1. Attending and Apologies

Attending: Sue Swallow(Chair), Fiona Barnes, Phine Dahle, Barbro Fitzjohn, Ally Hayes, Hilary Jackson, Barbara Matcham and Ann Woolnough

Apologies: Andy Haslehurst, Dorothy Haslehurst and John Hayward.

2. Notice of any urgent other business to be discussed at end of meeting

Council consultation on a Clean Air Strategy for the City

3. Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting on 30 April 2018

The minutes of the 28 March were approved subject to the following:

  • Minute 9.2 Bridell not Vidal
  • Minute 11 The meeting on Monday 11 June was postponed due to some members needing to attend Council Planning Panel on the same evening.
  • Action point 21 to read OGM

Actions & Matters Arising not covered elsewhere… see new action table

Local Art Store visit on 20 June. The contents of clothes, costumes, paintings etc had been a revelation.

4. Membership : June Renewal Date and Recruitment

Barbro had assigned addresses of those already supportive of OARA to 3 teams. Phase 2 will focus on recruiting new members. The agenda on the doorstep will be as follows: 1. to ask people if they wish to remain as members, 2. to confirm if they have changed their details lately particularly their email address, 3. to ask if they would like to make a donation, £5 suggested as a voluntary contribution, 4.issue postcards describing OARA’s work, 5. to ask if they can recommend any new people who might be interested in joining.

5. GDPR: General Data Protection Regulations

Barbro will be the Data Protection Officer for OARA. Hilary tabled a proposed Data Protection Policy for OARA. This will be discussed at the next meeting with a view to ratification.

6. OARA A vision for the future

Phine proposed the production of a visual representation of OARA’S achievements through plotting them on a map using an artist’s impression. The committee felt that this could be useful for sharing with Councillors, reinforcing grant applications, mounting in the area. Fiona might be able to help with an underlying map.

7. Student Clearout/Street Cleans

A review showed considerable scope for improvement to reduce waste/ improve recycling, reduce scavenging/ improve safety, reduce flies and unsightly piles. The recycling banks proposed by the Students’ Union had not materialised. There was scope for OARA to produce a leaflet suggesting unused tinned food be delivered to food banks and not discarded. Council support had been good with more teams responding to dumping reported to them by OARA ( photographs of sites particularly effective). Hilary will continue to take reports from committee members for passing on. At the end of the season Hilary will send a summary report to the Council and John to the Students’ Union rep. Hilary to ask for another street sparkle once changeover complete.

8. Planning Feedback

The committee discussed overcrowding and backland development.

9. Police Response to Complaints

The committee will follow up with the Police the action they propose in response to cases of assault discussed at the PACT meeting and the need for patrols to be intensified at the start of the autumn term.

10 Traffic/Parking/ Lodge Road- what next?

Discussion deferred until the next meeting.

The meeting with the Council( Geoff Hobbs) on 7 May to discuss the traffic survey had taken place

11 July agenda…. NB 16 July @ Barbara’s. AW apologies.

Items: PPG/Vision, membership progress, GDPR, Traffic /Lodge Road, planning for student return in September, future plans for the Common

12 AOB

  • Clean Air Network Sue has signed OARA up to the network. Sue will photocopy information. The Council’s consultation period on its strategy for Southampton runs from 21/6 – 13/9. See Southampton.gov.uk/CAZconsultation
  • Victory Church Addiction Support Programme. Phine will put information on surgery board.
  • Pavement Parking. Sue reported on the legality of pavement parking.


1. Chase school purchase of drop down screen.(Projector bought)Brought forward – HJ – July
2. Petition Council/local Cllr about community green bin charging (Sue to pay and claim for current year) – SS – Next year
3. Review documentation received re establishing/ constituting a Lodge Road Action Project – SS – Ongoing
4. Circulate next phase details of October Books scheme (refurbishment) to OARA members and add to mailing list. Members’ meeting 9/7 – PD/HJ – July
5. Following visit engage with mosque re greening and surgery issues – SS /PD – July
6. Secure repeat street sparkle once changeover complete. – HJ – July
7. Explore junior neighbourhood wardens as way to enlarge greening capacity( to get contacts via schools, Council website, Fiona) – SS – July
8. Establish state of play on Common’s future plans pre discussion next meeting – AW – July
9. Discuss OARA contribution to cost of welcome signs at next meeting subject to outcome of planning application – AH/AH – July
10. Insure, security mark and list as an asset the projector . To talk to Wendy – AH/AH – July
11. Ascertain student role and access to funds….carried forward – JH – July
12. Send summary reports to Council and SU re end of year experience – HJ/JH – July
13. Action debate on ‘Police action on complaints’ – JH – July
14. Put Victory Church info on surgery board