Present: Fiona Barnes, Petrina Boddington, Phine Dahle, Barbro Fitzjohn, Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst, Ally Hayes, John Hayward, Hilary Jackson, Barbra Matcham, Sue Swallow (Chair)

1. Apologies: None

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting: Blue Door proposal.

3. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 20th June 2016: minutes approved

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere

  • Membership payment details had been amended on the website
  • PPG@Alma Rd. Surgery. Phine has attended two meetings and is now chair. 40%+ of surgery attendees are because of depression/loneliness. Setting up groups might help to reduce this. Maggie is going to set up singing group. Karen (sec.) is going to personally survey all patients. Next meeting 13th October 7pm.
  • Submission re. 114, Westwood Rd. is ‘outstanding’.

4. Finance: Andy shared the latest statement of financial activity.

5. Correspondence:

Approach from Inner Avenue Residents’ Association: Would like to meet re. street cleaning and other things. Hilary to contact Roger.

6. Review – How are we doing?

A summary of comments made by Committee members.

  • Feeling part of the community, sense of belonging.
  • Members have been able to develop their particular interests e.g. Phine – PPG.
  • Opportunities to meet and get to know people.
  • Improvements in appearance of streets.
  • We have earned respect and therefore have partnerships which work.
  • Working with students.
  • Events including Blue Door initiatives.
  • Diversity.
  • People say that they would like to live here.
  • The Mural.
  • Bevois Mount History.
  • Feeling of making progress.

7. Parking – what next?

Dorothy shared ‘Possible course of action’ which suggested ways in which parking and traffic issues could be taken forward. Draft email to evaluate to what extent there are problems in the area. ‘Is parking and/or traffic in the OARA area a problem for you?’ This email should not be sent before October because problems are minimised while students are away. Could go on notice board + map. Early September meeting between Cllr. Barnes Andrews and a subgroup. Hilary will reply to Jacqui saying we are doing more groundwork. Too early to put on agenda for next OGM? It was agreed that Dorothy will be project leader. She will revise email, organise sharing and meeting with Cllr.

8. Constitutional matters

Clarifying how we approve proposals
Clarifying OARA /Bevois Mount History relationship, including finance

Fiona shared a paper about some constitutional issues and the exact nature of a sub group and its relationship with OARA as an umbrella group. BMH to present some proposals about how they would like to see their relationship with OARA going forward. Also there was some discussion about amount of £100.00+, after which OARA OGM has to approve expenditure. Andy will look at this and report back next meeting.

Hilary will ask webmaster to add Bevois Mounty History link on OARA website

9. NORA meeting in Durham – report back

Sue had attended the NORA (National Organisation of Residents’ Associations) meeting hosted by Durham University. This was a national conference which included student and community matters and provided useful information and ideas. The committee liked the idea of referring to students as ‘student residents’.

10. COMMON GROUND Updates, Proposals & Plans

10.1 Community Liaison / Social

a) Meet your Neighbour Party October 9th: John is planning the event and it will include the official inauguration of the mural

b) “New Term” preparations: Hilary to adapt letter/leaflet for new student residents.

c) Hate crime/racist abuse proposal from Gordon Gillies: A mailing had been sent to members following GG’s suggested motion and liaison with police. Hilary will check with GG about whether the motion still needs presenting to the next OGM.

10.2 Communications

a) Next newsletter – when? End of August.

b) Landlord/agents’ letter and links: Draft of landlord/agents’ letter shared by Hilary. To go out to as many as possible and to be personally delivered where possible. John suggested that some of it could be summarised. Hilary to redraft.

c) New Common Ground Leaflet preparations: Hilary will amend CGL.

10.3 History & Heritage

a) Community Mural progress: Mural should be finished shortly and anti-graffiti paint applied.

b) Other: A history walk is planned for Sunday 4th Sep. and we are working on the 2017 calendar.

10.4 Smart Streets

a) Street cleaning update: The last street clean took place yesterday – 31st July. Will resume in September.

b) Tackling “grotty” properties: Suggested and agreed that we should send regular details of any particularly neglected properties to HMO Warden. 50, Avenue Rd. was suggested.

10.5 Greening

a) Bloomin’ Concrete. Bloomin Marvellous! A start has been made. Water tank on wheels needed.

b) Table Top Sale – new date: Greening Group hasn’t agreed a new date yet.

c) OARA nice garden awards: Hilary suggested we could do something to recognise houses who make a particular effort with their gardens. Welcomed in principle. Details to be discussed further ( in Greening Group?)

10.6 Planning

a) Current issues: Gordon has been contacted about heading a subgroup on planning but he thinks this role should be taken by a member of the committee. Suggested that Sue will hold planning meetings to discuss and delegate.

11. AOB

The Winter Art Fair is over three dates as before. There will be a preview evening with drinks and nibbles on Friday 25th from 6-9pm then the space will be open from 10-4 on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th.

The call for artists and works will be put out to OARA, Inner Avenue Residents Association, Highfield Residents Association and the Seven Streets Residents Association. These community groups have no common space to exhibit art which is why we offer them our space to share their work.

This call will go out by email and be posted online and on the walls and windows of the usual local shops and ale houses from 21st September. Artists must submit their images or descriptions of work by Monday 24th October and these submissions will be received by Rosy, Barbro and Petrina who will curate them. The works must be saleable and be suitable as affordable gifts.

There will be a silent auction of donated works with proceeds going to OARA to be used as the committee sees fit but hopefully with a focus on beautifying our streets.

Prosecco, ale and soft drinks will be offered to guests free of charge at the Preview evening.

Hopefully we can borrow glasses from The Bitter Virtue and one of their suppliers will donate ale.

Tea, coffee and cake will be provided at a small cost to visitors on Saturday and Sunday.

Artists will be asked to bring a cake to share and pay a share of the cost of the refreshments on Friday evening. Blue Door will provide tea and coffee.

We hope it will be another amazing night followed by a weekend of meeting lovely people and creating new friendships

12. Date of Next Committee Meeting: Monday 12th September. Venue?


  • Contact IARA – Hilary – Next meeting
  • Date of N.Soton Comm. Forum. – Barbara – By next meeting.
  • Parking actions: email to members and meeting with Cllr. – Dorothy – ?
  • Contact Jacqui Rayment re progress on parking project – Hilary – By next meeting
  • Link OARA and History pages – Hilary – ASAP
  • Landlord/agents’ letter to be redrafted. – Hilary – By next meeting.
  • Newsletter bulletin. – John – End of Aug.
  • Proposals re. relationship with OARA and constitution – BMH/AH – Next Meeting?
  • Amend new term student leaflet – HJ – For start of term
  • Follow up Nice Gardens idea – Greening?