1. Attending:

Fiona Barnes (for part of meeting), Phine Dahle, Barbro Fitzjohn, Ally Hayes, John Hayward, Hilary Jackson, Sue Swallow, Ann Woolnough

Apologies: Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst, Barbara Matcham (post meeting)

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:

3. Approval of Minutes of Cttee Meeting on 11th September

Minutes approved

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere: Minutes are accurate. Actions carried over appear at end of minutes.

4. Finance Report (sent prior to meeting)

The finance report submitted by Andy (Treasurer) was accepted)
Proceeds from raffle at Christmas party to go to Greening Group.

5. Correspondence.

North Southampton Community Forum 16th November: North Southampton Community Forum 16th Nov. 7.30 Planning and enforcement. Sue and Barbara to attend.

NORA Consultation – ( sent by Sue)
Sue had emailed committee NORA response to gov. white paper. Supported.

6. Membership report and additional responsibilities

Barbro had 180 addresses on the email list- with shorter list for residents’ and longer for all e.g. including Council, some landlords, students. Barbro suggested it should be limited to one list for ease of administration. It was pointed out that that it would be open to all so we would need to be cautious about what was circulated. (BF would like to discuss this again.)

Barbro’s role was discussed because what she does is beyond is beyond Membership Sec. and she is much appreciated. Agreed to title Membership Co-ordinator to reflect additional duties.

7.1 Parties: Our Christmas Party/ Celebrations

Date has since been revised to 9th December. Raffle Prizes needed.

7.2 Concern re Student Party noise/drug issues

Seems to have been an increase in noise and length of parties. 3 parties in Gordon Avenue last weekend. No 63 – 3 parties already this year. Advice is to use the letter that John produced and to ensure Environmental Health are informed so there is a record even if they do not come out. Police should be involved if it spills over into the street. It was suggested that we call a meeting with all agencies who have responsibility – uni, police, landlord, council. Agreed one issue to pursue is if there is there a social responsibility/party clause in rental contracts?

8. OGM Follow Up & Initial Preparation for AGM/ OGM on 22 January 2018: Speaker & Planning dates for the year ahead

Next meeting should be about AGM planning. Chris Hammond from council could talk about pollution, also Dr Matt Loxham from the university. Next steps on parking.

Theme should be : community, safety, living environment. Healthy Streets.

9. Lodge Rd Project – progress and next steps

Fiona distributed results of survey compiled by herself and Wendy. Over half of businesses are long standing. Barbro said that Go Southampton give money for greening. Discussion about whether there should be Interim meeting with IARA or go straight for public meeting?
Agreed to find out if school would be interested in being involved?

10. Traffic and Parking Project – progress and next steps:

Defer until next meeting as Dorothy away.

11. Other COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

11.1 Planning

a) Current issues : information shared re current applications/ concerns.

11.2 Greening

Table Top sale. It has been arranged for Greening Group to have a table at Avenue St Andrews Xmas Fair.

Update Special event – bulb planting session.

11.3 History & Heritage

Progress report. Text under Alexander Pope mural in Lodge Rd has been completed. FB post about this attracted 3,500 views in a few hours. Art and crafts fair will take place 11th and 12th Nov.

BMH would like to see ‘Welcome to Bevois Mount’ signs at each end of Lodge Rd and suggest pictorial representation of Stag Gates at western end and Sir Bevois at eastern.

11.4 Communications

a) Newsletter/ postcards. Postcards now available for thanks/messages Barbro handed over OARA phone to Phine for the next month

11.5 Smart Streets

a) Street cleaning – Agreed that we need more helpers and that state of the streets seems worse. It may be worth looking at timings? JH will put up poster re street cleans in our notice board HJ will circulate on Nextdoor. More support needed from council and landlords. HJ to contact council with concerns and suggest Street ‘sparkle’ during Xmas holidays.

11.6 Community Liaison / Social

a) Invitation to Mosque. Hilary to arrange new date.

b) PACT Meeting

Are they effective? Any concerns phone 101 – it will go on a database.

PPG report: Partnership group at surgery 13th -17th Self-care week. Boards will be tidied up and more info about self-care.

12 AOB


13 Dates of Next Meetings

Christmas Party: now 9th December
AGM/OGM: Monday 22 January 2018
Committee Meetings: Monday 4th December
Bevois Mount History Arts and Craft Fair Blue Door – 11 & 12 November
Christmas Art Fair at Blue Door – December 7-9


Get feedback from school about Lodge Rd – Hilary – Before AGM
Contact relevant parties re parties – Sue/Hilary – Before AGM
Ask for permanent diffusion tubes – Fiona – Before AGM
Invite Dr Loxham and Chris Hammond to AGM – Ally/Hilary – Before AGM
Contact Jacqui with progress so far re Lodge Rd & ask for possible dates in January – Hilary – – Before AGM
Pursue Next Door and post notice re Street Clean – Hilary – Before AGM
Street clean ads on notice board and Nextdoor and request to Council re Street Sparkle – John/Hilary – Before AGM
Try to contact Medina Homes – Hilary – Before AGM
New date for visit to Mosque – Hilary – Before AGM
Contact Andy SUSU – John – Before AGM
Find email for uni contact – Barbara – Before AGM
Contact antisocial behaviour officer for Notts. cc – Sue – Before AGM
Ascertain ownership of Bent Brief – Sue – Before AGM