1. Attending:

Sue Swallow, Hilary Jackson, John Hayward, Barbro Fitzjohn, Ally Hayes, Fiona Barnes, Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst, Ann Woolnough.

Apologies: Phine, Barbara

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting

3. Approval of Minutes of Cttee Meeting on 11th July 2017

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere: Ally requested that summaries of progress and other reports might be emailed to her so that they can be copied and pasted into minutes.

4. Finance Report

Andy circulated latest accounts. Money in from Barbara’s sale of scrap metal.

5. Membership

C. 100 bona fide paying members. 60 non-paying and 2 paying students. 50 long term non-paying. Payment will be collected on or about 21st June 2018. Sign up students at October party.

6. Preparation for:

students return John is meeting with Andy SUSU. Issues? Best way to help with use of bins. Why didn’t Shift Your Stuff work this year? Can they reinforce ‘nice neighbour attitude’. Safety – 2 recent sexual assaults in the area.
Party invite/Good neighbour leaflet to go to all households – Indigo to print, approx. £100.

– Meet Your Neighbour Street Party on 8th October

7, Preparation for OGM on 16th October

Health focus. Phine has booked Dave Shields to talk about health and wellbeing in the city. Gail Ord-Hume will also be there. Dorothy suggested that booking on-line maybe a way of circumventing queuing at 8.30 in order to get an appointment. Common Ground summaries will be handed out.

Other COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

8.1 Greening

Update: Adopt a pot scheme – will be recruiting at Oct party. Another push to persuade people to have trees. Medina Homes? Maybe could plant some smaller trees which would be cheaper and OARA could finance. Trees are less work than barrels etc. Might provide a foot in the door with recalcitrant landlords. Greg is keen to green the area below Bevois Mount Business park.

8.2 History & Heritage from BMH – Bevois Mount History

Progress report: The earl is now back in Earls Road plus Alexander Pope is in Lodge Road. The calendar is out early so as to be able to sell at the Ancasta Road Street Party (at which former mayor, Linda Norris, formerly launched the mural) and the Southampton Heritage Days. Sunday 17th Septthere is a guided walk up The Avenue from the O.S. to The Cowherds. BMH is also holding an Arts and Crafts Fair at Blue Door 11th &12th November. There are already a lot of contributors ranging from candles to knitting and crochet but Ally has put a notice on OARA FB because we don’t wish to exclude anybody who wants to be involved. BMH has permission to do a small mural of Bevois Tavern on the side of the fish & chip shop. Unsurprisingly the Travelodge has turned us down – we might damage their corporate image.

8.3 Communications

a) Newsletter – John to put together and circulate.

b) Leaflets/postcards – John and Hilary went to Indigo to enquire about design and cost. Purpose of postcards is like a larger business card – welcome and information about OARA and area + contact details. Some might have blank backs for personal messages. Fiona’s history postcards for messages? Cost 1000 = £34 2,500 = £47 plus up to £50 design cost, Agreed to proceed.

c) Landlords – Hilary to contact Medina (?) Homes again
Street Reps. Hilary will do a mini , not too daunting, job description and ask for volunteers.

8.4 Smart Streets

a) Street cleaning and bin issues– Street Cleans continuing.

b) Street Reps – see above

c) Lodge Rd Project – Survey. Late October weekend during the day. Sue to email Jacqui to find out ownership of Bent Brief.

8.5 Community Liaison / Social

a) Invitation to Mosque TBA

b) PACT Meeting – 12th October.

c) PPG report -postponed as Phine unwell

d) Council Candidates – Council elections next May. Labour candidate is Toqeer Kataria. He cited Lodge Road as something that needed attention and would like to be kept informed.

e) Landlord contacts – see above

f) Pollution. Fiona reported on trial in Lodge Rd. Clean Air Southampton provided tubes free. Will share their data with the council. Not one assessment has previously been done on The Avenue or Lodge Road. Very high levels even though in August – no school run etc. The one near the Travelodge was breaking legal limits. The whole operation will be repeated before Xmas. Crash map – interactive map showing accidents. No. of car/pedestrian incidents 4 – as many as entire length of Portswood Rd from Swaythling. Fiona could have slot at OGM to inform about these issues.

8.6 Planning

a) Parking project update and next steps: Needs to be an item at OGM. Proposal for one way and cross hatching parking can be pushed for in Avenue Road which is due to be improved in 2019. Links in with Lodge Rd and traffic flow. Needs to be looked at holistically. People are quite keen
on extending permits. Dorothy circulated info sheet on pros and cons of permits. Ask people at OGM if they want us to go forward i.e. special meeting organised by council.

b) Current issues: 138, Earls Road. Feedback from planning. Permitted development. Complaints about dormer window which overlooks other properties.

11. AOB:


12. Date of Next Meetings

OGM: Monday 16th October
Committee Meetings: Monday 6th November & Monday 4th December (venues)
History Blue Door – November 11th and 12th.
Christmas Art Fair at Blue Door – December 2nd and 3rd


Next Door- pursue name change to include Outer Ave – Hilary – Next mtg
SUSU meeting and party prep – John – 14th Sept
Organise party invite/good neighbour leaflet – Hilary – Start Oct
Sort out post card – Barbro/Hilary/John
Contact landlord – Hilary – Next mtg
Email Jacqui about ownership of Bent Brief – Sue – Next mtg
Job description for street reps. – Hilary – Before OGM
Common Ground Summaries to hand out at OGM – Sue, Ally, John, Barbara, Hilary, Phine. – Before OGM
Follow up invitation to Mosque – Hilary – asap