1. Attending and Apologies

Attending: John Hayward(Chair), and Fiona Barnes, Barbro Fitzjohn, Ally Hayes, Hilary Jackson, Barbara Matcham, Wendy Stokes, Suzanne Wright, Ann Woolnough

Apologies: Phine Dahle, Andy Haselhurst, Dorothy Haselhurst Sue Swallow,

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:

3. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 22 July 2019:

Approved subject to the date in item 11 being changed to November with the addition of SS to those pursuing the possibility of trees in Portswood High Street.(Item 9.1)

4. Finance Report

Wendy’s appointment was approved at the OGM. She will go to the bank with Andy before 28 October to change signatories along with Sue and John who need to redo their mandates.2/4 signatories required on cheques. Hilary in possession of the cheque book.
The latest accounts were received which showed no variation in the position.

5. Membership Recruitment Drive

More 178 people had signed up as members. C.60 people had made a financial payment. John and Des will work on Avenue Road.

Generally the membership position was looking healthy with no panic to increase numbers. 150 was an optimal number in some circumstances for maintaining intimacy. Membership payment records had been simplified by Wendy. The street party provided an opportunity for recruitment; Barbro will do an email in advance of the party, an item will be placed on Next Door, the postcard will be amended to include contact details and phrase ‘recruiting now’. HJ to sort bundles/labels.
Rachel from Blue Door will be asked for the whereabouts of the hanging ‘contraptions’.

6. Start of Term Arrangements

The Student/ Community Liaison Meeting had discussed the problems of recycling including the drop in the market for plastic. The Echo had usefully had a campaign. It was agreed to explore the possibility of the Council, through Barry, circulating a ‘notice’ to students and engaging landlords in reinforcing the messages. The distribution of bags remained an issue.

John awaited the return of the students to finalise the performers at the Street Party. A recycling table of pots and pans for anyone in need was suggested, any donations gratefully accepted.

A quiz around the contents of the mural, the plants in the planters, OARA contact details, etc was another suggestion, named entries with data protection authority to enable addition to mailing list.

John to send a message to members re need for soup and rolls.

Bulb planting in pots could be another activity with OARA wooden sticks with web address. HJ to speak to SS. BM to source sticks and litter pick rubber gloves.

Hilary to mock up a student invitation letter.

7.14 October OGM

Will Robson, Street Scene Enforcement Team, invited to explain his role but yet to reply.

Phine anxious to discuss mental health wellbeing in the community.

8. Parking and Lodge Road

In abeyance. A request for action in Rigby Road forwarded to Geoff Hobbs with no objection from OARA. OARA Resident in Rigby Road to be acknowledged. A suggestion of a national ban on anti social pavement parking. Action still required re lines and Alma Road planters.

9. Other COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

(order of topics to rotate each meeting)

9.1 Greening

It was suggested that the summer bedding being removed from the parks could be valuable to community groups such as OARA. SW to discuss with SS. There were trees worthy of protection in the locality.

9.2 Smart Streets

Lobbying continued for Street Sparkle particularly for a street sweep (and pavements) at Christmas and Easter. The Council needed to programme this activity automatically into its work programme.

9.3 Community Liaison/ Social

The street clean will be moved to the weekend before the party.

The system for booking GP appointments on line appeared to be inequitable.

There is a Bevois Mount Art and Craft Fayre at October Books on 16 November 11am-5pm.It costs £105 for the day for 10 participants 7 recruited to date. Payment has to be made 2 weeks in advance. OARA asked to fund this to be refunded once money collected from participants.

9.4 History and Heritage.

A photograph for the school presented to HJ.

2020 calendar available which includes the Mayflower 400 year anniversary @ £6.00

21/9 Lost Pubs or not of Rockstone/Bevois Mount.

12/10 Last Common History Walk of year but probably to be repeated next year.

16/10 Talk at Portswood Library : Painting The Town, artists who recorded the changing face of Southampton. At 7pm.

Flew flag for Bevois Mount History Group at West Quay on Historic Buildings weekend.

9.5 Planning

Conversions discussed.

9.6 Communications

Squirrels interest.

Portswood HMO statistics circulated.

10.0 AOB

More equipment bought for Smart Streets activity. Trying to source high vis jackets without silver bands in order to properly display OARA’s name.

11.0 Date of next meeting and priorities for discussion:

The next meeting will be on Monday 25 November. Barbara to host.