1. Attending:

Phine Dahle (for start of meeting), Barbro Fitzjohn, Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst (in attendance), John Hayward, Ally Hayes, Hilary Jackson, Sue Swallow, Ann Woolnough

Apologies: Barbara Matcham, Fiona Barnes

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:

Local break ins.

3. Approval of Minutes of Cttee Meeting on 6th November 2017

Minutes approved

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere: Sue had sent a letter to Student No Fee re concerns over party noise in Gordon Ave but had not received a reply.

4. Finance Report

Andy presented latest financial statement. As it was close to the year-end he requested accounts from history group. Greening group raised £84 at Ave St Andrews Christmas Fayre. Unsure of donation situation with Student No Fee.

5. Correspondence/Feedback:

Highfield RA (a) and NSCF (b) Meetings

Noise abatement can be reached via the police. Tenants in house each have responsibility.

6. Membership report

Barbo reported that there are 185 people on list. Paypal can be used to pay. Others, apart from Hilary and John, can ask Barbro to send messages to membership. Ideally combine messages to avoid members receiving too many. Noted that we will have membership recruitment/voluntary fee collection drive in June (around 21st). Agreed that we could share out membership list among members of the committee so that we could try to call on every household. Addresses from Lodge Rd to go on list.

7. Christmas Party Preparations

Party is taking place on Sat 9th December 2-5 at the Guide Dog. Bring food, decorations, raffle prizes.

Other COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

8. Preparation for AGM/ OGM on 22 January 2018, including dates for year ahead

Short reports to Hilary/Sue by 8 Jan so that Annual Report can be compiled.

Agreed that the OGM themes should be “Quality Streets” – environment, pollution, litter, parking and one-way streets.etc. = quality of life on our streets. What do we need to do improve? Each “leader” to make brief presentation and seek members’ ideas and views.

Agreed not to invite separate speakers as time would be too short but to hold separate meeting – including Environmental issues. Hilary to contact Cllr Hammond re date.

9. Lodge Rd Project – progress and next steps

Not covered.

10. Traffic and Parking Project – progress and next steps

Dorothy gave update and suggested we now needed a dedicated meeting to move things on. IF there is to be a survey of residents it has to take place by Easter. Agreed to invite Richard Alderson to explain further, including what a survey would involve. (Date now agreed as March 5, to include environmental matters/speaker)

11. Other COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

11.1 Community Liaison / Social

Sue, John and Hilary had met with Sarah Watts, the Senior Public Affairs Officer, Communications and Marketing at Southampton Uni on Dec 5th to discuss student issues, particularly related to nuisance from noise and parties. There was a useful and supportive exchange, including how we could report issues and what they would do in response. There is an email the public can use at at local2you which they monitor. They have a progressive 3-stage response to complaints, once they have confirmed ID, starting with a warning letter. Advice Parties – check if alcohol is being sold as this is is illegal.

11.2 Planning

Current issues – Sue reported on current issues including Blockbuster site and concerns re “permitted development”. Sue and Hilary had attended and spoken at the Planning Committee panel to consider the Blockbuster proposal for 62 bed student blocks. The application was rejected.

11.3 Greening

Sue gave an update on Greening activities.

11.4 History & Heritage

Ally reported on BMH activities – see website and Facebook.

11.5 Communications

Nothing to report

11.6 Smart Streets

Nothing to report

12 AOB

Discussion re recent spate of burglaries at local shops/premises, including Bitter Virtue. Agreed to send card and message in commiseration with Bitter Virtue.

Also concern re attitude of some landlords, which can be upsetting, and what response we could make.

Agreed to pursue proposal for CCTV near the Mural.

13 Dates of Next Meetings

Christmas Party: 9 December
AGM/OGM: Monday 22 January 2018
Committee Meetings: TBA
Christmas Art Fair at Blue Door – December 7-9


Give BMH accounts to Andy – AH – ASAP
Send report s to Sue/Hilary for Annual Report – All – 8 Jan
Invite speakers for special meeting – HJ – ASAP
Follow up CCTV – ?