As identified on the Attendance List):

OARA Residents

Alma Road

  • Peter Wirgman
  • Barbara Matcham
  • Heather Soper

Avenue Road

  • Edwin Haynes
  • Carol Massey
  • Jon Harris
  • Harald Raykowski
  • Liz Haslam
  • Dean Spencer
  • Fiona Barnes

Earls Road

  • Richard Long
  • Susan Silva

Gordon Avenue

  • Susan Swallow
  • Dorothy Haslehurst
  • Maggie O’Connor
  • Jay Shah

Clifford Dibben Mews

  • Ron Cogger

Cedar Road

  • Richard Vickery

Rose Road

  • Sari Leigh

Other attendees

  • Niall Fraser
  • Stephen Connolly

OARA Committee

  • Gordon Gillies (Chair)
  • Richard Hill (Vice Chair)
  • Andrew Haslehurst (Treasurer)
  • T Jacobs (Vice Minutes Secretary)
  • Lynn Murphy (Secretary)
  • Rosy Maguire
  • Phine Dahle

Southampton City Council

  • Vijay Manro (Highways)

Hampshire Police

  • PCSO Hayley Taite


  • Paula Noyce (Minutes Secretary)
  • Justin Noons (Hampshire Police)
  • Cllr Derek Burke and Malkeat Singh (Southampton City Council)
  • Matt Conrad, Zdenka Petruv, Kevin Sharpe, Brenda Breden, Nigel and Samantha Barnes-Evans, John Hayward, Steve Dorney, Rose Lindsey, Barbara Deacon, Robin Browning, Margaret Chiari, Petrina Boddington, Mike Bell, Mary Hockey, Richard Soper, Phil Steart (Residents)


  • 4.1 Andrew Haslehurst will follow up funding from old OARA with Barclays.
  • 5.1.6 Gordon to find out how we can apply for funding other than from the Council by contacting Malkeat Singh.
  • 6.1 Committee to add a sentence about themselves on the web page (Gordon).
  • 6.2 Committee members to draft Street Reps role for further consultation.
  • 8.2 Hayley to send Gordon the crime figures for further circulation.
  • 8.3.4 The Committee to consider how we can use the knowledge gained to improve the condition of the roads and pavements in the OARA area. These ideas will be put to the membership at the next general meeting.
  • 9.2.3 Phine, Maggie, Fiona, Barbara, Richard and Dean to provide one side of A4 outlines on how the OARA can achieve its quick wins.
  • 9.2.4 The Committee to look into how funding can be obtained from Balfour Beatty and Southern Water to invest in the community by sponsoring projects.

1. Welcome

Gordon opened the meeting by welcoming all of the attendees. He briefly outlined the agenda and explained that there were two meetings – the AGM and when that had been concluded, the normal OARA meeting where we would continue the work that we had started at the last meeting. The apologies were given.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

These were agreed as a true record and there were no matters arising that were not already covered in the main agenda.

3. Adoption of the constitution

Gordon stated that we had discussed the OARA Constitution at some length at previous meetings and that it had been available for comment on the website. It was not intended to debate it any further at this meeting and asked for a show of hands to indicate the attendees’ agreement with it. The OARA Constitution was agreed unanimously.

4. Financial report

  1. Andy Haslehurst confirmed that he is still waiting for the residue of the money from the previous Outer Avenue Residents Association; this amounts to about £115.
    Action carried forward
  2. Andy gave a verbal update on the financial situation: £33.12 had been raised through carol singing and recorded his thanks to Maggie O’Connor for organising this. The official bank account has been opened with £5 and the first cheque for £6.93 issued to Matt Conrad for setting up the website address.

5. Funding for OARA

5.1 Motion on Funding

  1. Gordon explained that OARA needs funding to operate as an effective organisation.  No funds will be available from Southampton City Council until the new financial year in April 2011, and it is unclear whether funding for Residents’’ Associations such as ours will be impacted by the imminent budget cuts.  We therefore need to find funding for ourselves.
  2. He then read out the previously circulated Motion on Funding for OARA.  This offered three options:
    1. All members will be asked to pay an optional membership fee of £3.
    2. All members will be asked to pay a £3 per annum subscription to the OARA. Where there is more than one member at a household, the subscription will be £5 to cover all members living at that address.
    3. All members undertake to provide time and energy to help raise funds for the OARA. This activity cannot be carried out only by the Committee, so therefore needs help of all those involved in the OARA
  3. Some debate then followed including two further options of do nothing or keeping the contribution voluntary.  It was felt that we want to encourage students to join us so a voluntary contribution might be better.
  4. Further questions were raised about what the funds were needed for, and whether lack of them would prevent us from doing things.
  5. Members of the Committee responded that funds were needed for printing leaflets, possible costs for hiring meeting venues and other sundry items eg: website costs.  The Committee – and members generally – realise that we will need funding during 2011 to further our aims, even if these aren’t yet fully clear.
  6. Peter Wirgman commented that there was potentially a lot of funding available but that it needed to be applied for on the basis of a project.Action: GG to find out how we can apply for funding other than from the Council by contacting Malkeat Singh.
  7. After further debate, motion A was reworded to:“All members will be asked to pay a suggested voluntary annual contribution of £3 for 2011”.
  8. Gordon then asked for a show of hands for each of the motions and motion A was carried unanimously.

6. Election of Officers and Committee

6.1 Election of Committee

Each member of the current Committee stood down, were nominated and re-elected by a show of hands. Two further Committee members were also elected as follows:

  • Chair Gordon Gillies
  • Vice-Chair Richard Hill
  • Secretary Lynn Murphy
  • Minutes Secretary Paula Noyce (in absentia)
  • Treasurer Andy Haslehurst
  • Membership Secretary T Jacobs
  • Committee Member Phine Dahle
  • Committee Member Rosy Maguire

This leaves four vacant positions which can be filled at future meetings by members putting themselves forward for roles eg: Communications.

A question was raised as to the frequency of Committee meetings. Gordon responded that the Constitution requires at least one meeting between general meetings but, at the moment, the Committee was meeting fortnightly.

Dorothy suggested that a short sentence about each Committee Member could be added to the website and this was agreed.
Action: Gordon to lead on this

6.2 Street Reps

A number of Street Reps have already volunteered for this role. Gordon clarified that Street Reps don’t have to be members of the Committee and don’t have to attend Committee meetings but can come to any meeting if they wish. It was agreed that the role of Street Reps needs to be more clearly defined and put to the membership for consultation.
Action: Committee members to draft

7. Date of next AGM

The suggested date for the next AGM is 16th January 2012.

8. OARA normal meeting

The normal business of OARA then commenced

8.1 OARA guests

Gordon welcomed Vijay Manro from Southampton City Council’s Highways Division and Niall Fraser from Bellevue Terrace RA.

8.2 Police Report

  1. Hayley Taite reported that it had been quiet in the Christmas period in the OARA area with much police time being consumed by an increase in burglaries in other parts of the city.
  2. Hayley circulated a list of crimes that had taken place in the area since December.  Questions were asked about the nature of the crimes in Bassett and whether there were any particular times in the year when crimes rose in the OARA area.  Hayley responded that the peaks were just before the students leave for the summer and over the vacation.  She commented that the multiple “To Let” signs can act as advertisements for burglars.Action: Hayley to send Gordon the crime figures for further circulation

8.3 Highways issues

  1. Richard began this issue by explaining that the RA was concerned about the state of the roads and in particular the potholes.  He asked Vijay to explain how it is decided to fill them in.
  2. Vijay responded that since 4th October 2010, the management of the highways in Southampton had been contracted out to Balfour Beatty although the criteria for responding to potholes remains as it was ie:
    • If the hole is more than 75mm deep, it will be responded to as an emergency.
    • If the hole is between 40 and 75mm, deep, it will be repaired within 28 days.
    • If a large area requires attention, Highways use their Asset Management system to decide on which streets need greater attention.
    • We can contact Actionline individually or email Vijay so that his Highways Inspectors can investigate potholes
    • Reconstruction plans include the pavements, kerbs and roads and roads are allocated on the basis of priority eg: approaches to hospitals and other public buildings, usage and the volume of traffic.
    • Vijay offered the opportunity of some of the RA accompanying one of his inspectors if we so wished.
    • If a road is used by lots of cyclists but is in a poor condition, SCC’s Cycling Officer may be able assist.
  3. A question was raised about getting double yellow lines painted on the road by a dropped kerb.  Vijay responded that anyone parking in front of a dropped kerb should be reported to the police.  Requests for double yellow lines should be addressed to Actionline.
  4. Gordon thanked Vijay for his time and invited him to stay for the rest of the meeting if he wished to, and he did.Action: The Committee to consider how we can use the knowledge gained to improve the condition of the roads and pavements in the OARA areaAction: The Committee to put these ideas to the membership at the next general meeting

9. Our priorities and issues

9.1 Introduction

Lynn reported back to the meeting on the issues and priorities that had been captured at the last meeting. She explained that she had grouped responses by their nature eg: improving the look of the area, rubbish and recycling issues, parking, HMOs, green issues etc. She had captured these issues and potential responses to them on coloured cards and suggested that the meeting divided into four groups tasked with:

  • Identifying their top priority of the issues identified
  • A quick win and a longer term win that would enable us to address the issues
  • How we would know we had been successful ie: had our “niggles” lessened?

9.2 Outcomes of the discussions

Much debate followed within the groups and each was asked to feedback to the wider meeting on what they had identified:

  1. The four priorities are, in no particular order:
    1. Greening of the OARA area and opportunities offered by the imminent replacement of the streetlights.
    2. Working with landlords to see what can be achieved with respect to the issues of HMOs
    3. Tackling the issue of street litter and wheelie bins
    4. Taking forward the planning issues
  2. Lynn thanked the groups for their responses and asked for volunteers to lead on each of the areas. The volunteers are:
    1. Trees and streetlights – Phine Dahle and Maggie O’Connor
    2. Working with Landlords – Fiona Barnes
    3. Street litter and wheelie bins – Barbara Matcham
    4. Planning issues – Richard Hill and Dean Spencer
  3. Gordon thanked the volunteers and asked that they prepare one side of A4 to say how the quick wins might be achievedAction: Phine, Maggie, Fiona, Barbara, Richard and Dean
  4. Vijay suggested that we could ask Balfour Beatty and Southern Water (who are also due to carry out work in the area in the near future) to invest in the community by sponsoring projects.  This was welcomed as a good suggestion.Action: The Committee and leads to decide how to take this forward.
  5. At this point, the meeting ran out of time.

10. Any other business

10.1 Conclusion

Gordon concluded the meeting by thanking everyone for attending.

10.2 Date of next meeting

It was suggested that another OARA meeting was held in about six weeks time.