Fiona Barnes, Barbro Fitzjohn, Andy Haslehurst, Ally Hayes, John Hayward, Hilary Jackson, Barbara Matcham, Sue Swallow and Maggie O’Connor

1. Apologies:

Phine Dahle

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:


3. Approval of Minutes of Cttee Meeting on 31 Jan 2017:


Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere:

Completed, except Hilary will check that phone number is prominent on website.

4. Finance Report:

Report circulated and explained.

5. Membership:

Barbro and Andy explained possible methods of payment to make both collection and payment easier: some receipts already. Can pay by bank transfer but must be possible to identify name of member. Standing order is a possibility but again must have ref. Barbro will trial contacting members by email about renewals on a quarterly basis.

Committee membership: Ann Woolnough has indicated she would be interested in joining the committee. Agreed for Ann to attend committee for to find out more.

6. Correspondence/Reports:

NORA Conference: Sue attended conference in London and gave feedback.

7. 2017 plans:

Hilary updated these after last meeting and they are on the website.

COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

8.1 Community Liaison / Social

Police/PACT report: A meeting had been held on 7 March. A site called Immobilise is recommended for registering valuables. If you are concerned about groups drinking or taking drugs – phone 101. A drop-in police surgery at Blue Door has been proposed, possibly 3-5 on a weekday/ Wednesday, with a 6-month trial. John to contact councillors to see if they would join in.

Student liaison including party/noise issues: John was liaising with Dan, VP Engagement, from SU (very good). Big lunch street party weekend will coincide with ’Come together’ for anniversary of Jo Cox’s death, which we could mark at our event.

Two incidents of late night party noise had been reported to us recently. OARA had taken action on both occasions, perpetrators contacted with positive response.

PPG report: PPG meeting cancelled so no report.

Multicultural /Family event(s): As a result of meeting up with a local resident, who has links with the mosque and had also attended the AGM, Maggie had come along to the meeting to share some ideas. The committee discussed how we could reach and include more sections of our diverse community. We have already made progress, e.g. through social events, but would like to do more. Phine, Maggie and Fiona to have conversations with others to find out more and develop ideas. (Cllr. Rayment has details of Polish contact.)

8.2 History & Heritage

a) Progress report: fundraising for second mural is about to start. The group is in profit from sales of 2017 calendar so that is a good starting point. A pub quiz will be arranged. The Hidden Treasures of Bevois Mount exhibition will take place on 8th and 9th April. Some feedback from council about restoration of Lucy boxes. Work on next year’s calendar has already started.

b) What next? Possibility of a booklet or other publication –‘Memories of Bevois Town’. The group is collecting oral histories. A Walk up the Avenue will take place later in summer.

8.3 Smart Streets

Report on AWC meeting with council and speaker for OGM in May: following our submission in response to Council consultation on AWC (Alternate Weekly Collections) Hilary, Sue and Barbara met Gail and Loretta from Refuse Dept, who were very interested in sounding out our views and ideas. Gail summarised how the new system will roll out, including Outer Avenue collection day changing to Wed and fortnightly from June- one week blue lid, one week green lid. Some additional finance will be available to tackle issues, particularly in areas such as ours. They appreciate what OARA does and it makes a difference. Gail was invited to speak at the OGM in June (now confirmed.)

Street Cleans update: Bumper turnout street clean before last and not enough equipment. Barbara felt it could be a bit wasteful to order new equipment and asked people who have equipment but can’t attend to make their equipment available. This could be solved by people meeting up at the end of an hour, to return equipment, for bag count and report any issues. Could still be worth purchasing extra equipment for days when we have bigger turnout. Good turnout for students’ litter pick on a very wet afternoon.

What next from the plan? Barbara needs list of bins for numbering from the Council Include Lodge Rd project on next agenda.

8.4 Greening

a) Progress update: Weeding started.

b) Table Top Sale – date: April – TBC

c) What next? Trees – could we persuade vicar of St Barnabas to have more trees? Damaged tree will probably need to be replaced.

8.5 Planning

a) Current issues: difficulty in accessing council planning website. Sue has objected to extensions on 19 and 21 Alma Road.

b) Parking project update and next steps: nothing more to report at present.

8.6 Communications

a) Progress: Hilary needs time to catch up.

b) What next? New general leaflet and next version of OARA postcards. Thanks to Barbro for version 1.

11. AOB

12. Date of Next Meetings:

Committee Meeting: Mon 24 April
OGM: Tue 9 May – Speaker Gail Williams from SCC on introduction of AWC


1. Check mobile phone number is on website – HJ – asap
2. Let Ann Woolnough know meeting dates – HJ – asap
3. Contact Councillors re sharing Police drop in – JH – Next mtg
4. Take forward ideas re reaching wider community – MO’C, PD,FB – Next mtg
5. Consider extra litter equipment – BM – Next mtg
6. Book speaker for OGM – HJ – asap
7. Include Lodge Rd project on next agenda – HJ – For next mtg