1. Attending and Apologies:

Attending: Sue Swallow(Chair), Fiona Barnes, Ally Hayes , Phine Dahle, Barbro Fitzjohn, Ally Hayes, Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst, John Hayward, Hilary Jackson, Barbara Matcham and Ann Woolnough


2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting:

3. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 12 November 2018

Finance. Changes in the finances were not significant there being more member contributions, the addition of the greening group takings, a few reimbursements of expenses via cheque. Barclays Bank required some additional information about signatories.

For the end of the year accounts any pending expenditure needed to be completed by 31 December. For auditor purposes certification of the continued existence of the projector was required. The audit might not be completed in time for the AGM on 21 January but all information must be in the accounts. Five trees were on order and the proforma invoice will be given to Andy. Repair of the damaged gazebo at the repair cafe, Freemantle to be explored.

4. Membership

4 new members had signed up in December giving a total membership of 59. There are 93 names on the email list. To further involvement efforts will be made to vary the focus of emails.

5. AGM Preparation

A standard agenda will be circulated. Activity reports need to be with Hilary by 7 January.

Sue indicated that continuing to be Chair did not sit easily with her other commitment. John and Sue will consider swapping Chair and Vice Chair hats. Another idea is to chair alternately. They will discuss informally before the AGM.

Andy will provide mentoring for any person who will replace him when he moves out of the area.

There was discussion about how to broaden the profile of the group. Cards will be carried when out greening.

The OARA provisional plan for 2018 will be annotated with progress/ non-progress notes and footnotes will be added with thoughts for 2019.

Suggested we continue Joined Up Thinking approach. Loneliness is a cross-cutting theme for inclusion requiring more joined up thinking leading to more networking and social interaction. OARA might consider how to assess its impact.
Ally needs photographs for the presentation.

6. Parking Survey

A letter had been distributed by Balfour Beatty to households of the Portswood /Westwood Park Parking Area (not Outer Avenue exclusively) with a simple survey, replies required by 21 December. The proposal for restrictions Monday – Friday 8-6 did not mirror restrictions elsewhere. OARA’s issues were an excess of student parking, overnight parking of large vehicles, parking half on the pavement. OARA does not have a collective position but is not aware of adverse comments from people living in a parking control zone. Dorothy will respond initially, querying name of the area and timings. Members to be encouraged to respond.

7. Communications

The church is applying for a grant to repair its tower and needs to demonstrate its community work and has issued a survey to collect this evidence. OARA to respond.
Southampton Common Forum Newsletter to be forwarded to all.
Clean Air Network. Sue to circulate

8. Christmas Party

Heather organising raffle prizes. Food to share welcome. Crackers to be bought.

9. Police Response to Complaints

Recent Police patrols have been proactive on drugs issues.

Contacts at the Students Union have moved on. John to liaise re replacements.

Hilary and Sue to meet Student No Fee.

10. Greening

Sue to order a replacement tree for 46 Gordon Avenue.

3 more tubs have been sited. It is still hoped to extend tree and hedge planting to Lodge Road as part of the improvements to air quality and the street scene.

Investigation of Woodland Trust trees showed them to be small but there was a useful list of those suitable for urban planting. Sue has 2 Mountain Ash in hand.

11. PPG

Alma Road Surgery is to be the subject of another CQC inspection and opinion cards will be issued.

12. History/ Heritage

3D computer printing re new Bevois Mount sign is proving very exciting. Talks continuing to groups including Freemantle Guides. A second Heritage Article is to appear in the Echo. Offer has been made to sort school archives for library packs. Hilary to follow up.

13. Planning

No objection is to be lodged re panels on the church roof.

14. Smart Streets

To lead a discussion at the AGM re changing the approach. ie identify people prepared to take responsibility for particular roads and to pick at times to suit them with OARA providing hoops and pickers. Smaller pickers to be sourced. Concerns were voiced about the loss of the social element of meeting as a group but this could be meet by the occasional blitz with brushing as well.

HJ to continue to coordinate dumping reports to Barry as well as ‘contaminated’ bins not collected.

15. Any Other Business


16. Date of Next Committee Meeting

AGM 21 January( rearranged subsequently for 28 January to enable Councillors to attend).