lodge Road but this was consistent with previous history of the site. Maybe this was the opportunity for a flower bed.

9. Other COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

(order of topics to rotate each meeting)

9.1 Smart Streets

Barbara confirmed she was ok for 1 December. HJ will put on Next Door. HJ will check that OARA is programmed in for Xmas Street Cleaning.

9.2 Community Liaison/ Social

  • Students moving out. No information was provided to students this year on what to do about putting out waste .The reactive lorry had been discontinued. Stuff was being picked up as a goodwill gesture by the Council. Staff needed to be told to knock on doors re contaminated bins. Waste Management will provide extra bins. Tendering for recycling bins now stretched beyond when students moving on.
  • North Southampton Common. Under storey being removed to encourage wildlife. Working on Hawthorns‘fountains.
  • The Local Plan. A 2 year staff appointment made. Important for influencing housing supply and HMO issues.
  • PPG. No discussion.
  • Craft Fair Feedback. Significantly higher footfall. Lovely atmosphere. OARA business cards required. Thanks to Suzanne and Fiona for great work with teas and coffees, etc.
  • Christmas Party on 8 December. Posters to be produced and circulated. Expenses to be claimed by JH. Request for raffle prizes to be made. Bring food if attending if possible
  • Student Election Debate. OARA invited.

9.3 History and Heritage.

  • 1000 Southampton Story copies available for £5.95 each. Schools to contact through libraries.
  • Flaking mural horse to be fixed.
  • Southampton Star Awards: 2 categories….community and events.
  • Avenue St Andrews church tower repair using Lottery monies. Assisting with project lead and evaluation.
  • OARA has table and a half at church Christmas fair on 7 December.

9.4 Planning

Applications approved and refused reported.

9.5 Communications

A stand- in for website updating required.

9.6 Greening

  • Tidying of barrels and bulb planting almost complete; offer made re Lime Bar planter
  • TPO on ash tree progressing, interest in tulip tree; another planter agreed at mural using cut to measure wood blocks (no parking to be lost)
    Plants required for church stall.

10.0 AOB

Noted October Books events.

11.0 Date of next meeting and priorities for discussion:

The next meeting will be on Monday 13 January. AGM Monday 27 January.