1. Apologies – Barbro Fitzjohn, Petrina Boddington.

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting ‐ none

3a. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 18 April 2016 – Approved.

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere

Hilary reported on the response from Cllr Barnes Andrews re how local gov. is compensated for students not paying council tax. There used to be a comprehensible formula, but now much less clear. Agreed it would be useful to find out more. Hilary to contact Cllr BA in the first instance and then perhaps Alan Whitehead if government information needed.

3b. Approval of OGM minutes and matters arising not covered elsewhere – Approved.

John asked what full approval of OARA means? This will be carried over to next meeting.

4. Finance

Andrew handed out Finance Statement as at June 20th. He explained that he and Ally had discussed how payments would be made to the Mural painters. A pro‐forma invoice would be submitted.

5. Correspondence

HRA ‐ Summer Party Invite 1st July. Highfield Hotel 7.30pm.

An OARA member from Earls Road had emailed Hilary in response to the OGM item on parking (see below) and also asked for clarification on the membership fee. The committee confirmed it is a suggested donation of £5 or what someone can afford. This must be put on membership form.

Barbara volunteered to be rep. for N. Soton Community Forum. Date to be ascertained.

6. Parking ‐ what next?

Report on findings to date from Dorothy Haslehurst and discussion.

A very contentious issue! SCC parking policy 2014 is a 19 page document. It tries to cover all eventualities but does not really respond to the needs of an area like this. We need to know what the residents see as problems/needs. We need to consider solutions before taking further steps. The financial aspect of permits is off‐putting to some people. In order to increase permit area, 60% would need to be in favour.

So has the area got a parking problem? The consensus was that it has and that it is mainly but not wholly student driven. Parking for the doctors’ surgery also needs to be considered.

Dorothy suggested that a first step might be for people to be asked, by means of an initial survey, to submit their views and anecdotal evidence. This would help to assess mood of membership prior to any possible future meeting.

7. Local GP Surgery – feedback from meeting.

A meeting took place with the Practice Manager of the Alma Medical Centre on the afternoon of Monday 20th June. Sue handed out a summary of the meeting. Phine will attend the Patient Participation Group meeting on 21st June.

8. COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans (order of topics rotate each meeting)

8.1 Planning

a) Lead person for OARA ‐ Sue to speak to Gordon about this.

b) Current issues – an appeal has been lodged against the council’s decision to refuse planning permission for the development of 14, Westwood Rd. , which included access from Cambridge Rd. A written submission from OARA, rather than individual submissions, may be possible. ( And has now been made)

8.2 Community/Social

a) Big Lunch Street Party ‐ Thanks to John and Des for organising. Good links with university through Emma and two uni groups gave performances.

b) Meet your Neighbour Party October ‐ Proposed date 9th Oct. Official inauguration of the mural can also take place.

c) Perhaps sufficient time has now elapsed to renew links with Student No Fee. John to follow this up

d) 4, Gordon Ave, new landlord, wants links with OARA.

8.3 Communication

a) Next newsletter‐ John is working on it. Due early July

b) Landlord/agents’ letter – to be sent ready for new cohort.

8.4 History & Heritage

a) Community Mural progress – Wall has been prepared. The actual mural painting is due to start on July 4th (weather permitting). It was agreed that OARA would make a contribution of £100.

b) Bevois Mount History/OARA relationship ‐‐This will be carried forward to the next committee meeting.

8.5 Smart Streets

a) Street cleaning update street cleaning equipment has been bought. Bin nos. for some of Alma/ Avenue have come from council to stick on bins. Thanks to Barbara for organising.

b) Street Clean/Blitz – Council Street Sparkle due once students have gone.

8.6 Greening

a) Bloomin’ Concrete. Bloomin Marvellous! This has started. The garden at no. 8 is being cleared. A couple of window boxes and tubs are already in place.

b) Table Top Sale ‐ The sale on May 14th had raised £138.60, including a £20 donation.

10. AOB

11. Date of Next Committee Meeting: Date now arranged for 1st August


  • Contact Cllr Barnes Andrews re Council Tax clarification – HJ – By next mtg
  • Amend membership payment details on website and form – HJ/BF – done
  • Find out date for and attend North Soton Community Forum ‐ BM/SS – ASAP
  • Prepare draft parking survey for discussion – DH – Next mtg
  • Attend PPG at Alma Rd Surgery and report back – PD – 21/6 & nxt mtg
  • Contact Gordon re planning – SS – ASAP
  • Submission re 114 Westwood Rd – SS – 15 July
  • Make contact with new owner at Student No Fee – JH – By next mtg
  • Ongoing
  • Landlords’ letter – HJ – Next mtg
  • Common ground Newsletter – HJ – October
  • Find out date of Southern Landlords meeting – SS – ASAP