Remembering Rosy.

The Committee remembered Rosy who had been a very active member of the committee and community. It also discussed a range of ways to remember her including an exhibition of her art work. All ideas would be discussed with those closest to her before implementation.

1. Attending and Apologies:

Attending: Sue Swallow(Chair), Fiona Barnes, Barbro Fitzjohn, Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst, Ally Hayes, John Hayward, Hilary Jackson, Barbara Matcham and Ann Woolnough

Apologies: Phine Dahle

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:


3. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 4th December

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The effectiveness of CCTV was open to question much depending on the positioning of the cameras notwithstanding the cost.

4. Finance Report

An electronic copy of the signed annual accounts was now available for the website.

Latest outgoings related to laminated posters for the AGM and NORA annual membership.

An application for a grant of £350.00 for a projector had been submitted.

The constitution will be updated on the website.

5. Correspondence/Feedback:

Correspondence was principally from NORA and regarding planning cycles.

6. Membership report

New membership enrolments were steady replacing departures. Expansion of the Residents’ Association to capture the north side of Lodge Road, for example, would require a specific vote at an OGM with a two thirds majority of those present voting in favour.

7. Follow up to AGM/ OGM on 22 January 2018

It was pleasing that a couple of new people had come to the AGM and the vibrancy of the meeting had been commented upon. Steps would be taken to pursue new talent.

The Committee discussed the calendar. It was agreed to try the first Monday of each month and the third Sunday as greening dates. There was a need for a new greening project to engage interest; barrels will be planted for the summer in May. There will be no litter pick on Easter Sunday (4 April) only on 15th of that month. Greening is displaced to 9 April 2018. Suggestions were made for additional tabletop sales to coincide with student departures in June/July and at the welcome party. PACT meetings would be picked up at short notice.

The production of a list of activities in the area had been well received. Notice will be sent to the membership advising that The Committee wishes to set up a sub group to oversee ongoing production and will offer support with advertising. John will refresh contact with the Students’ Union rep. Hilary will head engagement with the ‘October Books initiative’ to acquire the former NatWest premises in Portswood High Road for community use.

8. Planning for Special Meeting on March 5th

The resurfacing of Avenue Road was now only likely to be between The Avenue and the bollards. OARA was committed to securing agreement from the Council for a survey of local residents into the introduction of a one way system to address parking issues. OARA will facilitate this meeting for the purposes of airing the pros and cons and understanding the procedures but will not be advocating a particular solution.

9. Lodge Rd Project – progress and next steps

Furtherance of the Lodge Road initiatives will follow after the resolution of the parking question.

10. Other COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

(order of topics to rotate each meeting)

10.1 Community Liaison / Social

a) PPG report… nil
b) October Books…OARA will add its name to the list of in principle supporters.
c) Mosque visit…a date in April will be sought. The Committee noted the invitation to the Medina Mosque on 18 February which would be added to the list of local activities.

10.2 Planning

The committee discussed current planning issues.

10.3 Greening

An application has been made for an RHS neighbourhoods grant. Entry into the Britain in Bloom competition is a condition of grants awarded.

10.4 History & Heritage

A number of presentations had/ were being made about the local contribution to women’s suffrage.

10.5 Communications


10.6 Smart Streets


11. AOB


13 Dates of Next Meetings

Monday March 26th @ John’s?
Special Meeting : Monday March 5th


1. Progress idea of “Rosy” exhibition, etc with those closely concerned. BF Feb/March
2. Load signed annual accounts onto website. HJ/AH February
3. Load updated constitution to website HJ February
4. Track grant application for projector AH March
5. Item re expansion of catchment area on next regular OGM Agenda HJ
6. Notice to membership re establishment of activities sub group HJ March
7. Refresh relationship with student union rep JH asap
8. Publication of 2018 calendar HJ February
9. Track ‘October Books” initiative and confirm in principle support HJ Ongoing
10. Organise speakers and invitations for whole community parking meeting on 5 March. HJ/DH 5 March
11. Acquire date for mosque visit in April HJ Feb/March
12. Monitor planning items SS ongoing
13. Send greening dates to FB for Facebook SS asap
14. Track RHS neighbourhoods grant application SS Ongoing