1. Appointment of Minutes Taker

Hilary volunteered to take the minutes

2. Welcome to any visitors/ potential new members

Sue welcomed Fiona as an observer interested in possibly joining the Committee

3. Apologies

John Hayward : on holiday

4. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting

Kingsley House and Waitrose to be added.

5. Notes of Committee Meeting 18 May & matters arisingJason had advised that bin audit and numbers are deferred until September

We have not heard about police PACT meetings . Follow up.

Clarify who are the new SUSU student reps

Send thank you cards to Ellie at SUSU and Tina from Kingsley House. (Thanks to Barbro for preparing the cards)

Contact Jacqui Rayment re joint meeting about Lettings Boards

All other actions completed

6. Membership

BF reported that there are 216 members with cards and 138 email addresses on the mailing list ( More than one member at some addresses. £152 had been collected in subs this month.

Phine and Petrina agreed to meet to set about updating list of local businesses who will offer discounts to OARA cardholders.

We have now become members of NORA, the National Organisation of Residents’ Associations and paid our £25 sub. The first instalment has to be paid by cheque as not at start of the year, with standing orders thereafter.

There was a discussion relating to applications from local residents who live beyond the OARA boundary. It was agreed that, as in the Constitution, they may join and attend but may not have voting rights.

7. Finance

It was agreed that Hilary could claim £24 for the costs of printing colour leaflets to advertise the party. These had been distributed to local families via the primary school and to most households.

8. Correspondence

A membership application from the people running a new Estate Agent on Lodge Road was discussed and welcomed. They had already expressed an interest in supporting the Greening Project and tree planting. Barbro to process membership.

They had also offered possible use of their premises for meetings once they are finished. Phine offered to pop in and liaise, with anyone else who would like to.

Sue reported she had received an email from Malkeat Singh in the Council Community Team inviting Sue to meet. Agreed to add to mailing list if not already on it and to invite to OGM.

9. Preparation for OGM on Monday 6 July

There was a general discussion about what OGMs should be like and achieve and how we could attract more people to attend and participate. The consensus was that meetings should: be warm and welcoming; share and report good things that have been achieved since last meeting (including slide show of photos with music); cover properly official business matters that needed to be dealt with e.g. minutes, financial reports; discuss plans and ideas for the future; discuss/ratify committee recommendations; ask members what they want at meetings; be interesting and informative with speakers where possible; include regular reports e.g. from the local police.As well as usual business the next OGM will include: Speaker on Cycle Training; Presentation on new OARA Facebook; slideshow of recent photos including Street Party; Police report; Common Ground Group Reports and Plans; ratification of new Committee members. Hilary to prepare draft agenda and circulate to committee.

10. COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans


Sue reported that permission had been given for us to “green” the verge in Clifford Dibbern Mews. She would organise planting session and also contact T re timber supports to ensure drainage space.The plant swap had taken place with several residents turning up to share and partake.

The half barrels had been replanted and there was still one spare . Barbara suggested approaching 73/5 Alma Road. Mention to be made in the letter to landlords.

Gardens could be re-audited to identify gaps where more trees could go. Suggested corner plots were very effective.

Smart Streets

Barbara reported that there was a not a lot to report but street cleans had continued.
She suggested it would be helpful if we could have more jacket and litter pickers so that people could be encouraged to look after their own area. Hoes would also be useful.
Hilary and Barbara to meet to look at what could be done, including meeting up with council reps.

Community Liaison

The Street Party was well attended and had gone very well. Thanks were given to all who had helped make it such a success. Could Richard put the photos onto a USB stick to show at the OGM? Phine to ask.

There was discussion about what we needed to do to prepare for new student intake in the autumn. Suggestions include: liaise with SUSU, new student leaflet ( including bin and good neighbour stuff); Street Welcome party; student home cooking sessions/cookbook (PB). John and Hilary to liaise and report back, via email if necessary


Hilary shared a draft action plan to be discussed by the Communications Group ( copy attached). She reported that she and Phine had met with Ruth re making better use of the Facebook page and were due to meet with Matt re updating the website.

Members looked at possible new portable display boards and Hilary agreed to investigate finding a cheaper version.
Fiona suggested we look to link with Portswood Info. Hilary to investigate.


Sue read a proposed response from OARA with regard to the panning application by Amber Antiques in Gordon Avenue for a Victorian style glass awning on their new property. It was agreed that it was sensible to proceed with caution but that it was a positive move that our views were being sought by local businesses. It was agreed that such approaches, for whatever purpose should be discussed on a case by case basis. The committee approved the wording of our response which is shown below and which Sue will pass on to Amber Antiques:

To whoever it may concern.
The committee and those in the membership interested in Planning Matters have been offered a Preview of plans for the frontage of the two shops at Amber Antiques in Gordon Avenue.
If a glass awning is erected as indicated in these plans, especially if it has a Victorian / Edwardian feel to it, then it is unlikely that we would raise planning objections to it. In fact it should be an improvement to the current rather bare facade.
Obviously the dimensions should be such as not to impede pedestrian usage of the pavements.
SE Swallow Chair OARA

It was noted that there has been a planning application for increase in occupancy from 7 to 8 beds at 124 Gordon Avenue. Sue had written to object to this and shared it with others in the group. There were concerns as to whether it was licensed as an HMO.


Fiona reported there is a History Walk around the Old Southampton Cemetery on the Common at 2.00pm on Sunday 12 July . All welcome but please book in with Ally beforehand.

11. AOB

Kingsley House: the committee noted the email sent to Goadsby’s Estate Agents concerning future use, including why use as an HMO should not be an option, and their response. The Committee expressed their thanks to Gordon for his continuing work on this issue.The committee discussed the request by the Avenue St Andrews Church to include OARA as a link on their website and to include our logo. There were differing views as to whether this should happen and whether the logo should be used . It raised the wider issue of the nature of links by or with us and how we should decide on these in the future. It was agreed to continue the discussion at the next meeting and to possibly raise with wider membership in due course.

Fiona indicated she would be willing to join the Committee. This will be put forward for ratification at the OGM

12. Dates of Next Meetings:

OGM: Monday 6 July

Committee: Tue 22 September.

It was agreed we may need an additional Committee Meeting before September. To be discussed after OGM.